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Guest Post: How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy When Decorating a New Home

8:31:00 PM

I am busy these days that is why I wasn't to share new things on the blog. But I do have a long list of topics to post here. Today, I'll merely share with you a guest post I have written for The Pierogie Mama entitled "How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy When Decorating a New Home". Bianca, the author of the blog is currently working on her new home since they just moved in. So, I thought of something that she can also help her.

Many of us are having headaches on what to do with a new home especially when we talk about decorating. I have given 8 tips about it which includes:

1.   Clean your old and new house.
2.    Be organized when packing.
3.    Assess your new home.
4.    Plan well.
5.    Mix and match furniture.
6.    Create coherence with colors.
7.    Liven up your wall.
8.    Repair and revamp.

You can read more about the tips on How Not to Drive Yourself Crazy When Decorating a New Home in Pierogie Mama. Hugs for Bianca for this guest post opportunity!

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3 (mga) komento

  1. Hi! Visiting from Blogging Mamas. Good luck on your guest post!

  2. I can definitely use this advice. We're on the minimalist side, but even so we lived for years with bare walls. Heading over to read your post :)

  3. Great tips!! I definitely agree with taking the time to plan well.


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