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How to DIY a Photo Shoot at Home for Your Little One

DIY Photo Shoot

All of us want our little ones to have their own photo shoot. Just recently, we brought Bella to the studio for a 2x2 ID picture which is a requirement for her ballet class. At the same time, I availed of a portrait package for her. I would show you that too because she was wearing her Lemon Kiss dress.

Doing that reminded me of a photo shoot we had at home when she was just one year old. It was really fun and I don't have to worry about how long it would take and how many shots would there be because everything is free. My aunt borrowed a DSLR camera and she was our official photographer for the day.

It actually isn't easy to take a picture of a one year old who keeps on moving and running and easily gets bored and tired. I actually planned to bring her to a studio but they said it would be hard to do that because my Bella is so hyper and active. We'd all surely end up exhausted without the assurance of getting a lovely shot. So, we decided to do it at home.

Planning to do a photo shoot in your own home? Here are some tips I can give you based on personal experience.

1. First of all, ready your little one's mood. Make sure they are cheerful and in the mood for the shots. We also made sure she wouldn't be intimated or scared with the camera. So, we talked to her about what we are going to do that day.

2. When you think your child is ready, then prepare your props. Aside from that, bring in the blankets! Lol. For our photo shoot, we used white blanket for the backdrop and we let my daughter sit on blankets too. But you can also make your own backdrop as well. You can actually be more prepared by making lovely backdrops.

3. Get ready with the costumes too. If you have some scene in mind, you have to work on that in advance. Well, for our photo shoot, it was just an instant idea and we were not able to prepare well for it. Well, next time we will really get ready. I just used Bella's ladybug onesie, bumble bee swimwear and tutu skirt.

4. See to it that that lighting is right. It was afternoon when we did the shoot and the sun's beams were glaring indoors. So, we needed to look for a spot where it isn't too bright. But the best light to use is natural light, just make sure it isn't too bright. You can also use a curtain to diffuse the light.

5. And then just have fun with the photos! Take as much photos as you can so you can just choose the best ones.

6. Edit the photos. You can choose whatever software you want. That could be Adobe Photoshop or even PicMonkey.

I let Bella change her attire for three times and I guess she was already tired. So I didn't try the fourth one anymore. We decided to just stop it already because you know how kids are. So, here are some photos as a result of our DIY photo shoot.

The advantage of a DIY photo shoot is that you can save a lot of money, you can take all the time you want and your little one would be comfortable doing that in your own home. After what we did, I guess we would do it again. Once I get hold of my own DSLR, for sure Bella would have plenty of portrait photos!

I just didn't have time to edit the photos or change backgrounds. You can clearly see the white blanket lol. But I am happy with how the images turned up to be. How about you , have you tried doing a photo shoot at home?

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Nice! buti cooperative si baby ;) Excited to do one when my Ezra turns a litlle bit older.

She's adorable. That's right, kids get cranky when they get to change several times, 3 times is the maximum, even in a studio, that's the limit. Proven ko yan, haha, mahirap na pangitiin si baby.

Cute baby! DIY is really cheaper. I hope I can do that too with my son.

nice shots. Kami we prefer outdoor photoshoot naman :)

So cute! Good idea po mommy na mag-shoot na lang sa bahay or outdoor na ikaw na lang ang kukuha, mas tipid at mas maraming magagandang shots ang makukuha unlike sa studio limited lang at minsan masungit pa ang staff. ;-)

DIY photoshoot is such a money saver! love how you created everything. It look so neat and pretty and the model is such a cutie.

Cutie patootie! :D I think our baby's mood is the most important thing when taking their pictures. Minsan yan ang pinakachallenging lalo pag medyo off ang mood ni baby. Good job to your little girl! :)

thanks for the tips, photos came out great!

Ganda din pag candid shots, when they're just playing. :)

Love the tips! I wish we were able to do photoshoots when my son was younger, but he only became truly cooperative when he turned 2!

Nice job! You got some really sweet pictures. I'm glad my littlest is 4 now, and much more cooperative than a toddler, lol. :)

Your baby is so adorable! :-) I love taking OOTD photos of my daughter kaya lang madalas nag-aaway muna kami bago ako makakuha ng maayos na shots. Hahaha! Pilya kasi ang daughter ko, lagi siya nagwa-wacky sa photos, hinihintay muna na mapikon ako bago mag-smile ng maayos. :D

So cute! thanks for the tips and sharing the idea! I might do this din kaso my kids are medyo bigger na.

Lovely shots that you managed to capture :)

Just the most beautiful shots that will last a life time. Maybe use at 21st birthday???

Adorable! No need to go on expensive photoshoots. These tips will come in handy!

HI. Great post. I have used a curtain as my backdrop and bought tripods for my DSLR and cellphone cameras... remotes for the cameras come in handy also. I think I will buy more costumes for my little guy as he is becoming a ham! Your Bella is so cute~ Click away

Your girl is so adorable! Thanks for sharing these tips! I'll share these with my mommy friends, too.

I love the last photo. I read somewhere that it would be good to remove all distractions. A plain or printed canvas as a backdrop would really be helpful.

Adorable! My husband and I are also planning to dress up and photograph our future children. Thanks for the tip!

Beautiful job & wonderful tips! I have done photoshoots at home myself and I feel it's not as stressful when you do it yourself; you're on your own time and in your own environment. Some of my favorite photos were done by either my husband or I at home.
Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday!

I love her smile. So cute. Ready for camera ang smile. Sulit ang DIY photoshoot.

We also would love to do photoshoots at home. Di lang namin nagagawa, haha. My niece's baby will be celebrating her first birthday soon and we should take her portraits in time for that. Thanks for the tips, these will be useful.

You did a nice job and Bella's personality came through. I love the photos you took!

Great tips! She looks really cute and lovely at her photos!

Thanks for the tips. I haven't tried photoshoots at home.

It's fun to DIY a photo shoot at home but you really had to ready your child's mood or it won't be successful

ang cute cute ni baby. pwera usog!..

Does food shots at home count? I love her costumes!

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