Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video: Have You Tried Singing on the Fan?

do you wanna build a snowman singing

Singing on the fan? Well, I guess most of us did it. I used to do that too when I was a kid because it is amazing how the voice vibrates while singing on the fan. And I didn't expect that Bella would do the same too.

After the super typhoon Yolanda, there wasn't electricity and we were merely using generator. Hence, only an electric fan was used every time Bella is inside the house. One afternoon, before nap time, she started singing on the fan and I took a video of her. She sang Do You Wanna Build a Snowman which is one of her fave songs from Disney's Frozen.

Well, I know the Frozen fever is no longer that high now. This video was taken during the time of Frozen's release that is why she can memorize the song since she was able to watch the movie many times! So, how about you, have you tried doing this while you were a kid? Or are your kids doing this too?

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I used to this when I was little. The sound of my voice vibrating and resonating across the room is so entertaining to me. Mu daughter have not done this but Im pretty sure she will one day

My brother and I have done this growing up! It was one of the things that we enjoyed doing together.

Not in my own case. We're poor and no electricity at home. However, when I was already grown up and happened to visit the house of my relative, I experienced singing with them facing the turning fan. I did enjoy the vibration of my voice. I did it several times until I got tired or was reprimanded to stop it.

Singing in the fan - oh yeah! I love that activity before! hahaha! Thanks for reminding me of my simple childhood life. :D

Yes, I have done this. My son is now doing this too but he's not singing. He's just saying aaahhhhhhh... Super natutuwa sya, hehe.

I am still doing this and I saw my daughter is doing this also. This is really fun! :D

I used to do this too. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with a good singing voice. hahaha

I don't think that I have every tried that but it must certainly be fun for her doing it.

Tried this a lot of times. And even now, I sometimes do it to entertain and make fun with my kids.

I do, i do! I think most of us did.. and I know that you missed something in your childhood if you did not experience it..haahah

Yes, I did that, too! I sounded like I have a cool vibrato in the voice. Or so I thought. heheh

I did this when I was young. As for my kids I have not seen them doing this yet.

I remembered myself back when I was little kid. I used to do this in front of the fan. The sound changes and I think its so fun. This post bring back my childhood memories. Thanks for sharing Sis

Cute! And this is also the age when the kids are so malleable - she is simply a darling!

I did that too when I was young. My son loves to do that but not singing, more on humming.

Hahaha! So cute! I remember doing that, but instead of singing, I would talk like a robot.

Hahaha I used to do that to...making sounds while in fronts of the electric fan. makes your voice squiggle*

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