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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Join the Valentine Wigs Giveaway!

I know everyone is excited for the love month but I have here something from Jam of Valentine Wigs that will make feel you even more excited.

wigs giveaway

Hello there again beautiful moms! Welcome to our February's Valentine Wigs Love Month Giveaway!

We visited Pink Heart String a couple of months back to share with you our advocacy in Cancer Awareness particularly Children’s Cancer. Now, we’re back to spread love and so much more!

Isn’t it not that we’re a lover of fashion, particularly Hair Fashion that we’d appreciate some treats for the month of love? Yes, Valentine Wigs is on for the Month of Love Giveaway!

We’re aiming to fulfill becoming one of the ambassadors of beauty and that’s one big reason why we value everyone’s being hair fashion lovers. And of course, it’s the month of love so we’d want to thank you in our own gorgeous way! Factors that would also fulfill our value for beauty and making you feel and of course, look great as what we always say, here is what all these is all about:

We’re picking two fortunate Valentine Wig Followers on all our social media accounts who can win a Soap and Glory Bright and Bubbly Pink Gift Set or Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer or a WHOPPING 25% off on their next ladies wig UK purchase and a Hair Care starter kit for either Human or Fibre Hair! Sounds like a really great deal, right?

So how is winning possible?  

Head over to the giveaway page so you will get a chance to win a gorgeous wig!

By 29 February 2016, we’ll pick two lucky followers as to how they followed the instructions.

What are you waiting for mommies, let the whole world know that everyone needs to value themselves the hair fashion way this love month with our Valentine Wigs February Love Month Giveaway! Should there be any queries, let us know by dropping us a message or a comment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Want to Consult a Doctor While at Home? Try Doctor on Demand!

When are kids are sick, we would tend to consult Dr. Google and seek for some answers on what we would do in order to address the condition of our kids. No doubt, the internet is very much helpful in providing us everything that we need- even for medical conditions.

Doctor On Demand

But of course, it is still better to see a doctor who can give us an exact diagnosis because what we can find online are general recommendations and are mostly for first aid or home remedies. And the advice would always include "see your doctor" in the end.

So, would it be nice if we can actually consult a doctor online? Of course! This means that you can immediately consult a doctor while at home. This kind of service is made available by Doctor On Demand which is created by Adam Jackson and Jay McGraw with his father, Dr. Phil as an adviser. It can be accessed online through their website or the Doctor On Demand app.

using Doctor on Demand App

I am sure you are curious about Doctor on Demand. Let us talk about its many advantages first before we look into how it works.

1. For urgent checkups, you can easily call a doctor using the app with an accurate diagnosis.
2. If the kids are the ones who are sick, then you will save them from further exposure to bacteria by not going outside.
3. You can save a lot of time and you will not be sitting on the waiting room for long hours just to see a doctor.
4. You will be talking to doctors who are board certified, highly educated and have years of experience.
5. You can also save money since one 15 minute costs a flat fee of $40 which is equal or even lesser than the cost of an insurance deductible. It is also cheaper than paying for a doctor's visit.
6. The doctor is always "in". You don't want to worry about going to the clinic only to find out that it is still close or the doctor is not there.
7. And of course, with the Doctor On Demand App, it means that you can consult a doctor, anytime and anywhere you are! Yup, that is definitely a doctor on the go!
But you can't use Doctor on Demand for life-threatening conditions like chest pain/pressure, poisoning, seizures, serious head, neck or back injury, or broken bones. You can use it for:

• Cold, flu, cough, fever, allergies
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Pediatric fever, advice or other issues
• Vomiting/diarrhea
• Depression and anxiety concerns
• Possible sinus infections
• STDs
• Rashes / bites / skin problems
• Sports Injuries, Athlete’s Foot
• Smoking cessation
• Back pain
• Heartburn
• Breastfeeding questions
• Mental and emotional health issues and concerns
• General medical questions, “Should I go in for this or not?”

The Doctor On Demand App

The service can be used by downloading the Doctor On Demand App which is available on Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores. Or you can also access their website as well. After doing that, this allows you to speak to a board certified physician while at home for non emergency medical issues.

Doctor On Demand App

To use it, you have to make an account first which is quick and easy because their website is easy to navigate and is user friendly. Once you decide to see a doctor, you will be asked to fill out information about your symptoms, allergies and current medications. This way, it will be easier for the doctors to diagnose your condition. You will also be asked to enter data about a pharmacy near you where you can pick your medicine.

After that, you will be asked to enter your payment information. For first time visits, you can use the code HEARTSTRING which will grant you a free consultation. Then you will be connected in seconds to a board certified and friendly physician who will be asking you questions about how you feel or how your child feels if they are the ones you are consulting for.

Doctor On Demand code

Apparently, this is a very quick and convenient service because if you are prescribed a medicine, you can just drop by the nearest pharmacy who is already informed about the medicine you need. Great, right? Definitely time-saving indeed!
For more information about how a Video Visit on Doctor on Demand works, here is a video which will surely make you feel excited about getting your first checkup.

But in my case, I wasn't able to use the service because I am from the Philippines. It would be nice if we have that here too! It will surely be a great improvement for the country's medical services. But as of now, my readers from the US can avail of the services from Doctor On Demand. Do not forget to use the unique code "HEARTSTRING" on your first visit so you can do that for free.

With Doctor On Demand, everything will be easy and hassle-free. And a huge plus to that are the proficient and board certified you can talk to right in the comforts of your home!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Find Love: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Are you still looking for your perfect match? Well, I have found mine. So, if you haven't found the perfect date and the right person to spend the rest of your life with, here are some tips for you.

How to Find Your Love

St. Valentine’s Day is another reason for couples to express their love and receive it. However, those who have just separated and nearly lost chance to find the love of their lives, will not enjoy this holiday that much. Needless to say that everything around us including men with flowers, romantic melodramas on TV and hearty gifts on the 14th of February reminds them of their loneliness or unlucky romantic experience. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day can be treated as the day on which New Year of Love begins. And here is a list of Love’s New Year resolutions helping you to find your soul mate and become happier than you were last year.

how to find love

1. Enjoy life!

This is a quite general advice. Indeed, it is difficult to follow it. Loneliness is not a visitation, and a status of relationships is by no means your identity. Having no partner gives plenty of time to spend on your favorite hobbies, to try something new, to extend your boundaries and discover yourself. The world around is so captivating. Once you focus on our amazing beautiful world or the things you love to do, you’ll start enjoying life attracting the right person according to the Law of Attraction saying that like attracts like.

2. Planning

Finding love is a project of your life requiring a strategic approach. Think over a type of a partner you want to meet. What are qualities you appreciate the most? What are his or her interests? By answering these questions you’ll be clear with your expectations. The next stage is defining where you can meet such person. Think whether you need to change places where you usually hang out and do not neglect dating sites where you can find a man or woman sharing your interests and hobbies.

3. Be social

The logic is simple. The more connections you have, the greater is the opportunity to meet the person you are searching for. It is not infrequent that people who experienced divorce or difficult separation keep clear of possible relationships and, in particular, possible partners. They stay home all the time, get depressed and stick to this way of life thereby reducing their chances to meet a good partner.
Leave past in the past

finding love

The question starting with ‘Why?’ is very sticking and usually has no answers as regards to previous relationships. Why did he or she cheat on me? Why did everything go wrong so suddenly? Why did not he marry me? Why did it happen to me? Such kind of never-ending analysis taking place in your mind will have no positive effect and hold you back. In case you were hurt, forgive your ex and try to keep on living with hope to be happy with another man or woman. Trust me it is possible!

You can enlarge your list with other resolutions and with peace in mind congratulate those who do love you and you love them. I mean your parents, children and friends. That will be a good start of the New Year of Love.

Home Decor Ideas: Adorn Your Home with Candles

Little things could bring beauty to anything as long as it is done well. A little bow on your child's hair would make her look beautiful and with that, it makes her feel confident and she would be able to achieve more. Same is true in decorating your home. Adding a small flower on a vase or a tiny candle on the mantle can totally change its look.

Yes, when it comes to home decoration, there are a lot of things that you can do. You can buy cheap items from a dollar store or you can DIY some items too. Whether you buy your own decors or make one, see to it that they all look lovely in your space because after all, your goal was to make your home more homey and more visually appealing.

adorn home with candles

Before, I have shown you how to decorate your home with flowers and there are indeed so many ways to do it. This time, let us take a look at different ways on how you can use candles to beautify your home and bring drama into it.

For some, candles are merely used for special occasions. Others use it to add in their altar for prayers. Still others use it to illuminate a space or even to provide light when there is no electricity. Candles are inexpensive especially the ones that are locally made. But there are also expensive ones which comes in different scents, colors, shapes and styles.

Indeed, you can be stylish by using candles too. And if you are wondering how you can use them for your home, here are some images that can give you ideas and inspirations.

Decorating with Candles Inside the House

Commonly, candles are used for centerpieces or on top of the mantle. But you can also use it in more creative ways like the interiors below.

candle decor

candle home decor

decorating with candles

candle decor ideas

Creating Romantic Outdoor Spaces with Candles

You can also add candles in your garden, porch, courtyard and other outdoor areas. It can even look amazing in the pool too. Take a look at these ideas below.

home candle decor ideas

candle light

outdoor candles

candles on pool

So, now that you already have an idea of what you can do with candles, why not buy candles for your home now? Choose that with the right color, size and scent that perfectly suits your design style and preference. You see, candles can be used everyday!

Image Credit: 1. Unsplash 2. Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd, 3. Gaskin Designs, 4. Buttrick Wong Architects, 5. Hendricks Construction, 6. Utopia Landscape Design 7. Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc., 8. Escale Design, 9. Coleccion Alexandra

Friday, January 22, 2016

7 Hints on Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

Even when we are at home, we always make sure that our kids are safe and secure. That is why we have to make our homes kid-friendly. Today, we have a guest post which will give us tips on how to do just that in our homes.

Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

Unlike previous generations, today’s mothers see everything as potential hazard to their child, and that is why your home needs redecoration if you plan on having children. By doing this, you will provide a warm welcome for your child and keep everyone safe.

Use indestructible materials

Your walls must be firm so they would not fall apart easily because your children will certainly bang on them. Also, consider using wipeable paint so you could clean all the sticky fingerprints. Your windows cannot be covered with long drapes; instead you need washable wooden blinds to avoid any danger. As far as floors and doors are concerned, they have to be durable and water-friendly because there is going to be a lot of cleaning.

Think about the house hygiene

Cleaning your house with chemicals has to end now. Vapours from cleaning products are dangerous for children and you. It is time to start using domestic steam cleaners which minimize the usage of hazardous chemicals and are perfect for getting rid of the dust and mites. Additionally, these will save your time, because you can clean everything with only one device and you will have more room in closets.

Think about the house hygiene

Child-proof the kitchen

Make sure to install the childproof latches on all the drawers and cabinets so the kitchen would not be a minefield. Do not forget about the lock on the dishwasher and stove. Also, you can consider redecorating and buy cabinets and appliances that are higher than your old ones. This way, everything will be out of child’s reach, and the knobs and edges will be far from the ground.

Redecorate your living room

Your living room you should not have any heavy furniture like bookcases and dressers. All devices should be far from the edge of furniture and always put heavier objects on the bottom shelves and drawers. To make your living room kid-friendly you can reserve one area just for them. Set up a small bookcase with all their favourite books and toys, set up a small colourful armchair or teepee and provide them with their personal corner for reading and playing.

Child-proof home

Use colours, patterns and textures

You can forget about silk drapes and white couches. Instead of that, you should probably think about some smart choices. Vibrant colours, patterns and touchable textures will camouflage any stains, spills and fingerprints. Replace your bright thin rugs with darker thicker ones so you do not have to worry about any stains. Your walls should be darker as well as your furniture. As soon as your loved ones spill something you will be glad you were not afraid of colours and textures.

Ensure the storage areas

To avoid any mess and cluster you need to have prepared storage areas. Decorative baskets and boxes on the shelves and in empty corners could be a nice new design and additional storage. Chose tables with drawers or additional shelves and for storing toys and books choose antique cedar chest. All of these small storage areas should be at your child’s reach so they can learn to put away their toys.

Ensure the storage areas

How safe is your backyard?

There should be no obstacles and distracting objects in your yard. Make sure to always keep it clean, the stairs and paths should always be well lit and all the dangerous tools should be safely stored. Also, make sure that swings and playing areas are free of any rust, nails or glass. To make things safer, you can prepare a separate area for playing where you can lay blankets and cushions and redecorate your yard a bit.

Redecorate your home to be more kid-friendly using these few hints and the whole family will feel safer and happier.

About the author

photo Pic-5---Author_zpsephs4hun.jpgMarie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on several blogs. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Guest Post: Seven Tips to Help You Develop a Great Relationship with Your Nanny

Today, we have a guest post from sweet Sally who will be giving us some tips about how moms or parents can have a good relationship with their nanny. Of course, that is important because we consider them as part of the family and we have to make them feel special so that they will also give their utmost love to our kids. Here is the advice Sally can give us:

Once you find a babysitter or nanny that fits your needs perfectly, you must then develop a great relationship to help the babysitter take care of your children in a stress-free manner. If the relationship is not a comfortable one, the nanny will always be on edge, and the kids will feel this tension. Developing a close bond with your nanny will not be difficult if you keep our seven tips in mind that we offer you in the following info.

Tips to Help You Develop a Great Relationship with Your Nanny

1. Explain your expectations in detail when you hire a nanny. Nannying is a challenging job when the parents do not clearly define the duties of the nanny. Help make the job less confusing for the babysitter by letting him or her know exactly what his or her job duties will be each day. You should even mark the calendar with all the children's activities to help the nanny deliver them to their necessary destinations on time.

2. Pay a fair wage that is in accordance with your expectations. If your job duties for the nanny include extra tasks above those typically performed by nannies, you may need to up the wage a bit to cover the additional expectations. Consult with the nanny agency to learn more about the average nanny wages in your location.

3. Treat your nanny with respect in front of your children. Only disagree with the babysitter in private, or your children may disrespect him or her. This will make the nanny's job almost impossible to perform daily.

4. Care about your nanny's health and well being. Ensure that your babysitter has sufficient days off throughout the year to tend to such important personal details as medical and dental appointments along with rest and relaxation.

5. Discuss discipline methods with your babysitter. This is to ensure that you both are on the same page. Both of you need to support the other's efforts for the sake of the children.

6. When issues occur, sit down and calmly talk them over with the babysitter. Stay professional and do not just blow up over the problems. You will not solve issues effectively in this manner and the nanny may just quit, which will result in you needing to find a trustworthy nanny once again.

7. Express your gratitude for your nanny's excellent service verbally and with bonuses. The bonuses can be monetary or gifts such as a trip to the day spa for some personal pampering. In addition, include your nanny in special trips with the family. If you are going to Disney World, taking a cruise or enjoying another pleasurable activity, ask her or him to come along with you and your family, but make sure that he or she has free time to enjoy the trip on his or her own without the responsibility of the children. Of course, your nanny should receive regular wages during this time.

Follow these seven tips to form a strong bond with your nanny. Remember, this is important not only for your babysitter but also for your children. When you form a great relationship with the person who will help care for your children, you will retain that nanny for many years. This provides stability for your kids. If you do not yet have a qualified person to care for your children, nanny agencies will provide nannies on demand upon your request.

About the Writer

This post is written by Sally is a working woman and a mother of 2 kids (currently 10 and 8), living in a suburb of Brisbane. As mom, she learn so much about providing healthier and happier lifestyle for her kids. You can find more of her articles being featured on

Images provided by Sally.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Major Factors to Consider When Looking for a New Home

Buying a new house can be very exciting. However, you should not allow your excitement to cloud your judgment. Make sure that you will be the most meticulous, practical and careful buyer – first time house buyer there is in the world. This way, you will be able to ensure that you will get the best house for you and your family.

In this post, we will share to you some of the most important factors that you should consider when looking for a new house. This is to help you stay on the right track and making sure that you will be satisfied about your new home.

looking for a new home

First of all, it is important that you consider the location. Yes, the location of your house is probably the most important consideration moreover the budget that you are willing to spend. It is essential that you pick a good location because this is where you will be spending long years of your life. You will be raising your kids here and you will be staying here in the future. Therefore, make sure that you pick a location that you know is fit for the kind of lifestyle that you want to achieve for your family. Living in Australia is definitely ideal. Most parents wish to raise a family here since the country is known to have stable economy, good quality of education, high salary, and more opportunities. If you’re also looking to buy a house here, you can check out display homes in Gold Coast. The place is indeed very beautiful with clean and fresh environment perfect for the children.

Next, consider the budget. This way, you will have an idea of how big or what type of house you should buy or built. Make sure that you know your financial capabilities and be sure that you will buy a house that fits your budget. Do not overspend way too much just for the sake of impressing other people. The important thing is where you are happy and comfortable.

It is also important to take into consideration the neighborhood. Having friendly neighbours and peaceful community is a must. This will mold your children and will have big influence in their lives and your lives as well.

modern house

Another important thing to think about is the accessibility of this new house to your work, to kids’ future school and other important establishments like bank, supermarket, parks etc. You should be practical in the sense that why would you want to live in a house very far from your office place? You will not only waste your resources like gas or transportation money but you will also waste energy for the hours you are commuting. You should think about all those little but important things.

Buying a house is not easy. You should make sure that you are 100 percent sure that you are making the right decision. It is not enough that you have money for the down payment but instead you should take into consideration those major factors that we discussed here. Only then, you will be able to feel confident and happy with your choice.

Image: Treeline Homes, Inc.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Packing Delicious Offers Pre-packed Food Available for Delivery

Packing Delicious, an online market place that offers customers easy access to canned, bottled and frozen food delivered anywhere in Metro Manila has just launched. This could be the answer to your problem when you feel hungry but you get home tired after a long day of work. Yes, you can call a fast food and have food delivered to your home or you can drive to a nearby restaurant as well. But aside from that, you have an added option with Packing Delicious!

You can order pre-packed food that are canned, bottled or frozen which are ready-to-eat any time. With the products form Packing Delicious, you can enjoy a yummy gourmet tuyo or even a ready-to-heat frozen gourmet meal.

packing delicious

Why Choose PackingDelicious?

Of course, there are good reasons to choose PackingDelicious to add to your meals at home. Here they are:

Easy to Ordering Process - PackingDelicious is easy and free to use for all buyers. The website is arranged by categories such as Bottled Food, Snacks & Desserts, Ready-to-Heat Meals, Pre-packed Meats and much more.
Best Price and Great Discounts - The team takes every effort to get the best price for the food sold by our merchants. Packing Delicious also offers exclusive promos and packages for registered buyers.
Love Local - We prioritize locally made food products so when you buy from Packing Delicious, know that you are supporting the small business and entrepreneurs.
Great Variety - We continue to add merchants on a daily basis to ensure you get top quality food at the best price. We also try the food ourselves as part of our quality control.
Direct Delivery to Your Doorstep - We are currently servicing the entire Metro Manila for one low price. We pick up from the merchant and deliver the pre-packed food to your doorstep the same-day or the next day.

Feel free to check their website for more information and so you can also see the different products they are offering.

Casa Amarilla Spanish style chorizo uses only the finest and freshest all natural ingredients. You can be sure that each...
Posted by Packing Delicious on Saturday, October 24, 2015

About Packing Delicious

Packing Delicious is a marketplace website and delivery logistics service for pre-packed food, which includes canned, bottled or frozen food. These home-grown favorites from local and artisan food producers are delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Packing Delicious provides a centralized approach to marketing and sales for these vendors plus the logistics capacity to pick up items from their pick up point and ensure same-day or next-day delivery to the end-customer via our its logistics network.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

6 Ingredients That Can Serve You as a Multi Cleaners

Cleaning is one important task that we do everyday to make sure that the home is presentable and safe for the kids. This way, we are ensured that the kids will not get sick just because there are uninvited bacteria in the house. So, today, we have a guest post about home cleaners that we can use from simple ingredients that we may already have at home.

home cleaners

If you are getting sick and tired of always spending money on all the different cleaning products you find in stores and have finally decided to go 'green' with your cleaning, let me help you make the transition. You do not need all those specific cleaners, why would you spend money on six different things when what they all do can be done by one or two cheaper cleaners?

There are several key ingredients, most of which can be found in your home, that can be used to make yourself natural multi cleaners. They are known and praised by anyone who has switched to 'green' cleaning. Whether you have or haven't heard of their almost magical powers when it comes to cleaning, here are the key ingredients used for home made multi cleaners:

White Vinegar

Yes, this marvellous and tasty cooking ingredient is also used by many people and companies like DomesticClean Chelsea for cleaning. White vinegar or also known as 'distilled vinegar' has amazing disinfectant and deodorizing properties and can clean pretty much all kinds of surfaces and level of dirt. Properly proportioned and mixed with water it is an amazing cleaner and stain removal. It can also be used for laundering, a few drops in your laundry machine and it does wonders.

Rubbing Alcohol

It has pretty much the same use as the white vinegar and it can be used to clean fairly everything in your house, but it is also a great disinfectant. Especially if you want to disinfect your home before winter – the flu season. Rubbing alcohol mixed with water will do a great job.

Baking Powder

Ah, this is the magical ingredient for the toughest and dirtiest spots in your home. Backing powder mixed with a little water is a great abrasive that can cut trough grease and grime with ease. It is widely used for cleaning sinks, bathtubs, tiles. It is a great deodorizer and is one of the most used cleaning ingredients because of its multi purpose use.

Lemons/Lemon Juice

This amazing smelling ingredient is fantastic for your cleaning in many ways. Keep in mind that it always has to be mixed with something else – backing powder, water or oil. It can be used to polish your cutlery, wash your fruits and veggies, wash stagnant food from your plates, even polish wood. Not only the lemon juice, but the lemon peels can be used too. It removes bad odours and thanks to its fresh smell your home will smell nice, too.

natural home cleaners

Essential Oils

They service the same purpose as lemon juice. Only with them you can choose your scent. Some can only be added in order to leave nicer smell in your home. Or you can simply use them to make a natural air freshener. Mix your favourite scent with water, put in spray bottle and there you have it. Other oils, such as tea tree and eucalyptus also have disinfecting and antimicrobial properties. And they last you a long time, since you only need a few drops.

Borax or just a simple soap

Now Borax is a store bought product, but it is widely used when it comes to home made cleaning products because it has many properties. It can be used laundry and cleaning products and it also has a great feature of a bug repellent. But when it is used as an ingredient to a multi cleaners, it can be replaced with any other liquid soap. You might be amazed at how good a simple soap can clean.

And voilĂ , here are the six main ingredients any household should use when it turns to eco-friendly cleaning. It will save you a ton of money and will not fill your house with dangerous chemicals. Mix your ingredients and make yourself great multi cleaners that are ten times better and more efficient and healthy than the commercial ones.

Image source: SavvyBrownKinfolk

Saturday, January 2, 2016

5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good for Your Child

Even before my daughter Bella started going to school, I had always considered home schooling as an option because there were things I was afraid of. First, I didn't want to leave her alone in school because I am afraid that something not good might happen while I am away. Second, I am alarmed by the many different violence that occur even in schools. Thirds, I wanted to see her learn so I can determine which aspects she needs improvement. But we did send her to school now because I honestly didn't know how homeschooling works in our country.

As I research more about homeschooling, it really does sound good to me especially because of my worries. Although I can see that my daughter is enjoying school, I can also feel that she will be more relaxed when learning in the house like what most kids who study in their homes experience.

advantages of homeschooling

There are many benefits as well as advantages of homeschooling which could be the reason why many parents prefer it than sending their kids to school. Here are some reasons why homeschooling can be good for your child:

1. Freedom.

This is the number one reason why some parents prefer to home school. There is a lot of freedom. The child can choose when and what to study. It can also be based on her interest, ability and maturity level. Even the parents can enjoy this freedom too without the need to wake up so early to get a child to school or to manage their time depending on the school calendar. The family can even take vacations anytime they want.

2. Closer family ties.

Of course, your kids will always be close to you because they are always home and you are always there to watch over them. You will not feel that your kids are starting to be cold because they always want to spend time outside with friends. You can also spend more time together as well.

3. Provides a safe environment.

You will also feel at ease that your kids will not be exposed to bullies, teasing, peer pressure, bad influence and even violence. You are there to guide them all the way.

4. Education is tailored based on kid's needs.

In school, they follow a certain curriculum and teach according to that no matter what is the level of the children because they are taught as a group. But in homeschooling, the kid's strength, weaknesses, learning styles and interests are being assessed and customized to maximize such. With this, the kids are motivated to learn. Homeschooling is more about getting knowledge and not merely about acquiring good grades. Also, what is covered in a classroom for a week can be covered for a few hours in homeschooling since it isn't "task learning."

5. Kids are well-rested.

There is no pressure. Your kids can rest and sleep when they want. Sometimes, the effect of waking up early to go to school is devastating to kids especially if they are not morning persons. After school, they would need to study and do some homework during the night. This will make them feel tired and exhausted. There will be no busy schedules too.

Kids who are homeschooled actually excel and can even perform better than those who go to school because they get one-on-one tutoring and they are taught with love. According to a research by the National Home Education Research Institute, kids who receive home education "typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests" and "score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income."

It also added that the "home-educated students typically score above average on the SAT and ACT tests that colleges consider for admissions and they are "increasingly being actively recruited by colleges."

This means that kids will never be "behind" by homeschooling. As a matter of fact, they are even "ahead" than those in schools since it isn't just their knowledge that is being developed but even their character as well.


I found out that there are many companies and even websites where we can get resources and guides to home school our kids just like This way, kids can just learn at home depending on when they want it. It would indeed be nice to do that to my daughter! This way, I can watch her learn and grow without worrying about any harm or bad influence.

So, if you are like me who is thinking of homeschooling your child, you can look into the benefits you and your child can get from doing it. Of course, consider the cons too before you finally decide to get into it!