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Saturday, May 14, 2016

How to Maintain a Small Garden on Your Apartment Terrace

Apartment Terrace Gardening

Small Garden apartment terrace

Starting on a task like that would require you to approach the job from a different angle than usual yard gardening. You will likely need to handle this task completely alone, so you we will do what we can to give you a hand in making it happen. Terrace gardening requires a bit more care than yard gardening, so let’s get started on the job:

Preparing your terrace space

If your home was built strong, then you will likely be able to place a good deal of weight on your terrace. You can work on this in several ways, including covering a fairly large area of it to make a mini lawn if you provide it with good irrigation and enough sunlight. Make sure you waterproof all vulnerable surfaces if you go for such a solution, though the safer route would be to use container gardening instead.

How to Maintain a Small Garden on Your Apartment- Terrace

Using the right soil type

Nutrients inside your soil will be one of the most important aspects of your terrace gardening, since the amount of the soil itself will be limited. If you have any heavy rains, then this may end up washing way some of the nutrients, so make sure you use compost coir peat and sand, as well as vermicompost. Make sure you add some more nutrients to the soil in the form compost weekly to ensure it has a healthy level of it.

If this is your first time ever gardening

If this is truly your first time, then you should start simple by using one easy vegetable type. Stick to it and it will be fairly easy if you plan on growing veggies. On the other hand you can go for other plants, but each plant has different needs that would take too long to explain in one single article.

Peppers and tomatoes could be a good initial choice, as well as radishes if you have the space for it. Sometimes even growing a mini fruit tree can be a good first step in your gardening experience, so consider whichever sounds most appealing to you.

 Small Garden Apartment Terrace

What kinds of plants can be grown on a terrace?

You can grow almost anything on a terrace, as long as you handle it right. French beans, tomatoes, peppers, okra and a whole lot more are all viable choices if you have the space, but they will be sensitive on the change of seasons. Carrots, radishes, onions and potatoes can also work if you take care of them often and give them good irrigation. You can also work on growing bananas, guava trees and more if you have good climate for it.

Always make sure your garden has good irrigation since the summers can get pretty hot and your terrace garden will not have the luxury of a deep root system and underground water feeding it. It will be up to you to keep it alive and well, so make sure you never fail to do that or else you’ll lose your plants quickly.