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DIY Craft: 20 Rainbow Loom Band Bracelet Tutorials + 15 Creative Ideas

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The trend these days for teens, kids and even for adults is the Rainbow Loom Bands. At first, I actually didn't mind these bands because I look at it as ordinary things. I have tried making bracelets using looms but with a yarn. I got curious when I realized that these colorful bands can actually be turned into stunning bracelets. I have collated some tutorials for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy this!

loom band bracelet ideas

1. Minnie Mouse Bracelet | 2. The Arrow Stitch | 3. Name Bracelet | 4. The Kaleidoscope | 5. Granny Square | 6. Bouquet Bracelet | 7. Beaded Flower | 8. Heart Char Bracelet | 9. Double-Starburst-Rainbow-Loom-Bracelet| 10. Owl Charm Bracelet| 11. Double Sided Bracelet | 12. Stretch Bracelet | 13.  Double Bead Ladder Bracelet 14. Ladder Bracelet 15. Diamond with Rings | 16. Ziagonal | 17. Classy Chain Bracelet  | 18. Rubber Band Bracelet | 19. Illusion Bracelet | 20. Carnation

Aside from bracelets, you can also make many other stuffs from these loom bands. I didn't know that even charms can be made using rubber bands! Amazing!

Loom Band Ideas

Enjoy making your loom bands!

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Its good to know that you could do all this DIY crafts using rainbow loom band. Number 18 is super cute! :) Thanks for sharing Sis:)

Loom bands is everywhere and I am so excited to join the craze hehe... I'll buy a box on Sunday in Divisoria and will try to make colorful loom bands.

Mommy Maye

Rainbow loom has truly invaded the market today! My pamangkins are into it and I was somewhat amazed to find out that is was a bit expensive. But it's also good to keep them quiet and their minds creative!

Wow, so beautiful! My ladies here in the hospital are also making these... I got attracted to it because this could be used for the Breast wellness awareness with pink and white bands!

Hey Thats Awesome To see the braclets i am in love with them now Thanks for sharing and you are awesome

Wow beautiful. I am loving pink bracelet. Its really great. xxx

Those bands are looking so cute,I found so many girls wearing such bands in my workplace.

Wow! I love your ideas. It is cheap and the one you love will be happy to have that because you did it with effort. I'm going to make one. Thanks for helpful post.

I saw a lot of bracelets like this for sale and a lot of people wearing them, I didn't know they were called "Rainbow looms". :) They look so pretty no wonder they are so popular.

These are so cute and colourful!

My niece loves to do loom bands, I'll share this to her.

Aww this is sooo cute.. I love bands though i dont wear it these days

Ooh these tutorials are super cute, I should try them with my niece, she'll love it!

That's a lot of great ideas Kareen! It is so popular now that most of my newsfeed is rainbow loom creations. Love the feet accessory on the first photo collection!

This is like one of the most popular stuff recently! Rubber band craze! Even in Singapore!

Wow, these are super cute - its been awhile since I made one, hahA!

My girls would love the bracelet with the bead flowers. I will have to show my son what the beads are used for. All of the bracelets are so cute though.

We have boxes full of loom bands and no ideas on what to make. This came around just in time! I love all of them can't wait to try. thanks!

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