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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lalaloopsy Original 8 Returns and Holiday 2013 Doll

I had been wanting to post about this. But I just had the time now. The Original 8 Dolls will again be released as announced by MGA. Yehey! We are all excited but wait, look at this lovely doll:

Lalaloopsy Holiday Doll 2013

She is such a princess! My daughter kept pointing at her that she is a "Princess Lalaloopsy". Shes is so beautiful and lovely and gorgeous and fab and divine! lol Did I overdo the adjectives? Well, this is the Holiday 2013 doll. I loved Ivory Ice Crystal, the Holiday Doll of 2012 but this one is prettier! Even her peacock pet is very pretty. For sure, this will cost a lot. But it sure sure sure is seeeewww pretty! lol

Anyway, back to the original 8 dolls. So, here we go. Well, I knew this would happen. Many Lala-lovers had been looking for the original 8 dolls. Some would even settle for buying them from eBay or Amazon even if they are much expensive. But now, the original 8 is back and will be released this Summer 2013. For sure, we will be able to get the doll we loved from the original 8!

Get to know more about them in my post on Looking Back to the Birth of Magical Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy Original 8

Image Credits to Bratz Heaven