Friday, August 16, 2013

What If Disney Princesses Were On Instagram

I found this from Bforbel and it is so cute and funny that I wanted to share this to my readers! This shows how Disney Princesses would use Instagram. I love the photos as well as the photo comments on it. Check this out:

So, what can you say about this? People really are creative especially for making something like this about the Disney Princesses! Original story is from Bforbel.

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You just have to read the running comments on each and then it's funny.

I love this - it's so accurate...especially the ones where Tiana's making bingnets and the Snow White selfie!

These are so awesome! My favorite was Pocahontas :) Hilarious!

Thank you for sharing!

that is hilarious :) thanks for the laugh

SO funny! Those comments are hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing :)

These are so funny! Thanks for sharing.

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