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Friday, December 19, 2014

Thing to Consider in Buying a Property

things to consider a buying a property

A house is a necessity for us all for it would be comfortable for the family to be able to have our own homes where we can feel secure from any harm especially from intense heat and rain. In choosing a house there are various considerations that we need to make. It may include the location of the house, number of family members, the needs of the family and of course, the budget. So, if you are planning to buy a new house, here are some things that you need to consider:

1. Budget. How much is your budget for a house? If you have an allocated amount, it would be easier for you to look for a place to stay. You can check homes that are below your budget, just right for the budget and those that a little above the budget. This way, you can get the best home without spending too much. Always assess all the financial burdens before diving into buying a home. Also decide on how you plan to pay for the house.

2. Location. Is the location near the school or your office? Are there convenience stores nearby or pharmacies maybe? Is the neighborhood safe and secure? Make sure to check the place before you buy the house. You can try visiting the area day and night so you can see the goings-on in the place that you intend to stay.

3. House Design. Of course, you want your house to be beautiful and presentable. Look at the design of the house if it suits your taste. Check the interior too. Check how many rooms are there and if the layout is perfect and functional for the family. You may also consider renovations and additions to the home too if you have the budget.

Make sure that you inspect the existing home before you finally purchase it. Check for possible repairs and renovations too because this will also be part of your budget. Consider if this would be a home you'd like to live for a lifetime. Because if that is the case, it has to be open to possible changes in the family too.

When you are looking for a home, there are five possible ways for house hunting. You could either check online listings, consult real estate agents, word of mouth, newspaper listings and real estate fairs. In the US, 90 percent of house hunters find a place through the internet because it is easier and less time consuming with a huge number of choices. But in Asia, there is a lesser percentage of people who use the internet to look for homes.

 photo Internet-Penetration-in-Asia_zps131bf45d.jpg

Property Market Study in the Philippines

In the Philippines, not a huge percentage of people are into online transactions when we speak of properties for fear of scams and frauds. But we do check available properties online too. Many sellers and developers went online to market and showcase properties. One website that we can check on available properties in the country is Lamudi.


Global property website Lamudi conducted a comprehensive overview of the property sector in 16 emerging countries that included the Philippines. It was based on an online survey conducted with house-hunters and real estate agents. The research aimed to assess the habits of online property seekers.

One of the primary consideration for Filipinos in choosing a property is the price. Some people consider it as their investment while 72% wants the security of owning their own home. It would really be nice to be able to live in our own homes without worrying about rentals and other rental concerns. From the research, they found out that 60 percent of renters leased their homes due to cost constraints. 

 photo Buying-Property_zps8b6f418c.jpg

As different natural catastrophes came to the country like the Super Typhoon Haiyan, the number of families who opted to purchase properties increased to 7.2% which could be a manifestation that people want more secured and safe homes. As for agents and brokers, more than 90 percent of them think of there will be a positive response in the market for the next 12 months.

There is a great chance for growth in the real estate industry. It was cited by Jose Romarx Salas, Head of Research and Consulting at Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services that the key challenge of the Philippine property market is to find enough land to accommodate the development. There will be lots of development in the country too in terms of real estate and housing. Below is a graphic presentation of the most popular locations for properties in Metro Manila.

 photo Popular-Property-Locations-in-Metro-Manila_zps70c60a69.jpg

Well, whether you are in the Philippines or in the USA or wherever you are in the world, the three important things to consider in buying a home would be the same. If you look carefully in these three things, you will never go wrong and you will be able to get your dream home.

The above study of the property market could also be of help to you.

Image Credit: World Property Journal

Monday, December 15, 2014

For the Love of Flowers: 9 New Autumnal Collections of Bouquets

I know that most of of love flowers. They look beautiful when they are just grown but once they are creatively arranged with other flowers, they look even lovelier. We have here a guest post that tells us something about autumnal bouquets. 


 photo flowers_zpsa9b6e7d6.jpg

It’s autumn, which means that the leaves are crisping up and the flowers and flora are preparing themselves for a nice cool change to come. The delicate flowers, the ones that and the more sensitive blooms are going to be on hiatus for a few months to come, so while they’re doing their thing you can take advantage of some of the more awesome flowers like the bulbs and below-ground dwellers. These are the flowers that really shine in the colder weather, so while it’s cool you should take advantage of these once a year beauties! If you’re looking to buy them in season you’d do well to know which ones grow in the autumn too, so if you feel like growing them yourself you can.

The flowers that you’re going to be getting in the cooler months are as follows:

Salvias are the first on the list. These little babies are usually very easy to cultivate, growing quickly and flowering readily, so there’s not much waiting around for the performance to begin. Once you’ve got them in your garden you’ll be blessed with a whole range of awesome blooms that last for a while, so they’re really worth their while.

Echinacea is next up. Not only a herb that’s credited with being awesome for you, there’s also some excellent flowers to be had from the plan. In the garden you’ll find that the flowers are excellent attracting butterflies, bees and other beautiful flying insects to the garden. As well as this, the Echinacea flowers are also very good for cutting and using in the home.

Third on the list is the camellia plant. The beautiful camellia flower is synonymous with the very beginning of autumn. As well as signalling the start of autumn, the camellia grows very well in part shade, and so it well suited to a garden bed that is only getting morning or afternoon sun. You can grow this one as a colourful hedge, feature plant or pot plant.

Hibiscus is an awesome addition to the bouquet you can grow and use. If you can find a warm and sheltered spot you’ll find that these beautiful blooms make a lovely addition to any bouquet. Hibiscus is the flower that keeps on giving.

Tibouchina are a bloom that flowers very heavily at any time during spring and autumn, or basically when the weather is a little bit cooler. You should choose a spot in your garden that takes advantage of the heavy flowering, so that you can take the most advantage of the spots.

Gordonia will see you experiencing some excellent flowers throughout the months of autumn. The beautiful flowers of the Gordonia will stand out against the dark leaves of the plant, and will also give you double value when the flowers fall, because they lie in a circle around the plant and look extra pretty.

Chrysanthemum are also a delightful addition to your garden, with a range of colours giving you bold splashes of colour to inject some autumn life into your garden. These flowers are perfect for your garden in late summer, and also in autumn. 

No matter what you choose for your garden, or for your bouquet, remember that autumn flowers are just as satisfying and beautiful as any other kind of spring or summer flower, and you’re well placed to choose some beautiful blooms with the right guidance. This is just a handy snippet of the ways in which you can choose the best flowers from the beast florists such as Fresh Flowers for your autumn needs.  


I guess you learned a lot from this post today. Well, some information is new to me too. It is just amazing that these flowers can look even more gorgeous when artistically placed together. What can you say about autumnal bouquets?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Couples Have Trouble Conceiving

trouble conceiving

Yes, not all people could easily conceive and have a baby. Others undergo a hard experience in order to have a child.  According to, 10% of couples have trouble conceiving. Some would take medicines and others will even go beyond medicines and try doing some rituals too. I have heard of couples who would dance to a certain saint so they will be given a child. Others would offer something or would sacrifice something to get what they have wanted for a long time.

I know some people who are having problems like this. They have consulted the help of doctors and even quack doctors. But until now, they do not have a child yet. But still, they never lose hope. God knows the perfect time for a couple to have a child. Maybe it isn't the right time for them yet. I know that with prayers, they will be able to have a child.

I have written something about Maternity fashion and about 10% of couples that have trouble conceiving on the other blog Dash de Petites. Go ahead and check it out!

Image Source:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Make Your Loved One Happy With the Taiwan Excellence Contest!

 photo cover-taiwan_zps65038df6.jpg

Anytime of the year, we can give gifts to other people to show our appreciate of what they have done for us or just to let them know they are special. But most people would offer gifts during the holiday season. This is again the time of the year where people give and exchange gifts. Have you prepared your shopping list? Well, you can shop early now and for sure you will be happy with this news I am going to share with you.

Aside from gift giving, there are also many events and promos held by different companies just like what the Taiwan Excellence have for us. With the high-quality products they have, they will be choosing ten winners to receive some Taiwan Excellence product this holiday season. There will also be one lucky winner who will personally receive the gift from the Taiwan Excellence Celebrity Endorser for the Philippines, Iya Villania-Arellano.

 photo photo_zps59bb03b3.jpg

If you are not aware yet, Taiwanese brands that received the seal of excellence include Acer, Asus, BenQ and MSI for ICT gadgets, Pacific, Strida and Tern for bicycles, SYM and KYMCO for motorcycle, Miacare and Microlife for health and medical products,  and HCG, Teco, Tatung and Sakura for home and living products. The brands and products mentioned are known worldwide for their reliability and innovative design.

So, how do you join this promo from Taiwan Excellence? Here is a simple guide for you:

1.  Go to
2.  Register on the website. Make sure the information you give is correct.
3. Select a Taiwan Excellence gift for your loved ones.
4. Upload your photo.
5. State the reason you want to give your Taiwan Excellence gift to your selected recipient.

And your all done.  You do not have to purchase anything in order to enter and win the contest. The Taiwan Excellence - Made to Enjoy Christmas Contest runs from September 28, 2014 until November 23, 2014. You can also share the contest to your family and friends. That why, you are not just sharing a good news but some love!

 photo photo_2_zps792b9265.jpg

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang PH.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation + Paper Dolls! Join the #LalaPJParty!

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

I know everyone is excited to join the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party! We are excited too. Lalaloopsy's World's Largest PJ Party will be held on November 15th from 7-10 ET (4-7PT).  There will be live tweeting ( and Facebook posting ( from the event. All of the readers can join the fun using the hashtag #LalaPJParty.

You can win prizes, answer trivia questions & have the chance to enjoy all the Lalaloopsy activities. You can also have your own Lalaloopsy Pajama Party if you want. Be part of this attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most slumber party participants in multiple locations. The current record is 34,000 girls.  If we all do this together, we can smash the record while having fun at the same time!

How to Join the Party

Here is a quick graphic to give you details of the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

A DIY Pajama Party Invitation

So, if you are also holding your own Lalaloopsy Pajama Party in your homes or in a hotel, then, you might be needing some invitations for the party. And I have made a printable that you can use for your invitations. I left the details blank so you can still use it on other times when you decide to have a Lalaloopsy Pajama Party. This invitation comes with a Lalaloopsy Girl Paperdoll. 

On one side are the details of the party and on the other side is a bed-like design with a pillow and blanket. The paperdoll is slipped inside the blanket. This way, you can enjoy playing with these paperdolls during the party especially if you don't have a Lalaloopsy Girls doll yet like us. Lol.

So, this is how the invitation looks like. On the other side, you will see the blanket, pillow and cloud tag. You will cut this three and paste it at the back of the invitation.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation

And here are the Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls. Wait! These aren't the ones you will use for the printing. Headover to my deviantart profile to download the invitation and the paperdolls as well.

Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls

The Lalaloopsy Girls paper dolls are just simple. Just the images of the dolls in pajamas with added stands. You can see labels on each base where you are going to cut and slip the stands that go with the printable.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation and Paperdolls

Print everything on a board paper or anything that is thicker and sturdier. Forgive me because I ran out of white board paper and all that was left was yellow. So I just printed on white bondpaper and glued them on the yellow boardpaper. In the photo, you will see the front of the invitation and paperdoll Mittens with her pet Polar Bear.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

On the other side, you would need the three pieces that you will cut from the printables. Fold on the flaps of the blanket and glue them on the board paper. This way, you are making something like an envelope.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation and Paperdolls

The cloud tag will bear the name of the reciever of the invitation. Then glue it on the blanket. This would look better if you use a thick double adhesive for a three dimensional look.

Pajama Party Invitation

Then place your paperdoll including the stand inside the blanket. You now have an invitation and paperdoll in one!

Your invitation is now ready! For sure, special people who are invited for the party are happy and excited to come to your Lalaloopsy Pajama Party. I know you can make better invitations because mine was just printed on paper. Lol.

What to Wear to the Party

Of course, we want to look Lala-lovely during the party. So, here are some pajamas and slippers that you can wear not just during a pajama party but even on other times too. Your fave Lalaloopsy character are printed on them. Make sure that the pjs are of the right size too.

Lalaloopsy Pajamas

1. Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles 4 Piece Mix/Match PJ Set for girls 2. LalaLoopsy Toddler Girl's Purple Doll Nightgown (2T) 3. Lalaloopsy Blanket Sleeper Pajama Toddler Girl Size 2T 3T 4. Lalaloopsy Girls Jewel Sparkles Nightgown & Hair Tie 5. Lalaloopsy Toddler Girl 4 PC Pajama Set 6. Lalaloopsy Girls' Peppy Pom Poms 2 Piece Shirt & Pants Pajama Set 7. Lalaloopsy Cloud E. Sky Girls' 4 Piece Pajama Set 8. Lalaloopsy Girls Scuff Slippers LLSCUFF

And when you get your pretty Lalaloopsy pajamas, don't forget to pair them with some scuff slippers that are totally adorable! So now, you are ready for the party!

Other Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Printables

You can also download some fun graphics to print for the party. And you can download them here.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party


And don't forget to download the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation and Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls too! So, I guess we are ready now? See you all on the 15th of November and let us break the Guinness World Record! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Best of Taiwan Products With the Seal of Excellence in PH

Every time we go shopping or we buy some stuff that we need, there are two things that we always put in mind: quality and price. We make sure that all the items we buy are of high quality while making sure that the price doesn't exceed our budget. This way, we are certain that our expenses are worth it and that what we bought will last long. Yes, the seal of excellence is very much important for all the items we buy. This even explains why most people prefer to buy those that are branded because they are assured of the quality.

As a matter of fact, some even prefer to buy imported products with the thought that these have excellent quality. But we also have to bear in mind that not all imported items are of good quality. With this, Taiwan, through its Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), has organized and implemented a campaign that would help us Filipinos to identify which products are the best.

 photo Excellent_Lifestyles_in_Philippines_logo_V_zps65248521.jpg

The Taiwan Excellence Award

Taiwan Excellence is a campaign that recognizes high-quality Taiwanese brands, guaranteeing their superior quality and value. In order to qualify to this award, a certain product undergoes rigorous screening process by an international panel of judges to see to it that they could pass the highest standard.

Most of the products that we use from the categories of consumer and business IT, fashion, arts and culture, sports, education, transportation, and others could be part of the campaign as long as they are Taiwan based. The products are then rated based on its R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Only products that meet the standards and pass the evaluation will be given the Taiwan Excellence Seal.  Aside from that, Silver and Gold Awards were given to selected products. There will be thirty winners wherein only ten could receive the Gold Award and the remaining finalists will receive the Silver Award.

Excellent Lifestyle for Filipino Consumers

We are very happy that the products with the seal of excellence can be purchased in the Philippines. Those products includes the brands iAcer, Asus, BenQ, Draytek, HCG, KingCom, KW Trio, Kymco, MSI, Silicon Power, Sym, Transcend, and others. These were part of the 56 excellent brands under the Taiwan Excellence campaign that they launched in the country this 2014. For sure, we no longer just settle for Taiwan products that aren't of assured quality because we already know that only those with the seal are the best among the rest.

With the theme,  “Excellent Lifestyle” the campaign could help the Filipino consumers to purchase products wisely. Doing this will allow us to get excellent products that will help us in our daily activities both in the home and in the office.

Also, this will give a better perspective to the consumers about Taiwan products. With the Taiwan Excellence, buying will be easier and we could make educated purchases that we will be happy about. 

 photo Organized_Implemented_New_zps6ad63d9e.jpg

Brief History of Taiwan Excellence

 photo history_zps208ecead.jpg

So, the next time you buy products from Taiwan, don't forget to look for the seal of excellence. Be a smart buyer!

Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Add Social Media Buttons on the Sidebar

how to add social media buttons

If you are currently working on your blog design or you are thinking of adding some social media buttons on the sidebar of your blogger blog, then this is the tutorial you are looking for.

I also wanted to change the social media buttons in my blog but I didn't have the time to do it. If you fear of tweaking things on your blog, don't be because adding social media buttons isn't as hard as you think it is. You don't have to mess up with your template too because we will just add a gadget for this one. So, no fear at all. Here is the how to:

1. Look for beautiful social media icons for free download. You can search that in Pinterest or even in Google. For the ones I used for my blog, I got it from Verve and Sass while the icons above are from Lil Blue Boo.

social media icons

2. After you download the icon, upload it to whatever you use to store/ host your photos like Photobucket or Imageshack. I use Photobucket for my images. Upload each photo to it.

3. Then copy this code to a notepad or to a word document:

<!--social media icons--->

<a href="RSS FEED URL" target="_blank">
<img src="RSS FEED ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt="youtubeicon"/ ></a>

<a href="FACEBOOK URL" target="_blank">
<img src="FACEBOOK ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt=" facebookicon"/  ></a>

<a href="TWITTER URL" target="_blank">
<img src="TWITTER ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt=" twittericon"/ ></a>

<a href="PINTEREST URL" target="_blank">
<img src="PINTEREST ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt=" pinteresticon"/ ></a>

<a href="GOOGLE PLUS URL" target="_blank">
<img src="GOOGLE PLUS ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt=" googleplus icon"/  ></a>

<a href="INSTAGRAM URL" target="_blank">
<img src="INSTAGRAM ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt="instagramicon"/ ></a>

<a href="BLOGLOVIN' URL" target="_blank">
<img src="BLOGLOVIN' ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt=" youtubeicon"/ ></a>

<a href="TUMBLR URL" target="_blank">
<img src="TUMBLR ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL" width=55px border="0"
alt="tumblricon"/ ></a>

<a href="mailto:EMAIL ADDRESS">
<img src="EMAIL ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL"  width=55px
alt="Click to email me" ></a>

4. Change those in all caps. For example, change FACEBOOK URL to the link of your own Facebook Page. In my case it is Then look for the direct image url you uploaded. It has to be a .png file to make sure that there isn't any background. In my case, the direct url is I will change the FACEBOOK ICON DIRECT IMAGE URL to that link. So, the final look of my html code for the Facebook icon is like this:

how to add social media buttons

Do this to every URL and icon in the code.

About the width, you can change it if you want to depending on the size of your sidebar. If it looks big, then try a smaller value like 42px.

5. Once you are done with all the codes, go to your Blogger account. Then go to Layout>Add Gadget>HTML. Paste the code above and then Save. Place it on the area where you want the social media buttons to appear.

how to add social media buttons

6. Check your blog and your new social media buttons are there!

how to add social media buttons

This is my first ever tutorial! Wooot!! I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have questions, feel free to leavee that in the comment section below. And if there is something that you want me to write about, lemme know.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Is It Easier to Believe in Lies?

Why is it hard for you to trust?

Why is it hard for you to believe?

Why do you have to listen to those who are saying negative things about me?

What else do I have to do to prove that I am not doing anything wrong?

It is indeed true that you cannot convince a person who has already convinced himself. No matter how you try to inculcate the truth to him, he would cling to whatever he believes in. Even if he tells you he believes you one time, the truth is, he doesn't. He is just saying that to put an end to the story. The next time around, he would tell you those things over and over again.

It is hard to prove yourself to someone who won't believe you. The feeling of being accused of something you did not do, didn't think of doing and wouldn't even try to do is more than heartbreaking. It is like you want to escape from the chains and balls locked around your hands and feet because you know you are clean and innocent.

Now I know how bad it feels to be imprisoned with lies and to be locked up because of false accusations. Now I know how bad it feels when that person you want to belive you doesn't even try to consider your explanations. It makes me numb. It makes me helpless.

There is nothing else to say. There is nothing left to do because I have done everything. I'd rather be labeled a liar while telling the truth than pretend to tell the truth while telling a lie. So I stand on my words. Nothing is going to change because what my mouth utters are realism.

lies truth quote

It is okay if other people look at me negatively. What is important is how I look at myself because as long as I know I am clean and I am not doing anything filthy, I know I can walk the streets with head high and chin up.

All I know is that I hate liars and so I'm not and will never be a liar.

And all I know is that, it is easier for people to believe in lies than listen to the truth.

Attipas Shoes: Fashionable and Comfy Footwear for Little Ones

Attipas Shoes

I was excited  to get hold of the Attipas shoes for review. But aside from this opportunity to review it as sponsored by the Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I was more excited to see what design would come to our doorstep and how it would look on my little love. When the package arrived, we were in the hospital. Of course, hubby brought the package to the hospital because he knew Bella would be happy to see it. And we were right.

She was happy to see her "beautiful shoes" and started walking even if she still had an IV on her. Aside from walking, the pair of shoes also became her motivation to take her medicines because we would tell her that we will give the shoes to another baby if she won't take her meds. She didn't want to lose the shoes so she would consume her medicine. Good job Attipas Shoes! You didn't just made my girl happy but you even motivated her to take her medicine. Lol!

But we were not able to take good pictures of her wearing the shoes because you know, we were more concerned about her condition. So, that explains why this post is late (and the snail internet connection too which is still a result of Yolanda). When we were discharged from the hospital after a week, she wanted to go to the mall at once. I didn't approve of the idea but my father brought us to the mall because that is what grandfathers do- just give what their granddaughter wants.

Attipas Shoes

While in the mall, she wore her Attipas shoes. People were looking at her because aside from her lace romper, she was wearing a pretty pair of shoes that isn't found in the mall. And of course, she still have that cotton taped on her hand- an evidence that she just came from the hospital.

Finally, A Picture Perfect

Days after when she was feeling a lot better, I dressed her up for a pictorial in our bedroom. Lol! I want to bring her outside because I know the shoes would look great with the fresh green grass and all. But the weather wasn't good and so we stayed in the bedroom and I took her photos wearing her Attipas Shoes, her fave ballerina attire and her flower crown.

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes Girl

The shoes looked good on her but aside from being beautiful, it is comfortable and she moves like she is on barefoot. I love the way it fits on her and how she can walk, run, jump and move without any worries because the shoes are so light.

Attipas Shoes

Fairy Attipas Shoes

The Attipas Shoes

What we got is the Corsage, XL in size. It has a beautiful pink flower design in front of it. The materials used for the shoes are obviously of high quality. The flowers dont' rip or fray.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sock is soft and comfy for the feet since it is made from cotton. It is also fits well to the feet of my baby. This will not make parents worry about loose shoes that might fall off when the toddler is running. No matter what movement they do, the shoes are there to stay.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sole is made of non-slip thermoplasticrubber material. It makes walking easy whether it is a ceramic tiled flooring, a soft soil and others. You won't worry about any parts of it getting damaged because the entire shoes is well-made. No doubt, it has a high quality materials.

Attipas Shoes Review

So, if you want the perfect comfy and fashionable pair of shoes for your little ones, Attipas Shoes is the perfect choice! You can choose from a wide variety of designs that will fit to the personality and outfit of your kids. I'm sure that if you see the different designs, you'd fall in love with it in an instant just like how I felt when I saw Attipas shoes.

Where to Get Attipas Shoes

Attipas shoes
I'm sure you want this shoe for your little one. Sizes are available from age 0-3. You can always check the Attipas Facebook Page where you can get updates as to where the shoes can be bought. Also, I found out that they are also available in Lazada PH for easy shopping online! And this means you can get an Attipas shoe for your kids anytime you want to.

Disclaimer: I received the Attipas shoes through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines for review but all opinions are mine, honest and original.