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Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun DIY Pottery Barn Kids Baby Shower Ideas

Family and friends are as excited as parents to be when expecting a new baby. That is why they would exert much effort to throw baby showers. Baby showers are like new beginnings. It is a benchmark of another bright start for couples. Well, we really cannot deny the fact that when someone is expecting a baby, everyone gets the feeling of excitement. The happiness of a couple is contagious. This makes baby shower more fun since everyone is sharing the same joy. I came across Pottery Barn Kids and found some cute baby shower ideas. If you are planning to host one, you will surely be glad to find this because you will not only get an idea on what to do but you will also be given tips, guides and printables that you can use for the baby shower you are hosting. Look into these fun baby shower ideas where you will spend less but enjoy more!

Anchors Away Baby Shower

Nautical baby shower

A nautical themed baby shower with blues and whites. This would be great for your little sailor who is about to come and would even be perfect in an outdoor environment.

Around-The-Clock Baby Shower

clock baby shower

Numbers and clocks are used for this clock baby shower. Well, you think clocks are boring? With this look and the DIY tips you'll get to see for this kind of party, you will surely realize that a clock theme will never be boring. Tick tock tick tock. Time is ticking before baby comes out!

Bundle of Bots Baby Shower

robots baby shower

A robot themed baby shower could be the good way to welcome your little boy into the family. Robots can actually look cute especially with sweets and baby stuff around!

Pink Or Blue? Baby Shower

pink blue baby shower

If you are still unsure if your getting a boy or a girl, why not combine blue and pink for your baby shower? The combination looks perfect for a baby shower.

Storybook Baby Shower

storybook baby shower

Get ready for sweet bedtime stories by having a storybook themed baby shower. Gather books for your little one so you will have remarkable stories to tell.

Sunshine Baby Shower

yellow baby shower

You will have a good time with a sunshine baby shower with tips and printable items from the designer herself. Bring out the sunshine as you prepare to welcome your baby into your lives.

Twin Shower

twin baby shower

For moms-to-be of cutie twins, this shower theme party with polka dots and gingham is a good choice.

Get a complete guide of how to held the above mentioned baby showers from Pottery Barn Kids Baby Showers. You will get DIY tips and printables which you can use for this once in a lifetime event. Make sure that it will be fun-filled so that moms to be will feel totally happy.

Baby showers are indeed exciting with the mere thought the a new baby is coming. But it becomes more exciting when family and friends come to celebrate with you. If you need more guides for your baby shower, you can look into The Everything Baby Shower Book, How To Plan A Baby Shower: Plan the perfect baby shower - checklist, games, ideasand Themed Baby Showers : Mother Goose to Noah's Ark: Hundreds of Creative Shower Ideas. These books are great for those who are eyeing to host an unforgettable baby shower for moms-to-be!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Peek on New Lalaloopsy: Cloud and April

Well, Lalaloopsy lovers out there could have seen these images of a blurry pair of new lalaloopsies seen in an  English Argos catalogue:

new lalaloopsy

Since then Lalaloopsy fans were eager to see these after the release of Alice and Scoops. They have a clearer view now. As a matter of fact, you can already get them. Lalaloopsy Doll, Cloud E Sky and Lalaloopsy Doll, April Sunsplash can already be bought online from Amazon.

new lalaloopsy

Cloud E. Sky

lalaloopsy cloud e sky

Cloud E. is a fair skinned lalaloopsy girl with sky blue button eyes and bright, soft pink blushing cheeks. Her hair is pure white with mostly straight wrap bangs with many curls. Her hair is worn in curly pigtails/buns with a single pale pink bow on the left. She has a silver hao and small white stars near her left eye. She also has wings. Cloud wears a soft pink and white themed dress with princess puff long sleeves ending by her wrist and a semi-transluscent skirt pieces over a puffed skirt. Her shoes are pale pink with white ribbons at the toe and white socks.

A little trivia about Cloud:

The idea behind an angel Lalaloopsy has been suggested by the fanbase countless times, it is unknown if MGA Entertainment used this popular idea or came up with it on their own. Cloud E. is the first Lalaloopsy to use the same eye color of another Lalaloopsy character, Bea Spells-a-Lot.Her pet poodle is a more detailed improvement of Suzette La Sweet's.

Isn't she pretty? She actually look similar to Suzette but this angel Lalaloopsy is really so adorable. Can't wait to get one! 

April Sunsplash

lalaloopsy cloud e sky

April has tan skin and black button eyes. Her hair is yellow, red, and pink and it is in the first Lalaloopsy side ponytail. April also has a red headband. Her dress top is pink and short sleeved with an orange belt. The dress skirt is yellow, orange, red and pink and it looks like an umbrella (sort of). April has purple leggings and green shoes with a little bit of pink at the top and white toes. April's pet is a pink toucan! There is a stripe before it's red beak, and the stripe is yellow.

A little trivia about April:

She is the first Lalaloopsy with a side ponytail.
Although lalaloopsy are American, she and Cloud E Sky were first seen in the English Argos catalogue.

So colorful isn't she? She looks unique with that side ponytail. One look at her would make us think that she really has that lively personality. 

This is so exciting! After the release of Scoops Waffle Cone and Alice in Lalaloopsyland, Cloud and April will be the next lalas on your list. They are actually not yet out in the market. I also wonder how some fellas got them on sale in Amazon..hmmm.

Well, that's all for now. I know there had been so much lala stuff here. But I can't help it! These dolls are just so cute!

Get them here: Lalaloopsy Doll, Cloud E Sky and Lalaloopsy Doll, April Sunsplash

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Credits: Lalaloopsyland Wikia

Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Printable Doll Coloring Pages

Little girls love to play with dolls and they tend to create a certain attachment to these dolls. But aside from playing with the dolls, they would also arrive at a level of loving these characters like how kids these days fancy Lalaloopsy and Monster High dolls. But of course, Barbie dolls are still there and are still loved by little girls. But we wouldn't be featuring dolls today. Instead, we will be giving you free coloring pages of dolls. This can be good for your child's coloring activity which is also vital to improve her skills in arts and to make her more creative. Playing with dolls is one way to enhance creativity and coloring is another. Combine both passion and you'll no doubt have a little princess who would seem to live in a world of endless creativeness. 

We will provide you a preview of each doll coloring page. You can save the images and print them. You can also visit the sites where we got them so you can see more designs of each entry. Have fun coloring! 


Coloring Pages Barbie

Barbie Coloring Page
 Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket Coloring Pages

Polly Pocket Coloring Page

Monster High

Clawdeen and Cleo Monster High

Monster High Dolls Coloring Pages


Mittens Fluff N Stuff Lalaloopsy

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Bratz Coloring

Bratz Pompoms Coloring Pages

Winx Coloring Page

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages
Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Moxie Coloring Pages

Aren't these coloring pages cute? There are still more of them which you can use for your little girl's coloring time. Have fun while helping your kid color these doll coloring pages. Look forward for more coloring pages and lots of fun stuff.

Hope you liked this freebie :) Let us know if you used it :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Lalaloopsy Dolls January 2013

I was about to sleep when I saw a post from Lalaloopsy Facebook Fan Page. These pretty Lalaloopsy dolls are out last  January 14, 2013 and were even offered for free shipping that day. Well, you can still get those dolls today even without the promo. Mommies and your little kids will be so excited to get both of these! 

New dolls from Lalaloopsy to add to your little girl’s collection! 

Scoops Waffle Cone was made from neopolitan ice cream. She's a triple scoop of fun who always keeps her cool. She loves variety, but has trouble making up her mind. She has a pet cat. Scoops Waffle Cone is #3 of Series 8.  Sewn on Date: July 19th (National Ice Cream Day)

Alice in Lalaloopsyland was sewn from Alice in Wonderland's dress. She's a curious daydreamer, who loves to explore. Her favorite things are tea parties, playing croquet and painting the roses red. She has a pet rabbit. Sewn on Date: June 12th (Red Rose Day) 

Get them here Lalaloopsy Doll, Scoops Waffle Cone and Lalaloopsy Doll, Alice in Lalaloopsyland. Okay, time for bed now.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking Back to the Birth of Magical Lalaloopsy Dolls

Everyone is going crazy over these cute dolls. The first time I looked at them, I was wondering what type of dolls were those because it appeared like rug dolls. But yes, it was really inspired by rug dolls. A friend of mine even asked me why moms and girls go crazy over these dolls when they only have button eyes! Oh, well, aside from being cute, the stories behind each doll are also amazing. Maybe this Lalaloopsy craze is the effect of their being “magically sewn.”

Others look at them as Voodoo dolls which are used for witchcraft because of their rug doll look. But for me, they are not creepy looking at all. I bet, I am not the only one who looks at them with adornment. These dolls are totally different from the dolls during my age where Barbies where the stars. Today, as people become more creative, there are so many doll variations that  arrive and one of the most brilliant of all those creations is the Lalaloopsy Dolls.

So, today, allow me to take you back to the time of Lalaloopsy’s birth. Just in case you are not yet totally aware of this. Lalaloopsy dolls “were once rag dolls that magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn”. Each doll has a unique story on how they were created. They are also sewn on special days that greatly affect their look and personality depending on the type of fabric they were made from. Lalaloopy reside in a world full of silly surprises making their personality even more charming and lively. 

The magic of Lalaloopsy begun in 2010 when MGA Entertainment released them under the name Bitty Buttons with the tag line "Sew magical - Sew cute". But the name was changed after the launching making it more appropriate and attractive for both adults and little ones. The 13-inches or 33 cm dolls were launched last July 19, 2010. These were designed to encourage a child's imagination and creativity. MGA Entertainment pinpointed that these dolls also “teaches important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life”.

Bitty Buttons was the name of these dolls before they were called Lalaloopsy.

Well, we should be thankful for the brilliant minds behind the design and creation of Bitty Buttons which was more famously known as Lalaloopsy. For the first release of these dolls, there were eight of them namely, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, Peanut Big Top, Bea Spells-a-Lot, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, Dot Starlight, Pillow Featherbed, and Spot Splatter Splash.

The first batch of Lalaloopsy immediately captured the hearts of many. People really didn’t care whether they are Bitty Buttons or Lalaloopsy because they still looked perfectly cute no matter how they are called. Regarding the change of name, I wondered about why it was changed but I found a post of Lalaloopsy in their Facebook page stating the reason. It says that, “We did change our name from Bitty Buttons to Lalaloopsy due to some unforeseen issues with the name”. So, that’s all they could tell us and let us not be bothered about it. Bitty Buttons or Lalaloopsy, they are still cute. No big deal.

The First Eight Lalaloopsy

Crumbs Sugar Cookie was made from pieces of a baking apron. She is super-sweet, has perfect manners, and loves inviting friends over for tea and treats. She has a pet mouse. Sewn on Date: December 4th (National Cookie Day)
Spot Splatter Splash was made from a painter's overalls. She's super creative and loves bright colors, big messes, and eating spaghetti. She has a pet zebra.
Sewn on Date: October 25th (International Artist Day, also Picasso's B-day)
Pillow Featherbed was made from pieces of a baby's blankie. She loves good stories, long naps, and her favorite snack is milk and cookies. She has her own pet sheep.
Sewn on Date: January 3rd (Festival of Sleep Day)
Peanut Big Top was made from bits of a brightly-colored clown costume. She is a silly prankster who's a little bit clumsy and loves to make her friends laugh. She has a pet elephant.
Sewn on Date: April 1st (April Fool's day) 
Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff was made from pieces of an Eskimo's scarf. She loves hot cocoa, snow fights, and snuggling by the fire. She has her own pet polar bear.
Sewn on Date: December 21st (First day of winter) 
Jewel Sparkles was made from remnants of a real princess' dress. She is very graceful, a little bit bossy, and loves to dance and wear sparkly clothes. She has a Persian cat.
Sewn on Date: March 13th (Jewel Day)
Dot Starlight was made from a real astronaut's space suit. She's a dreamer who loves science, and she's always got her head in the clouds. She has a pet bird.
Sewn on Date: July 20th (First man on the moon) 
Bea Spells-A-Lot was made from a school girl's uniform. She is a real smartypants, who always follows the rules and loves to talk...A LOT!!! She has a pet owl.
Sewn on Date: October 16th (Dictionary Day)

These were the first introduction of Lalaloopsy to us. Today, there are already around 85 characters that show unique, fun and bright personalities, qualities that people of all ages can relate to. This includes 43 full size dolls, 17 Littles, 16 soft dolls, 14 Silly Hair dolls, 107 mini dolls, 6 Lala-Oopsies, and 4 Lala-Oopsie Fairy's. We’ll get to know each of them on the next articles! I’ll see you once again mommies!

Image No. 2 Credit:Ariisu81