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Business Ideas You Can Start with Kids

Do you want to start a business that will allow you to work with kids every day while also helping them run the show and acquire a strong work ethic? Then rest assured that there are many ways to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Business Ideas You Can Start with Kids

Check out some of the business ideas you can start with kids below, and remember that if you aren’t too confident in your abilities to run your own business, you can always attend an online school like Arizona State University to enroll in one of their many online business programs, such as their online bachelors in business.

Pet Sitting and Baby Sitting

Pet Sitting

The traditional job of baby sitting is still very popular amongst responsible teens today. You can start your own business with teens that like being around children, as well as pets, by organizing your own sitting business. As the kids acquire steady clients, they’ll gain more experience and be able to use that experience to grow their client base.

Social Media Consultation

Social Media Consultation

Fellow businesses want to know how to use the power of social media networks today, as it can be challenging to create pages that truly work at generating traffic and increasing conversions. You and your teen can work together to develop a business in which you can work with other small businesses and help them understand how to use social networks, blogs, etc. 

You may be surprised by how well companies pay when they want to access experts in this field. And if your teen is really good at it, they can even offer to not only consult, but also work as a social media manager, to generate an even higher income.

Open an Online Store

Open an Online Store

Do you know kids that have a special artistic talent? Perhaps they’re amazing painters or they can make beautiful jewelry that people want to purchase. Use those skills as an opportunity to open up an e-commerce shop that can be promoted online to generate sales. 

As long as you have the time to create the products, take high quality product photos, and write great product descriptions, you can put everything on your shop and then wait for the sales to come in. Of course, you’ll need to have a marketing plan in place, as well as a method for shipping, taking returns, and conducting customer service too.



If you know kids who love to share their knowledge with others and who are talented in a particular field, whether that’s English, math, science, or even playing a musical instrument, you can start a tutoring business. 

Many students want to learn outside of the classroom, and many students struggle to keep their grades up, so tutors are always in demand. The hourly rate could be quite high for this type of job, and as long as you do well, word of mouth will generate more clients.

These fun business ideas can be executed with the help of smart kids who want to enter the world of business and start working from a young age. Enjoy the process, as you never know just how successful you can be until you try.

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These are great opportunities. Thank you for the share. In dealing with kids, one needs patience though. In tutoring, for instance, we need to be extra patient with the kids as they might not be able to understand in first reading the one we were discussing. It would be best that tutoring be done regularly so the students get to remember the subject matter and also get used to the system.

These are smart ways to do business. Dealing with kids though may need a lot of patience. Love for children is an added factor in order to enjoy the work. I hope others thinking of a job may consider these options.

Sure, the online store could work, doesn't it? Yesterday, my 11 year old boy was showing me how he has made a Minecraft mode and was showing me the Java scripts he coded... and he is 11. So a career in creating games perhaps? A year ago he made a game where a ship flies and hits objects. Anyway, I am digressing. I think it is great that kids be conditioned to think of business. Even more important are the values of money and the need to grow rather than spend. I think what you can do is get one business book and read with your kid. Mine, 10 and 11 years old, are on their fourth Robert Kiyosaki books. They just love reading and keep asking for other books.

These are great ideas!!! My aunty has been wanting to start a business and muy cousin has also been so into the business side of things. Great experience for kids too. ☺☺☺

These are great ideas!!! My aunty has been wanting to start a business and muy cousin has also been so into the business side of things. Great experience for kids too. ☺☺☺

I don't have a kid of my own yet and I'm not married, but I was curious. Anyway, these are lovely ideas to start with kids. I would like to have my kid start his/her own business while young. Its important that he/she sees the value of money and the importance of hard work. -Me-An Clemente of

This is an interesting premise.. I believe kids must be introduced to investing as early as possible. Knowing the value of money, how it is earned and how to double it through hardwork is truly valuable. Me and my kids joined Kiddopreneur before. It is a bazaar especially for kids where they learn to market their products and sell them in actual setting. It was really fun and rewarding for them..

I can attest to tutoring. When I was in highschool and college, I was a piano and violin tutor. My parents didn't have to give me allowance because I was already starting to earn on my own. But aside from earning money, it is also better if kids were taught how to save early.

These are definitely some great ideas. My elder daughter found her allowance she gets from me not enough and she took a step further and decided to do drop ship for certain products and tour packages and she is also making some money online... so this is another tip I can share...

These are great business ideas actually. Some other suggestions here, I totally crossed out like pet sitting because I don't think we have that kind of market here in the Philippines. I do love the idea on Social Media Consultation because that's what I am practically doing. I just need to study more to be an "Expert" in this niche.

These are really great ideas, and to include kids into the process is even better. Etsy stores run by savvy teens are killing it these days. And you're right teens are darn good social media experts. Usually more than their parents! Great ideas, good job.

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