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DIY Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation + Paper Dolls! Join the #LalaPJParty!

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

I know everyone is excited to join the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party! We are excited too. Lalaloopsy's World's Largest PJ Party will be held on November 15th from 7-10 ET (4-7PT).  There will be live tweeting ( and Facebook posting ( from the event. All of the readers can join the fun using the hashtag #LalaPJParty.

You can win prizes, answer trivia questions & have the chance to enjoy all the Lalaloopsy activities. You can also have your own Lalaloopsy Pajama Party if you want. Be part of this attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most slumber party participants in multiple locations. The current record is 34,000 girls.  If we all do this together, we can smash the record while having fun at the same time!

How to Join the Party

Here is a quick graphic to give you details of the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

A DIY Pajama Party Invitation

So, if you are also holding your own Lalaloopsy Pajama Party in your homes or in a hotel, then, you might be needing some invitations for the party. And I have made a printable that you can use for your invitations. I left the details blank so you can still use it on other times when you decide to have a Lalaloopsy Pajama Party. This invitation comes with a Lalaloopsy Girl Paperdoll. 

On one side are the details of the party and on the other side is a bed-like design with a pillow and blanket. The paperdoll is slipped inside the blanket. This way, you can enjoy playing with these paperdolls during the party especially if you don't have a Lalaloopsy Girls doll yet like us. Lol.

So, this is how the invitation looks like. On the other side, you will see the blanket, pillow and cloud tag. You will cut this three and paste it at the back of the invitation.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation

And here are the Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls. Wait! These aren't the ones you will use for the printing. Headover to my deviantart profile to download the invitation and the paperdolls as well.

Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls

The Lalaloopsy Girls paper dolls are just simple. Just the images of the dolls in pajamas with added stands. You can see labels on each base where you are going to cut and slip the stands that go with the printable.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation and Paperdolls

Print everything on a board paper or anything that is thicker and sturdier. Forgive me because I ran out of white board paper and all that was left was yellow. So I just printed on white bondpaper and glued them on the yellow boardpaper. In the photo, you will see the front of the invitation and paperdoll Mittens with her pet Polar Bear.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party

On the other side, you would need the three pieces that you will cut from the printables. Fold on the flaps of the blanket and glue them on the board paper. This way, you are making something like an envelope.

The cloud tag will bear the name of the reciever of the invitation. Then glue it on the blanket. This would look better if you use a thick double adhesive for a three dimensional look.

Then place your paperdoll including the stand inside the blanket. You now have an invitation and paperdoll in one!

Your invitation is now ready! For sure, special people who are invited for the party are happy and excited to come to your Lalaloopsy Pajama Party. I know you can make better invitations because mine was just printed on paper. Lol.

What to Wear to the Party

Of course, we want to look Lala-lovely during the party. So, here are some pajamas and slippers that you can wear not just during a pajama party but even on other times too. Your fave Lalaloopsy character are printed on them. Make sure that the pjs are of the right size too.

1. Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles 4 Piece Mix/Match PJ Set for girls 2. LalaLoopsy Toddler Girl's Purple Doll Nightgown (2T) 3. Lalaloopsy Blanket Sleeper Pajama Toddler Girl Size 2T 3T 4. Lalaloopsy Girls Jewel Sparkles Nightgown & Hair Tie 5. Lalaloopsy Toddler Girl 4 PC Pajama Set 6. Lalaloopsy Girls' Peppy Pom Poms 2 Piece Shirt & Pants Pajama Set 7. Lalaloopsy Cloud E. Sky Girls' 4 Piece Pajama Set 8. Lalaloopsy Girls Scuff Slippers LLSCUFF

And when you get your pretty Lalaloopsy pajamas, don't forget to pair them with some scuff slippers that are totally adorable! So now, you are ready for the party!

Other Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Printables

You can also download some fun graphics to print for the party. And you can download them here.

Lalaloopsy Pajama Party


And don't forget to download the Lalaloopsy Pajama Party Invitation and Lalaloopsy Girls Paperdolls too! So, I guess we are ready now? See you all on the 15th of November and let us break the Guinness World Record! 

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Ooohhhh!!! I love those invites! I can't wait to co-host a pajama party with my little girl.

If only I have a daughter, I'm sure I will join this kind of event. I have no idea about lalaloopsy before, I only saw this toy last year when I visited my nieces.

Trains, fire engines, dump trucks are my son's favorite toys! This Lalaloopsy Pajama Party gave me an idea. A "train" party with my friends' kids will definitely be a hit with my son. Who said, we need to wait for our kids' birthday to throw a party? Thanks for this post!

Wow! This sounds like a lot of fun! My daughter doesn't know Lalaloopsy yet. But I think a party like this would be a brilliant way to introduce them to each other, heehee. :) Thank you for sharing.

Lalaloopsy is so cute indeed tapos may complete party details pa :) Kaso my daughter always wanted Princess Sophia and barbie :(

This is nice! I have a boy so we have vehicles and animals as is favorites! Would be so nice to organize a girl's party with this theme.

Nice! Now I wish I had a girl! hehe The pajamas are so cute!

how creative! i don't have a baby girl but i'm sure even my little boys will be fascinated to see a party in Lalloopsie theme from among their friends. :)

This made me want to have a party themed after this! This is really cute. I bet the girls will love this!

How cute! I can't wait till my little girl is old enough to do this. Good luck on breaking the record!

Awesome event! I hope you make a record that's difficult to break!

I would not be able to attend this spectacular event but wish you lots of luck for breaking the World Guiness record for a pajama party. I love the whole concept and the idea definitely got me intrigued!

Omg this is so cute! I wish I have this when I was younger!

well I love the idea of this pajama party,never went on such things ever before.Hahaha..quite funny and cute too.

Great event to join in. How I wish I have little daughters.

Is Lalaloopsy a very popular thing over there? I had no idea what it was before, but yet again, I'm not married with kids yet! :P

aww, so cute! this sounds like a really fun and adorable event for all little girls.

if only we're near, i would send my nieces and nephew to this event.hehe

Enjoy the party you guys...

Loved your ideas darling. They are so simple and affordable. I will definitely keep them in mind for my niece :)

cute post :p but pink is not my thing tho! have fun ;)

Cutesy invites!! It's too pink though. Lol.

The printables are so cute! If I was much younger, I would love to join this PJ Party. I've been an avid fan of paper dolls during my younger years and I own like a box full of paper dolls bodies & clothes. I would have loved to include this in my collection! Haha!

This is a cool party for girls. I hope you beat the record.

What a fantastic idea - wish I had known about this sooner, although it would not have been bedtime here. My daughter loves Lalaloopsy dolls and Father Christmas will be bringing her some of the mini's for Christmas :) Simone x

This is so adorable! My daughter used to play with Lala Loopsy and she would have loved this!

Pajama party is really fun! However, pink is really not my thing. =p

Never heard of Lala Loopsy even if I have a daughter. I think she will like this. What is the target age of this activity? Good luck on your record!

This sounds like a ton of fun. I'm curious to find out if the world's largest pyjama party was a hit. Update us!

this is such a cute idea! wish i did stuff like this when i was younger

This is so fun! Too bad I read about this too late. How was it? Did you get to break the record?

Sure looks like one fun party that all can enjoy irrespective of age. ..

Wow! This is the first time I've actually heard of Lalaloopsy Pajama Party and the record that needs to be beaten is such huge number. I am still hoping this event will be a successful one. If only I have a little girl, I would also join! Anyway, the invites you have made are really cute. You are very artistic! Thanks for sharing!

Those printables are cute. If you can't find a doll (I heard they sell out fast), kids can have fund with those printables. Was the party a sucess?

so crafty! i love the color combo! its exciting to prepare a themed kids party! pinterest-y! job well done!

Really cute looking invites for a pyjamas party. How was it?

Lalalopsy is one of my daughter's favorite cartoon character. We actually own a DVD and this is great idea for pajama party theme or even a birthday party. Thanks for sharing this great printable invites, Sis:)

Next year, I'll probably consider having a lalaloopsy birthday celebration for my girl. :-)

Soo cute! I was so into girly things when my girls were little. Ngayon with my boy, Spiderman and Marvel Superheroes naman

Nice, lalaloopsy party. My girls are too old to play lalaloopsy na but I find these dolls unique and cute.

I'd love to experience this again though I'm not so young anymore, lol... I remembered having pajama party when i was in high school and my friends and I did so many activities to keep us busy.

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