Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Involving Our Little Loves in the Kitchen

Our little loves are undeniably the greatest treasures we’ll ever have. But just the same, they can be a handful. You’ll probably see them in one room still watching television and the next thing you know, they’ve already conquered your room with all your clothes and make up shattered. But they are our little darlings and we’ve been little tornados too!

There are things that we want we want our kids to learn. One of them is how they can be a part of the kitchen. At first, it will seem way too impossible. Just the thought of allowing them into the kitchen will seem like a nightmare. But calm down mommy… Let’s make it possible. Because who else can be the rightful teacher to lead their way to the kitchen if not you? If it won’t be now, when do you think will be the right time?

kids in the kitchen

It’s fun if you take your little one shopping. It’s a way to get them used to where you go to purchase healthy food. You can talk about the names of the veggies and fruits, the colors… You’ll see how much their eyes will shine knowing that they’re learning new stuff. You may ask them to put some items in the cart or even carry a little shopping bag with them. They love attention. That’s what you’re going to give. Just in a little responsible way.

Bella has mastered her grocery shopping skills. As a matter of fact, she would get whatever she wants even if it is no longer important! Lol. But she knows what she needs, especially the food she wants to eat from biscuits to fruits. Once they get familiar with food and the ingredients you use for cooking, they would surely be excited to help in food preparation and cooking.

You may also start off by letting them in with their kitchen toys. Show them how it’s done with the food preparation. It’s the fun way of “learning by doing”. The next time they already can, you may already let your little love join in with measuring ingredients and show him how to keep it orderly in the kitchen. Don’t be frustrated if they can’t make it right away. We’ve gone through childhood. For sure we weren’t that easy on tasks. (*wink!) Just make sure that when you do this with your little angel, your time isn’t limited. That’s to keep the stress away.

kids help kitchen

Many times, Bella would watch me or my mom cook. I know she is interested in what we are doing because every time we prepare something, she would drag a chair and watch. She would even try to get involved. Well, you can give them tasks in the kitchen too. While making some munchkins, I let Bella roll them on candy sprinkles so that she will feel her involvement in making her fave treats.

Sometimes, I would even let her mix the pancake mixture. But with supervision of course. With this, they will be happy knowing that they were able to help and that they also exerted effort in preparing their favorite food.

So, don't be hesitant to let your kids join you in the kitchen. It would be so much fun. I swear. But of course, let them do the easy tasks. Start by merely letting them hand you the spoon or get some water or something like that. Then as they grow older, give them harder tasks. Nothing is impossible for out little loves.

kitchen kids

You’re a super mom. Believe that you are. It’s always a test in the beginning but the rewards when you see your little love learn his or her way to helping you out, it would definitely be priceless!

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Children love to help out in the kitchen so asking them to do so would be a delight for them. How adorable is that little one! So cute!

My kids LOVE helping in the kitchen. I have 6 so it can be a bit of pain to try to move around them, but it is SO much fun. I think it's great. I never did it with my mom as a kid,and really wish I did! - Jeanine

So dang cute! My little loves feeling involved in the kitchen too. I feel like more of a mes sis made, but totally worth it!

My son loves watching and helping me in the kitchen and when he was 4 to 5 years old he wanted to become a chef.

There are time I allow my son to help me in the kitchen but in minor steps like rolling the dough and adding toppings on cakes and he really loves such activities.

I would like to do this with my son too when he gets a little older. :)

My Little Kulit loves to watch his lola cooking masarap daw kasi magluto lola niya. I don't know how to cook kaya useless me sa kitchen :-)

My kids loves to help in the kitchen, As you said its nice to get out kids involved from shopping, preparing and cooking process. It nice to see them get excited and giggles. Simple task like sprinkles on the cupcakes and stuff. Super cute!

My son loves to join Daddy's baking. He likes rolling and dusting, hehe. I agree that we should let our kids do little house chores and let them involve. I can see my son building his confidence and understanding his responsibility.

That is why I am practicing my stepcousin to fix the table and little by little washing small dishes. Dapat talaga they'll be expose to household chores at an early age cause right now, our HS students lacks initiative in doing related work in school like cleaning the room, mopping, scrubbing the floor or just by simply cleaning up and arranging their desk.

I remember my niece helping my mother to do kitchen works like washing dishes. We just let her do wash 1 plate under our supervision. :)

when i bake, my kids also help me out especially when it's time to "clean up" the hand mixer. they get the remaining chocolate mix lol. it's quite hard and more time-consuming to cook with them but it's worth it.

I am looking forward to do this with my kids too.. :-)

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