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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alphabet Phonics Perfected!

My two years and one month old daughter perfected the alphabet phonics tonight. She learned this before but I wasn't certain if she could memorize all the letter sounds. She knows the alphabet (and what each letter stands for) but phonics is a different thing because this will help her learn how to read. I tried to spell words for her to read since I knew she already know the phonics. But you know how kids are. Sometimes, they'll make fun of it.

So, I tried reviewing her the alphabet phonics tonight and she really know them all! Way to go Bella. Guess she could learn reading in no time! Bella learned the alphabet, numbers 1-10 (but now she can count until 20), animal sounds, colors, shapes, body parts and a lot more when she was 1 years old. Well actually, when she started talking, she already knew all of it. This could be the result of reading to her and letting her listen to nursery songs while she was still inside me. I also let her watch nursery songs and other baby videos that could help her learn at around 2 months old.

By the time she learned talking, she already know all of it and I was more than happy that things turned out the way I want it to be. I'm kinda running out of things to teach her each day because it seems that I have taught her everything that toddlers can learn in school. We are actually thinking of sending her to playschool so that she can also develop her social skills and she'll be able to mingle with different types of people.

To help Bella learn phonics fast, I bought her an alphabet desk and I let her watch videos like this from YouTube:

You can find many Phonics videos including those from Leap Frog Letter Factory Movie which really helped her learn it a lot easier! I found this video that used the "talking letters" from the Leap Frog Letter Factory:

We are happy about how fast Bella is learning. But life isn't just about phonics and numbers. There are still a lot of things she needs to learn especially how to control her tantrums haha. That's all for today. You might think I just wrote this to brag about my daughter's development but no, I was happy and wanted to mark this day as one of a vital step in her ladder of learning and development.

At what age did your kids learn the alphabet phonics and started reading too?