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Monday, July 28, 2014

Eat, Stay, Sleep in Amazing Places Around the World!

Life is an adventure. So why don't we explore the world to see amazing places? I know that would be an expensive thing to do but with the internet, we are able to explore and discover places. No, I am not telling you to go to Google and search about these places because I am afraid you might get lost along the way. I have it here today.

I had so much fun collating these wonderful places to eat, stay and sleep while we are in vacation. We really don't have to stick with the normal hotel room. We can have a blast by staying and sleeping on an awesome and unique place. While I was browsing these vacation spots, I already felt like I was there and made a scrapbook about it.

So here we are excited to see the world! Bella, Daddy Jomarc and me!

 photo adventure_zps1e2090b7.jpg

A lovely home or villa with a pool would be nice! It would be so refreshing we can dip more than thrice!

  photo splash-pools_zps9b552a61.jpg

Or we can visit Ariel and Flounder under the sea, if we stay on a place where we can see the sea!

   photo see-the-sea_zps1f45304c.jpg

A tree house would be perfect too. It sure is dramatic! Goodbye to all the blues!

 photo treehouse_zps83acc9fb.jpg

Daddy would love to stay on a boat while Bella would be thrilled to stay on a wagon, well,wherever it is,it would even be nicer if its near a lagoon.

  photo wagon-boat_zpsa9d2768a.jpg

But I'd prefer to stay on a fairytale cottage and be close to nature but free of scary creatures!

 photo whimsical_zpsac138e6b.jpg

What about a castle that is away from all hustle? It would be charming and we would feel like royalty! We''ll certainly grab our gowns and jewelry!

 photo castle_zpsa6b23d8e.jpg

I know it looks queer but this place deserves a cheer for it used shipping containers instead of just going to the dumpsters.

 photo shipping_zps31a182f7.jpg

Oopps...I think that is enough because if I show you everything, you will explore nothing! So, I'll tell you the secret where I got all these places you found interesting!

Fun, right? Well, you can actually see more amazing vacation homes to stay in once you check Airbnb. What you saw above are part of my Travel Bucket Wish List. Guess what else I discovered? There are many cheap yet beautiful and cozy places to stay wherever you want to go around the world. The good thing about this is you directly communicate with the owners of these places. Here is my wishlist by the way where you can see the places I featured above:
 photo wishlist_zpsddd138d9.jpg

Huge! I think I will even make more! It is just fun creating a wish list! I have a list of places I'd visit in the Philippines. Since we are planning for a trip to Cebu, Manila and Boracay, I already have chosen possible places to stay which makes the trip even more exciting!

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries. It is a well known online service to rent out lodging around the globe. That is why I am sure that you will be able to make your dream vacation come true with Airbnb! You can create your own wishlist too like what I did. I invite you to sign-up to Airbnb and you will get free credits too.

Well, since I just discovered Airbnb, I think that I will be making a real scrapbook soon of our real travel through Airbnb. That is so possible because of the varied places and prices that they offer us.

Sign-up Here!

Six Flags Theme Park Tickets Giveaway

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Press Release: Aquabest Unveils Technological Quartet

 photo aquabest_zps6fa54da5.jpg 

Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is set to revolutionize the way Filipino’s  experience drinking water as it launches its four exclusive water treatment technologies.

Utilizing its new technologies the company will enable the company’s 700 store network to produce  Granderized water a type of water that is not only clean but also healthy. The company utilizes four unique technologies Grander, Tanwing, Nanogen, and Reverse Osmosis; that alters the very nature of water to make it better.

Tanwing Technology and Reverse Osmosis are filtration technologies that help eliminate practically all contaminants in the water making them safe and clean. Tanwing works by utilizing two wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to help eliminate all biological contaminants. At the same time, reverse osmosis filters water at the nanometer level far smaller than a strand of hair to ensure that all impurities are filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander Technologies work at the molecular level to infuse health giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular structure of the water. Nanogen is a Korean technology that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize pure water’s inherent acidity. Acidic water is supposed to be a contributing factor to some diseases. Grander Technology from Austria alters the molecular structure of water to improve body's absorption.

Overall, Aquabest Granderized Water improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water.  Each drop reaches deeper into the core of every cell in our bodies, allowing them to perform their functions better. Drinking Aquabest Granderized Water  will rejuvenate the body at its very core helping people look and feel better.

Press Release sent via email. Text and image provided by Aquabest.

Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY Craft: Carry Along Cardboard Box for Toys and Books

 photo TOYBOX_zpscdc08135.jpg

We have a two big boxes for Bella's toys. The box is even taller than Bella that whenever she gets her toys, she would seemingly disappear inside it. So, I thought of making her a box of her own. A smaller box that is which she can bring with her anywhere in the house. This way, she can play with her fave toys wherever she wants too without the hassle of digging into her huge boxes just to get them especially the Mini-Lalaloopsy dolls which are small.

Instead of buying a box from the store, I made one from a cardboard box that was no longer used. I'll share to you how I made it with a few pics that I took. You will need a box of course of whatever size. In my case, I looked for a box that would be easy for Bella to carry and could contain her favorite toys. Then gather some scrap wrapping papers. It will look nice with different patterns around it.

Once you have the box, tape the bottom part. Do not remove the flaps. Instead, tape it inside to make the box sturdier. I also added a cardboard on the bottom, again to make it sturdier. Tape around areas which needs "support". Lol.

 photo toybox5_zps49877930.jpg

Then cut a small rectangle on two sides that will serve as a handle. You can measure it so it will be of the same size. Don't worry, I was the one who did the cutting and all. Bella just took over when I was busy taking pictures.

 photo toybox6_zps88cbc317.jpg

Then take some patterned paper or gift wrappers. I have different prints available so I used a different pattern on every side.When I was done gluing the wrappers, I cut 1" red cartolina and glued it on all the edges of the box. Then I cut a rectangle with a rectangle hole for the handle. And the box is done!

 photo toybox3_zps6fc87104.jpg

I also made a box for her books too. This is a smaller box but it is actually heavier because of all the books she placed inside. And she wants me to read all these books for her bedtime stories. Imagine that?

 photo toybox8_zps4c978d66.jpg

Look at her huge smile. Really huge smile!Lol. With her boxes, she have learned to keep her stuffs in the proper boxes. That is why I used different colors for each box so that it is easy for her to identify which is which.

 photo toybox7_zps34a577a2.jpg

You can make your own box like this too. It is very easy to make with scrap papers that you have at home. I'm sure your kids will love it to have their own boxes for the things they love.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Review: Adventures of Ai

 photo book_intro-image_zpsf8a2967a.jpg

I always love reading because I feel like I am brought to a new world which I am unable to explore personally but is easy to reach with my imagination. I can recall that I would bring so many books from the library even if I cannot finish them all in one day because I was worried that others might borrow it too and I would wait for long before I can read them. From books and lovely stories I have learned so many things. As a matter of fact, I had my own adventures through the character's experiences. And I had the same experience again when I read the book, Adventures of Ai. I even felt like a tween again!

This eBook is perfect for kids aged 9-12 and for teens too. It starts with a modern setting which then progressed into the different adventures of the main character Ai. The story is interest provoking which will let surely make kids read it from page one to the end without letting it go. The tone of the book varies from the kids, to their father to Ai's point of view. Once you get to the part of Ai's adventures, you will surely finish it until the end to find out what happened to her.


 photo ai_cover_page_full_zps22a0dc8b.jpg

Ai means love in Japanese and this is something that we will feel and see all throughout the story. The story begins with a father telling his kids a story. He shared to the kids about an adventurous young Japanese girl named Ai who was on a mission to reunite with her father. During her mission, she encountered many challenges. In her adventures, she went with her faithful horse, a bluebird and a deer.  Ai showed us how to be independent, strong and how to value family and friendship. It also encourages us to never give up and that knowledge can bring us a long way.

About the Book

The book is written by Craig T. Bouchard, a New York Best-selling Author who created a unique transmedia entertainment event for kids. This book is an app for a video game named Ai's Adventures. This is actually my first time to see a book and game in one which is an interesting thing especially for today's generation. This book will be released on July 16 in six languages and distributed through one of the greatest 3D video games of 2014.

The Video Game

It is a 3D video game where kids will follow the adventures of Ai and solve problems and challenges from art, history, poetry, music, and mathematics.

For sure many kids will be able to play with it because it is compatible with  iOS, Android and Kindle. Before the game starts, kids can choose to play for their country. Scores you get from the game will be in the form of cash contributions that will be given to different charities. 

Proceeds from a global competition of kids playing the video game benefit children’s charities around the world, including Lurie Children’s Hospital, Misericordia Hearts of Mercy, The National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, K is for Kids, The Equestrian Challenge, Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House, Operation Smile in China, Taipei Orphan Foundation and Maria Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Recovery in Japan, Cry and Magic Bus in India, Children’s Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation, and the Sony Foundation of Australia, and the Child Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. And this sure is a great thing too! You play and help at the same time.

You can get a copy of the books from Amazon, iTunes/iBooks Store, Google Play and Google Books.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to (Really) Get Your Toddler to Sleep

get kids to sleep

Me: Bella, play time is over. It's time to sleep.

Bella: No, it's not! I will not rest!

If you are a parent, for sure, we share the same sentiments when it comes to putting our toddlers to sleep. They always want to play and play and never take a rest at all. Kids seem to never get tired. Merely looking at Bella playing makes me feel exhausted. I feel like she is already tired but just resists to retire to bed.

I know it isn't just me. You feel the same way too. And like me, you would be asking how to really let your little ones sleep early or at least without the hassle of running after them or without the faces of disapproval from our little ones. Oh, well. This is part of parenthood and this is one challenging part that we need to face.

When Bella was younger, it was easy to let her sleep. I'll just breastfeed her and she'll doze off. Piece of cake. No sweat. As a matter of fact, I can work on the computer while she gets her milk and sleep. Talk about multitasking! But those were the days when I was still breastfeeding and she wasn't as active as she is today.

But today is different. I know how she feels whenever I tell her it is time to take a nap in the afternoon and it's time to rest from her long day of play time in the evening because I felt the same way when I was still a kid. I HATE to nap. I feel like it was a hindrance to my fun and that those who are trying to put me to sleep are total kill joys! So, I just pretend that I was sleeping. And I'll check the time if it is already okay to wake up. Lol. While my younger brother was sleeping, I was merely closing my eyes until wake up time. And guess what? Of course, I always get up ahead of my brother. I'll just put a hotdog pillow beside him before I leave the bedroom so that he will think I was still there. Not that I look like a hotdog pillow, though. It's just that feeling of having someone beside you while you sleep. Still sounds crazy. Lol

As I put myself into Bella's shoes, I realized that it is really hard for her to sleep and nap. Honestly, I have Googled "how to get your toddler sleep" or "easy ways to put a child to sleep". I asked Google not once but many times. I saw articles written by Moms and I was dismayed with one article that claimed it was easy to let the child sleep from A-Z. Imagine that, A-Z means 26 ways. How could that be easy? I saw other moms who shared that post on Facebook and were also not happy about the 26 easy ways. 

Oh forget about that. I'm going to share to you some ways that I found effective in letting Bella sleep. But I'm not sure if it will apply to you because kids are different. If you haven't tried this, give it a try. You won't loose anything from trying.

Before bedtime, inform your toddler that it will be time for sleep in a few minutes. Remind them of the things you will do before going to bed. Make this a routine too. Remember not to feed your kids with large meals when bed time is near. But let them snack a little if they want to.

1. Set the bedroom into resting aura. Do this by keeping her toys and books. You can turn off the lights too if that is okay with your child. Bella doesn't like to sleep when its dark. Once your kid can see that the fun is really over, he might just rest as well.

2. Talk about rewards. Tell your child that if he will sleep, he will give you his favorite snack when he wakes up. Or if it is night time, tell him that you are going to do something exciting the next day. Make sure to keep your promise ALL the time! If not, then you will not be effective. Always remember not to forget to give them whatever things you promised them as a reward for sleeping. This way, they will feel that it is really important to sleep and that whenever they obey you, they reap the good fruit!

3. Freshen up and give them milk. This is a usual thing that we moms give our kids before sleeping time. It does help them to get a good sleep.

4. Tell stories. Bella loves bedtime stories. But sometimes, I get tired reading to her. You know why? She is not contented with just one or two books. It would always be 6 to 10 books! My throat gets fry from reading! But yah, she goes to sleep after she is done listening to her stories.

5. Sing and massage. Don't just sing. Massage his feet or arms while you sing. You can also rub his back or tummy or wherever he wants to. This would be soothing and they will feel relaxed when you do this. Bella would always ask me to this to her. And it is effective.

Be sure also that your bedroom is well ventilated and your kid is comfortable in the bed.  I know some of you have tried doing the above things. If you think it doesn't work. Try to think of other ways too. You know your children. You know what works for them best. Sometimes, you've got to try harder too. Just look at it as a skill that you need to perfect!

So, it's sleeping time for Bella now. Time for a box of books for her bed time stories again. Really, this storytelling time kills my throat! Speaking of box, I made her a box for her books. Once you see it, you will get the idea of how many books she would ask me to read. In truth, I hide the others then I change the books in her books from time to time. Shhhh..don't tell her!Lol.

Sweet dreams. 

If you want to save this post or share it to other parents, feel free to use the infographic below that I have made featuring Lalaloopsy Pillow Featherbed. If you;ll ask why Pillow, it's because she loves sleeping so much. You might even wish your kids are as eager as her when it comes to bedtime!

how to get your toddler to sleep

Moms have different ways of putting toddlers to bed. Can you add some to the tips I have above? Feel free to leave your comments below. I'll be glad to hear from you!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogger Opp: Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza Event

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Time to Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls!

Lalaloopsy Girls

These are the girls that stole every Lalaloopsy lover's heart and I am one of them. It is really like love at first sight! Lol. But who will not go gaga over these pretty dolls? It's like a fusion of Manga or Anime and Lalaloopsy!

I have posted prototype photos before and I was really hoping that the final output will look like this. And yes, MGA Entertainment gave us exactly the kind of the dolls we will love. So, I found the dolls in Amazon after some digging and got the images from there. As of now, these aren't available yet but feel free to click on the links and bookmark them if you want to so that you can get them when they are already available.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Jewel Sparkles Doll

Hello! Jewel Sparkles here! I was sewn from a royally sparkly princess’ dress, which explains why I love to be in charge - It just comes naturally. All my friends come to ME (and my cat/style advisor) for ALL their fashion emergencies. And in extreme cases I will even share my tiaras.

Made from: a Real Princess’ Dress
Pet: Persian Cat
Stitch on Date: March 13th (Jewel Day)

Lalaloopsy Girl's Jewel Sparkles Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Jewel Sparkles Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Jewel Sparkles Doll

 Lalaloopsy Girl's Jewel Sparkles Doll

The all time favorite Jewel Sparkles will surely bring in sparkles to your eyes because of how pretty she is! Look at how she is ready for a party! And she comes with her own pajamas too.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Hello, my name is Crumbs Sugar Cookie and I was sewn from a baker’s apron. My pet mouse and I have perfected recipes that satisfy any sweet tooth! Lately, we’ve forced ourselves to get a little more, um well… creative ;) What do think about bubblegum flavored cupcakes sprinkled with a dash of love? <3 I guess we will find out what our friends think during teatime!

Made From: a Baker’s apron
Pet: Mouse
Sewn on Date: Dec 4th (National Cookie Day)

Lalaloopsy Girl's Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Crumbs Sugar Cookie Doll

Pretty Crumbs Sugar Cookie always looked great in her pink and yellow attire. Like Jewel, she comes with pajamas and hair clips too. Lovely combination of patterns for her blouse and skirt.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Bea Spells-a-Lot Doll

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Kon-nichiwa! My name is Bea Spells-A-Lot and I was sewn from a schoolgirl’s uniform. Plus, I just got glasses, which aside from making me look super scholarly, help me read “between the lines”. *wink* I love being on top of all the news, and I can always count on my pet Owl for spreading the word by hooting and tweeting around.

Made from: a School Girl’s Uniform
Pet: Owl
Stitch on Date: October 16th (Dictionary Day)

Lalaloopsy Girl's Bea Spells-a-Lot Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Bea Spells-a-Lot Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Bea Spells-a-Lot Doll

Studious Bea Spells-a-Lot is wearing a school uniform and I love her tee with the words "I Heart Math" on it! Seems like she is the only one with a two toned hair which still changes color.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Peanut Big Top Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Peanut Big Top Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Peanut Big Top Doll

I know someone who is a Peanut Big Top fan and I know she will really like the look of Peanut here! I can see her someone from  a band. Cute outfit! The pink boots are very lovely!

Lalaloopsy Girl's Mittens Fluff N Stuff Doll

Hi, there! I’m Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff. I was sewn from a super warm and fuzzy scarf- cool, right? Snow Days are my fave ‘cause I get to cozy up in my lucky leg warmers. (the pink ones with stripes) I love to chill out with my pet polar bear, and a mug or two of hot cocoa… Oh! and of course tons of marshmallows!

Made from: An Eskimo’s Scarf
Pet: Polar Bear
Stitch on Date: December 21st (1st Day of Winter)

Lalaloopsy Girl's Mittens Fluff N Stuff Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Mittens Fluff N Stuff Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Mittens Fluff N Stuff Doll

Seems like Mittens is always ready for the cold with that cute hat which reminds me of Bundles, her little sister. I like the floral design on the pajamas and her polar bear print on the shirt.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Pix E. Flutters Doll

Hey! I’m Pix E. Flutters and I was sewn from a super glittery fairy’s dress. For some reason my wings start to flutter when I get butterflies in my stomach- especially right before a POP quiz! Oh! And I LOOOOVE glitter! But not as much as I love my pet firefly who always helps me see the brighter side of things.

Made from: a Fairy’s Dress
Pet: Firefly
Stitch on Date: June 24th (Fairy Day)

Lalaloopsy Girl's Pix E. Flutters Doll

 Lalaloopsy Girl's Pix E. Flutters Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Pix E. Flutters Doll

I like it that Pixie still have wings and pigtails just like how she looked like as a large doll. Isn't she pretty? She is one of my fave dolls and she looked really great with her striped dress with a light yellow bolero.

Lalaloopsy Girl's Spot Splatter Splash Doll

 Lalaloopsy Girl's Spot Splatter Splash Doll

Lalaloopsy Girl's Spot Splatter Splash Doll

Spot, the artistic girl rocks that polka dot skirt with suspenders. And look at her shoes! It is very nice isn't it?

Lalaloopsy Girl's Cloud E. Sky & Storm E. Sky Doll (2-Pack)

 photo pack1_zpsc2425bad.jpg

 photo pack_zps377b095f.jpg

This one comes as a set featuring Cloud E. Sky & Storm E. Sky. Just the perfect pair indeed! Look at their contrasting look and colors too. It doesn't have a pajama set though but there are hair clips for both of them.

All of the dolls have changing hair colors. I don't know how they change but maybe with water like Coral Seashells. Not sure though. They all come with a pajama set, their pets which are all grown-up too, hair clips and a big bow which is actually the handle of the box. I like it that their attire is really similar to their original look. But I'm sure you noticed how cute their shoes are!

Are you excited for the release of these dolls? I'm sure you are! Watch out for the links above and be the first to get these lovely dolls! Some of them are already available from Amazon from time to time.

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links included. I will be compensated if you purchase through my link but won't affect the price of the items you'll get. But it would help me grow my blog.