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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Is It Easier to Believe in Lies?

Why is it hard for you to trust?

Why is it hard for you to believe?

Why do you have to listen to those who are saying negative things about me?

What else do I have to do to prove that I am not doing anything wrong?

It is indeed true that you cannot convince a person who has already convinced himself. No matter how you try to inculcate the truth to him, he would cling to whatever he believes in. Even if he tells you he believes you one time, the truth is, he doesn't. He is just saying that to put an end to the story. The next time around, he would tell you those things over and over again.

It is hard to prove yourself to someone who won't believe you. The feeling of being accused of something you did not do, didn't think of doing and wouldn't even try to do is more than heartbreaking. It is like you want to escape from the chains and balls locked around your hands and feet because you know you are clean and innocent.

Now I know how bad it feels to be imprisoned with lies and to be locked up because of false accusations. Now I know how bad it feels when that person you want to belive you doesn't even try to consider your explanations. It makes me numb. It makes me helpless.

There is nothing else to say. There is nothing left to do because I have done everything. I'd rather be labeled a liar while telling the truth than pretend to tell the truth while telling a lie. So I stand on my words. Nothing is going to change because what my mouth utters are realism.

lies truth quote

It is okay if other people look at me negatively. What is important is how I look at myself because as long as I know I am clean and I am not doing anything filthy, I know I can walk the streets with head high and chin up.

All I know is that I hate liars and so I'm not and will never be a liar.

And all I know is that, it is easier for people to believe in lies than listen to the truth.

Attipas Shoes: Fashionable and Comfy Footwear for Little Ones

Attipas Shoes

I was excited  to get hold of the Attipas shoes for review. But aside from this opportunity to review it as sponsored by the Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I was more excited to see what design would come to our doorstep and how it would look on my little love. When the package arrived, we were in the hospital. Of course, hubby brought the package to the hospital because he knew Bella would be happy to see it. And we were right.

She was happy to see her "beautiful shoes" and started walking even if she still had an IV on her. Aside from walking, the pair of shoes also became her motivation to take her medicines because we would tell her that we will give the shoes to another baby if she won't take her meds. She didn't want to lose the shoes so she would consume her medicine. Good job Attipas Shoes! You didn't just made my girl happy but you even motivated her to take her medicine. Lol!

But we were not able to take good pictures of her wearing the shoes because you know, we were more concerned about her condition. So, that explains why this post is late (and the snail internet connection too which is still a result of Yolanda). When we were discharged from the hospital after a week, she wanted to go to the mall at once. I didn't approve of the idea but my father brought us to the mall because that is what grandfathers do- just give what their granddaughter wants.

Attipas Shoes

While in the mall, she wore her Attipas shoes. People were looking at her because aside from her lace romper, she was wearing a pretty pair of shoes that isn't found in the mall. And of course, she still have that cotton taped on her hand- an evidence that she just came from the hospital.

Finally, A Picture Perfect

Days after when she was feeling a lot better, I dressed her up for a pictorial in our bedroom. Lol! I want to bring her outside because I know the shoes would look great with the fresh green grass and all. But the weather wasn't good and so we stayed in the bedroom and I took her photos wearing her Attipas Shoes, her fave ballerina attire and her flower crown.

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes Girl

The shoes looked good on her but aside from being beautiful, it is comfortable and she moves like she is on barefoot. I love the way it fits on her and how she can walk, run, jump and move without any worries because the shoes are so light.

Attipas Shoes

Fairy Attipas Shoes

The Attipas Shoes

What we got is the Corsage, XL in size. It has a beautiful pink flower design in front of it. The materials used for the shoes are obviously of high quality. The flowers dont' rip or fray.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sock is soft and comfy for the feet since it is made from cotton. It is also fits well to the feet of my baby. This will not make parents worry about loose shoes that might fall off when the toddler is running. No matter what movement they do, the shoes are there to stay.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sole is made of non-slip thermoplasticrubber material. It makes walking easy whether it is a ceramic tiled flooring, a soft soil and others. You won't worry about any parts of it getting damaged because the entire shoes is well-made. No doubt, it has a high quality materials.

Attipas Shoes Review

So, if you want the perfect comfy and fashionable pair of shoes for your little ones, Attipas Shoes is the perfect choice! You can choose from a wide variety of designs that will fit to the personality and outfit of your kids. I'm sure that if you see the different designs, you'd fall in love with it in an instant just like how I felt when I saw Attipas shoes.

Where to Get Attipas Shoes

Attipas shoes
I'm sure you want this shoe for your little one. Sizes are available from age 0-3. You can always check the Attipas Facebook Page where you can get updates as to where the shoes can be bought. Also, I found out that they are also available in Lazada PH for easy shopping online! And this means you can get an Attipas shoe for your kids anytime you want to.

Disclaimer: I received the Attipas shoes through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines for review but all opinions are mine, honest and original.

When My Child Was Confined to the Hospital

I know you have noticed I was away for a long time. I missed blogging and sharing my thoughts to you but I couldn't do that when my daughter was in the hospital. Well, it wasn't last week or last last week. It was last last last week. But still, I wasn't able to get into writing since I had a bunch of work to finish.

Even if it happened weeks ago, I can still recall the pain Bella went through when she was in the ER. When we arrived at the ER, she was just happy and she kept on talking to the nurses but when it was time to put on the IV, that was the time she started screaming. I don't know if your toddler had been to the hospital. But it is dreadful to see her being wrapped with blanket from shoulder to feet so she won't strangle and move.

child in hospital

Of course, that is the best thing to do but there isn't any better way to do it. It was a hard situation for me (and of course for her!). I feel like I want to ran away from that place so I can't see her in pain. But I know I won't and I can't because I have to be there for her. I can see how scared she was as she screamed while we hold her. She kept on crying until the nurse was done with her job. I was just happy that the nurse was good at putting the IV and she just did it once perfectly.

Her one week stay in the hospital was a mix of pain and smiles. I am happy that even if she feels sick, she can still manage to laugh and be that talkative baby we have. Her gastroenteritis and UTI was gone after a week. And that is days of vomiting, diarrhea and  infrequent fevers. It wasn't easy but we are glad she recovered at once.

 photo bella-hops_zps16e2d87f.jpg

I know that for parents, seeing our kids in pain is the last thing we want to witness because whatever pain they feel, we feel it twice. If only we can, we would choose to take their place so we can take the pain instead of our little ones.

Being in the ER is a heartbreaking moment but of course, we are left with no choice because this is the only way to shoo their boo-boo away. Hence, instead of breaking down in tears, we try to be strong no matter how hard it is. We try to be brave even if we are screaming with fear inside. After all, everything will soon be over and we can see our little ones running around to play again.

50 Super Cute Infant and Toddler Costumes for Ultimate Dress Ups and Parties

costumes for baby and toddlers

There is this time of the year again when we have all the reason to dress up our little ones. As for me, I dress up my daughter just anytime I want. I know parents out there do that too. But most of the time, we would buy them costumes for parties and other events. If they already go to school, we see to it that we get them the best costume that we could for school events.

I have seen so many adorable and delightful costumes from Amazon and I can't help it but to create this huge list for my readers because they deserve this kind of exposure!Lol. You'll understand what I mean once you see the series of costumes for infants and toddlers below.

1. Newborn Monster Costume. What a cute monster! Now tell me who would be scared of a monster like this!

tiger baby costume

2. Infant Tiger Costume. Roar with style and overloaded cuteness in this tiger costume. Instead of running away from the tiger, you'd stay and give him a cuddle!

baby dragon costume

3. Dragon Costume. Looking good in teal and green for a cute little dragon who doesn't blow fire but sweet words.

ladybug costume baby

4. Lady Bug Costume. Your garden will look really pretty if there is a lady bug as cute as this one who stays there.

baby pumpkin costume

5. Punkin Cutie Pie Costume. A pumpkin doesn't have to look scary all the time. Sometimes, it looks this charming!

baby pirate princess costume

6.  Pirate Princess. Ahoy! A pretty pirate that will make you surrender your treasures to her because of her cuteness.

baby pink poodle costume

7. Pink Poodle Costume. How pretty is this poodle in pink and black! Oh I want to hug her!

baby lion costume

8. Noah Ark Lion Cub. Scream with cuteness with a baby lion in soft brown mane.

baby bumble bee cosutme

9. Buzzy Bee Romper Costume. can remember the bee costume my daughter had but this one looks cuter.

super man costume

10. Superman Romper Costume. It is Superman! Yes, you can have your own superhero right in your own home.

baby boy viking costume

11. Baby Boy's Viking. I didn't know that a viking could look as charming as this one!

snow white costume

12. Snow White Costume. This is so far one of the most favorite costumes of little girls. I can't blame them for loving this!

baby frog costume

13. Froggy Infant Costume. Ribbit! A colorful froggy eating a dragonfly. It sounds gross but if you see how it looks like for this costume, it looks very cute!

 baby bat costume

14.Infant Baby Bat Costume. Who would think that a bat could be this sweet?

pink minnie mouse costume

15. Pink Minnie Mouse Infant Costume. Another favorite costume for little girls is this Minnie Mouse outfit.

baby garden gnome costume

16. Garden Gnome. This reminds me of Gnomeo and Juliet movie. Such a cute gnome indeed!

infant flower costume

17. Infant Flower Costume. Oh I'd love to have this flower in my garden! But this doesn't just need sunlight and water but tons and tons of love!

huggable hippo costume

18. Baby Girl's Huggable Hippo. This purple hippo sure is huggable especially with those flowers on her.

Star wars princess leia costume

19. Star Wars Princess Leia Costume, Obsessed with Star Wars? Get this costume for your little girl.

pink baby elephant costume

20. Pink Elephant Infant & Toddler Costume. Dumbo will be surely fall in love with a pink elephant like this. Overloaded with cuteness!

yarn dolly costume

21. Yarn Babies Ragamuffin Dolly Costume, Toddler Dress up your little girl into a dolly. Now you have your own baby alive!

baby wonder woman costume

22. DC Comics Baby Wonder Woman Onesie And Headpiece. Create your own superhero with a this Wonder Woman costume. Special powers? Sweetness and cuteness!

Octupos costume

23. Octopus Tiny Tentacles. I never thought that an octopus can be this adorable!

baby witch costume

24. Lace Witch Toddler Costume. I think you won't ran away if this is the with who will land in your doorstep.

skeleton black costume

25.First Halloween Black Skeleton Costume, Some parents love to dress their babies into skeletons. This one could be a good option but there are other bright colors too like pink.

Olaf costume

26. Disguise Baby's Disney Frozen Olaf Deluxe Toddler Costume. If you love Olad so much, why not let your little one wear this costume?

dinosaur costume

27. Dinosaur Child Costume, Toddler. A winsome dinosaur who won' scare you away but will even make you go near it.

power ranger costume

28. Saban Super MegaForce Power Rangers Red Ranger Toddler Muscle Costume,  Remember the Power Rangers? Pink Ranger was my favorite but what you see here is Red Ranger. It is also available in other colors too.

scooby-doo costume

29. Scooby - Doo Child's Deluxe Scooby Costume, Toddler. This Scooby-Doo costume is a sure win with or without a party!

spiderman costume

30. Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Toddler Muscle Costume,  Look at this boy here. He sure looks like a real super hero with the muscles and all!

disney frozen elsa costume

31. Disney Frozen Elsa Deluxe Costume. If your little girl wears this outfit, you will surely not let her go!

 cowboy costume

32. Cowboy Kid Costume. Hiya! With or without a horse, this cowboy costume totally nailed it!

racoon costume

33. Baby Girl's Sweet Raccoon Toddler Costume. I so love this one! It looks both adorable and sexy. It is also easy to DIY!

 teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Romper Shell and Headpiece. A fan of the TMNT? Well, this is the costume you need.

disney frozen anna costume

35. Disney Frozen Anna Deluxe Costume. For the first time in forever, you can make your child feel like a real princess with this Anna gown.

witch tutu

36. Glitter Witch Costume, Toddler. A toddler version for the witch costume. It sure looks pretty!

pirate costume

37. Ahoy Matey Boy's Costume. If this is the pirate who will get into my ship, I will definitely let hm!

princess pink gown

38. Sparkle Princess Costume. Oh what a pretty princess costume! I love the look of this one. So fashionable!

Winnie the Pooh costume

39. Winnie The Pooh Deluxe Two-Sided Plush Jumpsuit. Going for honey? Just be careful of honeybess Pooh!

Minion costume

40. Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Costume. Babababa-bababanana! Sing that and all as you mimic the look of the famous Minions.

 Monster Toddler costume

41. Baby Girl's Polka Dot Monster Toddler Costume. I love the colors of this one especially that the monster gets to wear a tutu skirt!

Doc Mcstuffins costume

42.Disney Doc Mcstuffins Tutu Deluxe Toddler Costume. The Doc is in! Give them the feeling of being Doc and let them fix all the toys they want so they can get all the fun they deserve!

Pirate Princess costume

43. Baby Girl's Toddler Girl High Seas Buccaneer Costume. This pirate costume is very pretty. Now that fits a Pirate Princess!

Care bears costume

44. Care Bears Wonderheart Bear Deluxe Costume. Carebars are really sweet! If you let your little one wear this, you'd feel like you have your own real life bear to hug.

Butterlfy Ballerina costume

45. Blue Ballerina Buttlerfly Toddler Costume. If your little girl wants to look fab with wings, then could be a good option.

Mickey Mouse Costume

46. Mickey Mouse Deluxe Costume. And of course, one of the favorite costumes, Mickey Mouse!

The Flinstones Costume

47. Rubies The Flintstones Bamm Bamm Complete Costume, I actually did not think of a Flinstone costume but this one looks really nice.

Clown Toddler Costume

48. Rasta Imposta Clown Boy. A colorful clown costume that will add fun to your kid's party and dress up time.

Iron Man Costume

49. Marvel Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Boys Classic Muscle Costume. This sure looks like a real super hero! Iron Man is coming to save the day.

Nemo Costume

50. Nemo Halloween Costume (Size: 4T). You don't have to go far to look for Nemo because he cold be right there beside you.

What a list! It's kind of hard to choose which one to put on our little ones because they all look cute. I personally want that pirate costume and elephant costume for Bella. Can you tell us what costume is your favorite?

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