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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Love Wine? Here is an Infographic About Everything You Need to Know About Wine

Are you a "wine person"? Well, I know some friends who love wine. I do drink wine too. I prefer wine than beer because wine is healthy and delicious. But I cannot consume too much of it. My body isn't just used to drinks like this. Lol.

Wine infographic

Well, if you are a "wine person", I am pretty sure that you will love this infographic that we have for you today. It is packed with all details and information that you want to know about wines around the world. There is even a comparison about old world wines and the new ones. Looking for a wine brand? You can choose between the top wine brands like Barefoot and Galo in the United States.

You will also get some new knowledge and facts about wine like how it can actually be cheaper than water in some countries! Just learned about that today. So, take a look at this infograhic. I am sure that before you visit another page on the blog, you will be full of new wine information.

Wine Infographic Ocado
Infographic brought to you by Ocado - Wine Infographic

Very informative, right? It sure is! I learned a lot from this one. I am sure that people who love wines will be pleased to see thins infographic. Do you know someone who would be interested to see this? Share it to them too!

Hope you had a good time reading this! Cheers! Kanpai! Cin Cin! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby Laundry New Baby Bundle Giveaway!

Baby Laundry New Baby Bundle Giveaway

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Baby Laundry Giveaway

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine: What Machines are used in Industrial Settings?

For those who love doing crafts and making their own stuffs at home, here is a guest post that will teach us how to look for the perfect sewing machine.


There are a lot of sewing machine types on the market. Before someone buys such a machine, the person must know what the device will be used for. People use such a device for making clothes and draperies, for embroidery, for quilting, for repairing luggage and for many other tasks. Some of these tasks are very basic, but others may require a lot more complex machines, like the ones used in industrial settings.

While most regular machines are actually doing the same thing, there is a difference between the way they are constructed, their features and the purpose they are serving. The biggest difference exists between machines used at home and the ones used in industrial settings. When someone has to choose a machine, this person must know exactly what project needs to be completed.

Some of the devices people can find work with stretched stitches, while others can have a one-step buttonhole, some have quilting features and others have special feet. Choosing a very basic machine may not be the best thing to do, because it can soon prove to be useless. Basic machines are meant only for occasional and non-complex sewing tasks, as they don’t have an extended life span and their functions are minimal.

choosing the right sewing machine

On the other hand, machines that are used in industrial settings have a very long lifespan. They are complex and heavy duty. Devices that are made for home use are meant for general usage whereas industrial machines are more specialized to perform certain tasks. Many of the regular machines are made of plastic and materials that can break over time; people who want a machine that will stand the test of time should not acquire one. Instead, they should go for an industrial type of machine, even if they don’t own a sewing business.

Machines that serve industrial and commercial purposes are also known as heavy duty sewing machines. Any person who performs a lot of sewing can benefit from the use of such a machine, but not everyone will need one. This platform can be a good, long-term investment for people who want to make clothes and other products that require sewing on a large scale. Minimal maintenance is required for heavy-duty sewing machines, because this platform is highly durable.

The best thing that someone who is looking for a heavy duty sewing machine is to find the best platform for the specific needs that may be involved. Checking the advantages and features of each machine on the market can be a good start. Then, the search will be limited to a small number of platforms, which are the ones that meet the requirements. In the end, one particular sewing machine has to be chosen. People must also consider the price factor. 

The best machines can be the ones that are able to provide a stable sewing environment. A reliable platform is the one that doesn’t skip stitches, because it is the main thing that makes it efficient. A good heavy duty sewing machine weighs at least ten pounds, many of them reaching even twenty pounds. The heaviness is justified in most cases.

People who need to sew many hours a day will benefit from using an industrial machine the most and for years to come. Despite their rigidity, these heavy duty sewing machines can have a free arm that is able to offer custom styling for rapidly finishing any complex project. 

Those who are interesting in buying industrial sewing machines can visit and enter their name, email and phone number to get a free quote.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No Bake, No Yeast Glazed Donuts

No Bake, No Yeast Glazed Donuts

I always wanted to try making doughnuts. Not the baked ones because we only have a small oven and I prefer the ones that are fried because they are easier to make. Not the ones with yeast either because I do not have yeast. Lol! And so I tried making them one sweet day!

I actually made these donuts during the time when the Krispy Kreme Glamour Glaze Donuts were trending because of Katy Perry's visit in the Philippines. No, we don't have Krispy Kreme in our area. But I do have a pan and some flour, as well as other ingredients to make my own glazed donuts!

So, if you want to add some twist to your kiddo's snack time, take a look at this very easy and very quick and very affordable No Bake, No Yeast Glazed Donuts!

No bake doughnuts

For the doughnut holes:

3 cups oil for frying (or more, depends on you)
1 cup milk
1 large egg
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
4 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup unsalted butter,melted
Optional: Food Color

1. Combine the dry ingredients on a bowl- flour, salt, sugar and baking powder.

2. On a separate bowl, whisk together the egg and milk.

3. Gradually pour the milk-egg mixture into the bowl of your flour mixture. Stir them together.

4. When completely stirred, add the butter and stir again.

5. Knead your dough on top of a clean surface with flour sprinkled on it. When your dough is ready, cut them into desired size and start making a ring. If you want to color your dough, cut some and add color then knead until the color is evenly distributed, then make a ring.

6. Pre-heat your pan and then add oil.

7. Place your doughnuts and start frying them until golden brown. Flip it to one side too.

8. When cooked, you can put them on top of a kitchen towel to absorb the oil. Let it cool while you are making your glaze.

Fried Doughnuts

For the glaze:
2 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
Optional: Food Color

1. Boil 1 cup of water.
2. Add the brown sugar. Stir it until everything is dissolved.
3. If you want it to be thicker, add more sugar.
4. When done, pour on separate bowls and add food color.
5. Using a spoon, pour the glaze on the donuts or you can dip it on the glaze.

You can try different colors for the glaze. You have to put glaze quickly because it will dry up.

How to make no bake doughnuts

So easy, right? This is my first time to make doughnuts. I was in doubt if it was delicious or not, but when I saw only a quarter of a ring left of the 20 doughnuts, it means I did it right! Lol. I was thankful that they left me a small part so I can taste it.

Go ahead and try this very easy donuts! Your kids will surely love it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kid Hero Stories Review: Personalized Books for Your Little Loves!

Bella has developed her love for books since I introduced it to her at  an early age. She was four months when I bought her first book. Since then, she would be in all smiles upon seeing a book whenever I get home from the mall.

Bella has different kinds of books from cloth books to hard books. She actually love all types, even the ones on her iPad. With that, she get to appreciate eBooks and storybook apps.

Kid Hero Stories

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Yin who sent me creative personalized books wherein your own child could be in the story. When I checked her site, I was sure its gonna be amazing and I wasn't wrong!

Books from Kid Hero Stories are fun and exciting. A headshot of your child will be used to make it appear like they are the ones in the scene. The names are personalized too.

Kid Hero Stories sent us three eBooks, the Wonderful Adventures of Bella collectible series. The were three stories, The Art Class, Movie World and Rainy Days. Bella actually felt like she was really the one experiencing all those adventures from painting a swan, meeting Bugs Bunny and doing fun thing at home during a rainy day.

Its like Bella jumped into the book and directly got involved with the activities in the story.

I like the graphics too which is a subtle twist of reality since they are enhanced photos that were especially designed for the book. And yes,Bella’s head was beautifully scaled into a girl’s body. 

Here are some screenshots of the book from Bella's iPad. The one below is from the story Rainy Day where Bella did some fun things while in the house like making her own tepee!

Bella's Adventure

This one is from the book Movie World. Bella had fun with rides and met her fave characters! I had some trouble with this one because Bella kept on crying 'coz she wants to Movie World. Lol! You know how kids are!

Movie World story

And this is from the book Art Class where Bella painted a pavilion and even a swan who loved her painting that it took it away from her!

Art Class

You can let your child experience all the fun too by getting your own book. But it isn’t just fun, it will also teach your child new things and even encourage them to try new activities.If your child is hesitant to join in some activities , it would motivate them since they could see how fun it actually is.

Above all, if you can spend quality time with the kids even by using their gadgets. You can also help them develop their love for books. Who knows, this could be their stepping stone towards grabbing more eBooks or hard copy of books the love!

Train your kids to read books at an early stage because by reading, they can learn more! Get your own customized eBook for your kids from Kids Hero Stories. For sure, your kids will love it!

You an choose a book series depending on your child's age. The price is very affordable with a new book every week! For as low as $7.90 per mth, you can get four books. Or you can get 26 books for $38 and 52 books for $48! That would be a bunch of fun!

Go ahead and check the Kid Hero Stories website so you can avail of their amazing eBooks!

Disclosure: I received three ebooks from Kid Hero Stories for review. The review is my honest opinion about the products received. 

Little Adventures Dress Up Dream Giveaway!

Little Adventures Dress Up Dream Giveaway

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Join the MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway (Open Worldwide)

Welcome to the MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway (ARV $799)
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I would like to say a special thank you to all of the bloggers involved with this giveaway. All of your hard work makes this and all of my giveaways a great success. 

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Gentle Organic Baby Wipes Best for our Little Ones

If there is one thing that is always on my bag, that would be tissues- both soft and wet ones.  So, when I was given a chance to try Organic Baby Wipes, I gave it a go. I was sent  a set of organic baby wipes by CKMJ Greenovation Inc. First look at it, I knew it was something totally different than the ones we can buy from the supermarket.

The package contains 1 Organic baby wipes (80’s), 1 Organic baby wipes (30’s),  4 Organic baby wipes (20’s) and Jewel  Tone maternity skin care product.

Organic baby wipes

The organic baby wipes are infused with organic aloe vera which is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, thus helping to prevent nappy rash. It contains no harsh chemicals and are hypoallergenic – NO PARABEN, NO ALCOHOL, NO CHLORINE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS. Its products are also 100% biodegradable.

Organic baby wipes

I love the smell of the wipes because I do not like scented wipes. This one smells so good and it doesn't smell like alcohol or some strong chemical.

Organic baby wipes

Some wet wipes have a rough texture but this one is soft and very gentle/ The product is indeed the gentlest baby wipes for our kids and I would highly recommend it!

 A friend of mine tried the wipes and loved it too. She even want to buy one for herself. You can try to get one from Lazada.

Organic baby wipes

My daughter no longer use diapers but I still have baby wipes because I need it to wipe Bella from time to time. Hence, I still want it to be unscented, soft and gentle to my daughter's skin. In the photo above, you can see Bella trying to wipe it on her face. Lol! And she said, "Sooooo soft!" She likes it too! 

I am beginning to ran out of Organic baby wipes and I would definitely buy a bunch of this!

Disclaimer: Above products is acquired through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines. All views and opinions are honest and is 100% of my own.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Shop and Earn Cashback With ShopBack

I had been into online shopping for a long time now. As a matter of fact, almost all my clothes, shoes, bags and others are bought online. I enjoy doing it because it is easy and convenient on my part. I shop in Facebook or in other sites.

When it comes to clothes, I have my own online shop where I also get my dresses, tops and others. My favorite shop for shoes is Zalora. I also buy different items from Lazada too. There are various online sites that you can check since each of them offers different services. Just like Agoda where you can check for a hotels near the areas where you intend to have a vacation.

Aside from the convenience of online shopping, isn't it nice to actually get something from what we spend through it? What I mean is, spending and earning cashback at the same time! I know it sounds cool that is why I am pretty sure you would love cashback site ShopBack where you can find great Agoda promo and deals or latest working Lazada vouchers and coupons.

How Shopback Works

From the name itself, it allows you to show and get something back from it. ShopBack partnered with companies in different categories from fashion, electronics, travel, lifestyle, food & beverage, home & living and others.

You can save on online shopping by earning cash back. ShopBack isn't just a coupon code website because it scouts out the best deals and coupon codes and you get a certain percentage on whatever you finally pay! Yup, it is like getting paid to shop while getting the biggest savings possible on your purchases.

It is easy to shop using ShopBack. If you are kind of confused of how it works, here is a simple tutorial for you.

1. If you don't have an account yet, you have to sign up for Shopback. You can choose to sign up through Facebook or email and then fill out the needed details.


2. Take a look at deals and coupons from different shops. You can see that the percentage of cash back is stated so you will know how much you will be getting from your purchases.


3. You will find different categories. Choose which one you would like to enter. In my case, I choose Fashion since I am looking for shoes. You can check out other categories as well.


4. When you get to the category, different shops will be presented to you with their corresponding cash back percentage. Since Zalora is my favorite place to shop shoes, I clicked on Zalora.


5. On the Zalora page, you will see some reminders and notes that you need to take note of. Read all of them well to make sure that you can avail cash back. You cannot use codes that start with ZAP for this one because that is an affiliate code for Zalora.


6. There are different Zalora coupons and deals. Now you have to choose which one is perfect for you. Read each description well before choosing one.


7. After clicking Get Cashback, you will be redirected. Then take note of some reminders from Shopback too to make sure your cash back will be successful.


8. You'll be redirected to the shop you have chosen and shop like how you usually do. In my case, I was looking for shoes in Zalora and got to this page.


9. Then after buying, wait for two days to see you cash back in your account.

Shop for more and earn more too! You can also join ShopBack's referral program where you can share P150 off to your friend and you will earn P150 pesos in return too!

Once you are ready to withdraw your cash back, you can be paid through PayPal or other local banks at the end of the month.

Sounds good? It does sound amazing! Come join Shopback now and start shopping and earning at the same time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Fun and Ultra-resistant StickerKid Labels You Can Customize!

We would always make labels for our kids stuffs especially for school to make sure that these will not get lost and that our kids will also be able to easily determine which ones are theirs.


When I was still a kid, I can remember that my mother would write my name on a paper and tape it on my books, pencils, notebooks and others. But these days, we can easily print names since most of us have our own computers and it isn't expensive to have them printed in shops too.

Aside from the personal labels we can make on our computers, there are lovely creative labels like the ones from StickerKid. Well, you might say it is like the usual labels that you can make but you are wrong.

StickerKid Review and Giveaway

The personalized labels from StickerKid are dishwasher safe, water and weather resistant, microwave and freezer safe, and they will stay in place! The labels for clothing will withstand at least 50 times of washing and drying.

You can customize your own stickers online with thousands of possibilities to make them unique. There is an extensive variety of colors, icons, shapes and fonts that you can use.

I was given the chance to avail these stickers straight from the US. And they sure are beautiful and are indeed water resistant. I used them to label Bella's stuff in school. Hence, aside from being a "label", the stickers are also cute and beautiful!

StickerKid Review and Giveaway

Bella was so happy to see the stickers that we customized. She actually wanted to put them on just anything she owns that is why I needed to keep the stickers because I didn't want to waste any of them. What is good about the labels from StickerKids is that you can use them even for your kid's shoes and clothes! Yup, not just on items but even on clothing too! And you can wash them without the fear of seeing it peel off.

StickerKid Review

The labels can also come in different sizes and shapes. They are printed in special paper with bright lovely colors. What you see online is even better in the actual. No kidding.

Sticker Kid sample

Sticker kid labels

I know you want one for yourself too. And this is your chance to customize your own labels from StickerKid if you win the giveaway that they sponsored for Pink Heart String. So, if you are from the US, go ahead and join the giveaway! Who knows, you might be the lucky winner of worth $20 StickerKid items plus free shipping!

StickerKid Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Feel free to share the giveaway to your friends too! No doubt, you would love these stickers once you are chosen as the lucky winner!