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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kid Hero Stories Review: Personalized Books for Your Little Loves!

Bella has developed her love for books since I introduced it to her at  an early age. She was four months when I bought her first book. Since then, she would be in all smiles upon seeing a book whenever I get home from the mall.

Bella has different kinds of books from cloth books to hard books. She actually love all types, even the ones on her iPad. With that, she get to appreciate eBooks and storybook apps.

Kid Hero Stories

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Yin who sent me creative personalized books wherein your own child could be in the story. When I checked her site, I was sure its gonna be amazing and I wasn't wrong!

Books from Kid Hero Stories are fun and exciting. A headshot of your child will be used to make it appear like they are the ones in the scene. The names are personalized too.

Kid Hero Stories sent us three eBooks, the Wonderful Adventures of Bella collectible series. The were three stories, The Art Class, Movie World and Rainy Days. Bella actually felt like she was really the one experiencing all those adventures from painting a swan, meeting Bugs Bunny and doing fun thing at home during a rainy day.

Its like Bella jumped into the book and directly got involved with the activities in the story.

I like the graphics too which is a subtle twist of reality since they are enhanced photos that were especially designed for the book. And yes,Bella’s head was beautifully scaled into a girl’s body. 

Here are some screenshots of the book from Bella's iPad. The one below is from the story Rainy Day where Bella did some fun things while in the house like making her own tepee!

Bella's Adventure

This one is from the book Movie World. Bella had fun with rides and met her fave characters! I had some trouble with this one because Bella kept on crying 'coz she wants to Movie World. Lol! You know how kids are!

Movie World story

And this is from the book Art Class where Bella painted a pavilion and even a swan who loved her painting that it took it away from her!

Art Class

You can let your child experience all the fun too by getting your own book. But it isn’t just fun, it will also teach your child new things and even encourage them to try new activities.If your child is hesitant to join in some activities , it would motivate them since they could see how fun it actually is.

Above all, if you can spend quality time with the kids even by using their gadgets. You can also help them develop their love for books. Who knows, this could be their stepping stone towards grabbing more eBooks or hard copy of books the love!

Train your kids to read books at an early stage because by reading, they can learn more! Get your own customized eBook for your kids from Kids Hero Stories. For sure, your kids will love it!

You an choose a book series depending on your child's age. The price is very affordable with a new book every week! For as low as $7.90 per mth, you can get four books. Or you can get 26 books for $38 and 52 books for $48! That would be a bunch of fun!

Go ahead and check the Kid Hero Stories website so you can avail of their amazing eBooks!

Disclosure: I received three ebooks from Kid Hero Stories for review. The review is my honest opinion about the products received. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why I Am Afraid to Send my Daughter to School

While looking at my three year old daughter, I can feel how time flies. She is tall and smart and all! She really is someone I dreamed to have as a daughter. This year, she will be going to school. Actually, she always wanted to go to school but I think she deserves to spend more time playing and watching videos and other fun stuffs in the house. Because when she is already studying, she would spend more time in school.

There are mornings when she wakes up saying,

"Mommy, it is Monday. I want to go to school." 

What should a good mommy say to her? No? Because she really isn't in school yet? Or yes, just to make her happy? I say both. Lol. If No doesn't work, then I'll try Yes. But actually, whatever is the answer, she would still insist to go to school the whole day.

As a matter of fact, she would put on her clothes, her shoes and wear her Minnie Mouse backpack. She'll be in a "going mode" for a few hours then she will forget it once she sees her favorite cartoon in TV or in YouTube. I really owe the TV screen and the computer monitor a lot.

Last year, we tried to send her to school but the school where we want her in cannot accept her yet because she was just two. They didn't have playschool too. I didn't insist because I also think she is too young. But at her young age, she already knows her phonetics and could read. She can count 1-20, know her shapes, body parts, colors and others. I know she is very prepared for school. She might even get bored because she already know the lessons just like what happened when I sent her to a Reading summer class last year.

why i am afraid to send my daughter to school

So this adorable daughter of mine is going to school this year. And to be honest, I am afraid.  I have fears of letting her stay in school while I am not around. What comes into my mind are the violence happening around us. The shooting incidents in schools, the bullying, the kidnapping and all. I know I am thinking too much negative stuff but we have to accept the fact that this are happening and have occurred in some schools. We know there are people who don't fear God and doesn't have a heart even for children. I am really afraid. Super duper mega afraid. But I am not saying that this is going to happen here, I am just scared because of what is happening all around the world. I know you know what I mean.

Are schools still safe? I don't know. What if another earthquake happens while she is in school? What if there would be another tsunami alert in our area? Would I be able to fly and get her to safety?

What if some won't like her in school? Well, she is a friendly type but we have to recognize the reality that some kids are brats (lol). I am worrying that she might get pushed in the playground or someone might get her pencil and just anything that might hurt her or annoy her or make her feel bad.

Many things happen in school. A lot really. I've been there. We've all been there. Yes, we learn not just academic stuff but even how to live and to be a better person. I just hope we could send her to a school that will mold her into a good person same way as we brought her up in the house. And I hope, she'll be smarter and not duller when in school. This worries me too because sometimes, teachers and classmates make kids duller (just an observation). That is why we have to decide on which school she could go.

But in truth, I don't want to let her to go to school. I am thinking of homeschooling because of all the worries I have.

But then again, she might feel like she was deprived of something "normal" to her age and something that is experienced by the majority. Since there isn't homeschooling in our area, I have no choice but send her to school.


Forgive a mom that worries too much.

I need milk or coffee or coffee with milk.

Did you worry about the day your kid's started going to school too?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Video: Have You Tried Singing on the Fan?

do you wanna build a snowman singing

Singing on the fan? Well, I guess most of us did it. I used to do that too when I was a kid because it is amazing how the voice vibrates while singing on the fan. And I didn't expect that Bella would do the same too.

After the super typhoon Yolanda, there wasn't electricity and we were merely using generator. Hence, only an electric fan was used every time Bella is inside the house. One afternoon, before nap time, she started singing on the fan and I took a video of her. She sang Do You Wanna Build a Snowman which is one of her fave songs from Disney's Frozen.

Well, I know the Frozen fever is no longer that high now. This video was taken during the time of Frozen's release that is why she can memorize the song since she was able to watch the movie many times! So, how about you, have you tried doing this while you were a kid? Or are your kids doing this too?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Attipas Shoes: Fashionable and Comfy Footwear for Little Ones

Attipas Shoes

I was excited  to get hold of the Attipas shoes for review. But aside from this opportunity to review it as sponsored by the Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I was more excited to see what design would come to our doorstep and how it would look on my little love. When the package arrived, we were in the hospital. Of course, hubby brought the package to the hospital because he knew Bella would be happy to see it. And we were right.

She was happy to see her "beautiful shoes" and started walking even if she still had an IV on her. Aside from walking, the pair of shoes also became her motivation to take her medicines because we would tell her that we will give the shoes to another baby if she won't take her meds. She didn't want to lose the shoes so she would consume her medicine. Good job Attipas Shoes! You didn't just made my girl happy but you even motivated her to take her medicine. Lol!

But we were not able to take good pictures of her wearing the shoes because you know, we were more concerned about her condition. So, that explains why this post is late (and the snail internet connection too which is still a result of Yolanda). When we were discharged from the hospital after a week, she wanted to go to the mall at once. I didn't approve of the idea but my father brought us to the mall because that is what grandfathers do- just give what their granddaughter wants.

Attipas Shoes

While in the mall, she wore her Attipas shoes. People were looking at her because aside from her lace romper, she was wearing a pretty pair of shoes that isn't found in the mall. And of course, she still have that cotton taped on her hand- an evidence that she just came from the hospital.

Finally, A Picture Perfect

Days after when she was feeling a lot better, I dressed her up for a pictorial in our bedroom. Lol! I want to bring her outside because I know the shoes would look great with the fresh green grass and all. But the weather wasn't good and so we stayed in the bedroom and I took her photos wearing her Attipas Shoes, her fave ballerina attire and her flower crown.

Attipas Shoes

Attipas Shoes Girl

The shoes looked good on her but aside from being beautiful, it is comfortable and she moves like she is on barefoot. I love the way it fits on her and how she can walk, run, jump and move without any worries because the shoes are so light.

Attipas Shoes

Fairy Attipas Shoes

The Attipas Shoes

What we got is the Corsage, XL in size. It has a beautiful pink flower design in front of it. The materials used for the shoes are obviously of high quality. The flowers dont' rip or fray.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sock is soft and comfy for the feet since it is made from cotton. It is also fits well to the feet of my baby. This will not make parents worry about loose shoes that might fall off when the toddler is running. No matter what movement they do, the shoes are there to stay.

Attipas Shoes Review

The sole is made of non-slip thermoplasticrubber material. It makes walking easy whether it is a ceramic tiled flooring, a soft soil and others. You won't worry about any parts of it getting damaged because the entire shoes is well-made. No doubt, it has a high quality materials.

Attipas Shoes Review

So, if you want the perfect comfy and fashionable pair of shoes for your little ones, Attipas Shoes is the perfect choice! You can choose from a wide variety of designs that will fit to the personality and outfit of your kids. I'm sure that if you see the different designs, you'd fall in love with it in an instant just like how I felt when I saw Attipas shoes.

Where to Get Attipas Shoes

Attipas shoes
I'm sure you want this shoe for your little one. Sizes are available from age 0-3. You can always check the Attipas Facebook Page where you can get updates as to where the shoes can be bought. Also, I found out that they are also available in Lazada PH for easy shopping online! And this means you can get an Attipas shoe for your kids anytime you want to.

Disclaimer: I received the Attipas shoes through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines for review but all opinions are mine, honest and original.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Little Lady's First Summer Class Ever!

If you wonder why I was away for so long, this is the reason:

 photo summer-class1_zpsd32ad06d.jpg

Bella had her first Reading Summer Class ever! I know. I know. I know you’ll say, “What were you thinking? She is just two!” Oh well. Yes, she is just two but wait till you read what she can already do in school.

Since Bella already knows her alphabet and her phonics, we decided to enroll her in a reading summer class. Her classmates ranged from age 4-6 and she was the youngest. The group of around 18 kids were divided into two groups, one for those who doesn’t know the phonics yet and the other group for those who have memorized the phonics. I know you know which group Bella landed on.

But she didn’t like to stay with the group she belonged where her classmates were 5-6 years old because she enjoyed the singing and dancing on the other room. Since the school was badly damaged due to super typhoon Yolanda, they are still using generator and only one room has electric fans and projector. To make the story short, the fun is there and so Bella is there.

In school, she tried to write.
 photo summer-class2_zps86721c87.jpg

But in truth this is what she was doing.LOL. She is lazy when it comes to writing.
 photo summer-class3_zpsbce2abb6.jpg

She gives the sounds of each letter and started learning to read. Bravo!
 photo summer-class4_zps9e0b4b39.jpg

Sometimes she even tells her classmates what to do. There was one pupil who is shy and doesn’t participate in their dancing. Her mother kept on telling her to stand. Bella saw her. She approached the girl who was like 4 years old and said, "C'mon. Stand up and clap your hands!" And the girl did. I can see that this little lady of mine is going to grow up as a leader (like me! *wink).
 photo summer-class5_zpse48b73cc.jpg

What she loves most is dancing and singing.
 photo summer-class6_zps9028dab5.jpg

And I guess she loves snack time too!
 photo summer-class7_zps336f384d.jpg

There are even times that she acts as a teacher. Her teacher even told her: "Bella, can you help me teach your classmates?" Of course she was just joking but Bella said Yes and went to the front at once. She'd bring a long rolled cartolina with her. She will say "Good morning everybody!" then points to the letters on the board and ask "What letter is this? What is the sound? Very good!" I always end up LOLing because of what my little girl is doing. She would even go to the other room and then lets her classmates read the words on the board. The teacher will say, "Okay Bella let them read. I'll just take a rest." LOL!

I am proud of Bella. Her Daddy and I are very happy of how she performed in school despite her young age. We saw that Bella was indeed ready for school because she had been telling us that she wants to go to school even when she was just one.  Because we saw how interested she is, we decided to let her try schooling. And because of her good performance, we will let her take Nursery1.

By now, Bella can read but she would still start giving the letter sounds before figuring out the words. She can also write some letters which amazed me because she never did her writing assignments. I don’t force her into doing it because she is still young anyway but I am happy that she is actually learning everything despite being young!

We are proud parents and we are sure Bella has a long way to go!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fly On The Wall Sees Bella Again!

Once again, I am participating the Fly on the Wall group post since I found it interesting. Fly on the Wall is a monthly post by a group of bloggers challenged to let our readers see what it might be like to be a fly on the wall in our homes. Each post is not a single story, but a compilation of snippets, each one its own quote or event or conversation (or disaster) strung together to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives. 

Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. If the fly on the wall would buzz around my house, it would catch a glimpse of every cute, smart, naughty and funny things by two year old daughter does. We speak a different language here but she speaks English so what you are about to read are her exact words. So, come on in my house as a fly on the wall!

Fly on the Wall

Buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:

Bella’s version of Hansel and Gretel.

Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel went to the woods. They called the witch, (hands cuffed in mouth) “”Wiiiiiiitttttttcccchhhhhhh, whereeeee aaaarrrreee yyyooouuuuuuuuuu??” 

The witch came. The witch came up. The witch came down. The witch came up. The witch came down. The witch came up. The witch came down. The witch is tired.

The End

Bella’s better version of Hansel and Gretel.

Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel went to the woods. 

The witch came out and said, “Why are you eating my house?” (big harsh voice)

“We’re sorry! We’re very hungry!” (small childish voice)

“Okay. Come inside and I will give you more foodie.” (big harsh voice)

The witch said, ”Can you put fire in the oven?” (big harsh voice again)

Then, Hansel pushed the witch inside the oven. The witch was cooked.

The witch is a loser.

The End

I’m impressed that she could do storytelling like this especially with the varying voices same way as I tell her stories.

Bella’s version of The Lion and the Mouse. (She replaced Lion with Tiger.)

Once upon a time, there was a mouse. The mouse came up the tree. There was a mommy mouse and a daddy mouse. The family is good.

The Tiger came. The Tiger is a baby. Uhhmmm. No, it is not a baby. It is a woman. A woman in highschool and she loves trees.

The mouse said, “Okay.” (small voice)

The Tiger said, “Okay.” (big harsh voice) “Thanks, my friend.”

The End.

Bella threw her toy penguin down the stairs. But she didn’t mind at first. We left home and when we came back, that was the first thing she saw. She ran towards it and said, “Oh my! Are you okay?” 

She held her toy and started climbing the stairs and said, “Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. Trust me.”

Bella: Mommy, I want to go to the pool!

Me: Next time.

Bella: No, I want to go there now.

Me: Next time Bella. Not now.

Bella: Okay. about now?

Me: No.

Bella: How about now?

Me: NO

Bella: How about now?

Me: Nooo..

Bella: How about nowwww???

She repeated it like forever.

Bella sitting on her diapers (still inside the package). Took her milk cans and her toy spoon and fork. And sang like rock and roll:

“…(hitting the spoon on the fork) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Boys and girls come sing with me. Now I know my ABC. ONE MORE TIME!”

And we bought her drums.

Sleeping time is always a hard time for Bella. One time, I asked her to sleep. She cried a lot. 

Me: Bella, go to bed. NOW. 

Bella: Noooo…Idon’t want to sleep!

Me: You will sleep.

Bella was sobbing as she walked to the bed and said, “Yooouuu can’t do this! Yooouu can’t do this to me!”

Bella noticed my cracked lips.

Bella: Mommy, your mouth is ugly. There is a black part on it.

Me: That’s okay.

Bella: Mommmy! Your mouth is UGLY! Mommmy! Your mouth is UGLY! Mommmy! Your mouth is UGLY! Mommmy! Your mouth is UGLY! Mommmy! Your mouth is UGLY!

Okay Bella. I got that.

Me: Bella, if you are afraid of the monster, what will you do?
Bella: I don’t know Mom.
Me: You just pray and smile.
Bella: Ohhh realllyyy?? Does it work??

Bella: Mom, your nose is like a mouse’s nose. Come, I’ll fix it.

She placed her fingers on my nose and pretended to tweak it.

Bella: There. It is fixed. It’s nice now.


Brother intentionally sang Let It Go with the wrong lyrics.

Brother: Let you go. Let you go. It’s no turning back anymore…

Bella: No! It’s not let you go! It’s Let It Go!

And she sang it. 

Bella hugged her Dad and me while her Lalaloopsy doll Mittens was on her arms. She said:

“This is my family. I have a baby. But my baby is not a baby. It is a Mittens.”

Her Daddy was leaving and she was crying.

Bella: Daddy, no. No bag. Don’t say goodbye.

Daddy: I will just buy ice cream and lots of Lalaloopsy.

Bella smiled and said: Okay. Goodbye!

Want to read more from Bella? Check out the first Fly On The Wall that I have participated.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Ice Cream, Anyone?

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Fly on the Wall Sees Bella

I participated in Fly on the Wall group post since I found it interesting. Fly on the Wall is a monthly post by a group of bloggers challenged to let our readers see what it might be like to be a fly on the wall in our homes. Each post is not a single story, but a compilation of snippets, each one its own quote or event or conversation (or disaster) strung together to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives. 

Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. If the fly on the wall would buzz around my house, it would catch a glimpse of every cute, smart, naughty and funny things by two year old daughter does. We speak a different language here but she speaks English so what you are about to read are her exact words. So, come on in my house as a fly on the wall!

Fly on the Wall

Buzz around, see what you think, then click on these links for a peek into some other homes:

It was 2 in the morning and Bella is still wide awake. Hubby and I thought of acting like its brownout so she will sleep and stop watching TV. I turned off all the lights and the TV.

Me: Bella, it’s brownout! (holding her as if to make sure she won’t be afraid of the dark)
Bella: Mommy! No! The aircon is turned on! Don’t turn off the TV!
Me: It is brownout Bella, we can’t turn on the TV.
Bella: No, mommy. It’s not brownout. The aircon is on!
Our little lady in the house is running here and throwing her toys everywhere. I called her attention and asked her to stop. I was getting mad so I went to her and held her.

Me: I’m gonna give you a super spank coz you’re a bad baby. You’re hard headed!
Bella: Not super spank. Only super hug! (she hugs me)
Me: But you are a bad baby. You don’t listen to mommy.
Bella: Bella is not bad. She is just pretty.

Bought new clothes for Bella and her favorite was the onesie with a tutu. It looks like a ballerina’s clothing and she calls it a princess dress. While wearing it, she dances like Jewel in the Lalaloopsy Movie: The Search for the Missing Pillow.

Bella sings like Jewel. Pirouette like a ballerina all around the house. We didn’t know that while dancing, she was doing another thing: she pooped. All of a sudden, she stopped and started wiping poop on her new “princess dress”. Then she screamed:

“Who placed poop on my princess dress??”

Bella: Mommy is a witch. Bella is a pumpkin.
Me: What? Where did you learn that?
Bella: Mommy is a witch. Bella is a pumpkin.
Brother1: How about Uncle2? What is he?
Bella: Uncle2 is a pig.

My youngest brother is fat. That explains.

Bella has many Lalaloopsy dolls. I told her that I’m gonna buy her two new Lalas but these were stuffed toys since I saw two at the store. When I got to the store I was surprised that it was so expensive to think that they were mere imitations of the real doll. So, I only bought one. When I arrived home, I gave her the paperbag with the new stuffed toy and she was happy to see Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff.

But after seeing Mittens, she dug into the paper bag and threw it away. She opened my bag and dug into it too.

I guess she was looking for the other Lala. I promised to buy her two.

Hubby went to the city where we came from. The reason why we are in a new home is because Typhoon Haiyan ruined our house in Palo, Leyte. Bella didn’t know that his Dad left early in the morning while she is still sleeping.

Bella: Where is daddy?
Me: He is in Tacloban.
Bella: He is buying egg? He is buying surprise for Bella?
Me: Yah. He is buying surprise for Bella. (No idea about the egg!lol) Do you want to go to Tacloban?
Bella: No. Tacloban is far. Tacloban is broken.

Yah. Once you see the destruction of the typhoon, you will agree with her.

Bella couldn’t get over the destruction Typhoon Haiyan brought to our home. She would still repeatedly say:

“No more upstairs. No more roof. No more walls. No more bedroom. No more doors. No more windows. No more ice cream. No more popcorn. No more toys. No more Lalaloopsy. No more cake. No more computer. No more chopstick. ”
I don’t know where the chopstick came from.

Mother was sewing some clothes and Bella kept on running around her and grabbing her stuffs.
Grandmama: Bella, if you won’t behave, I’m gonna spank you hard.

Bella keeps on running and disturbing her.

Grandmama: Bella! Come over here! (getting mad and wanted to spank her)
Bella: Hmm..Bella is just going.

And she left the room.
Hubby arrives and Bella came running to meet him.

Bella: Daddy! Daddy is here! (hugged and kissed her Dad)
Daddy: Hi Bella. How are you?
Bella: (Smiles) Daddy wants to buy ice cream. Daddy wants to buy burger. Daddy wants to buy French fries. Daddy wants to buy pizza. Daddy wants to buy spaghetti. Daddy wants to buy vegetables. Daddy wants to buy apple. Daddy wants to buy banana. Daddy wants to buy toys. Daddy wants to buy dress. Daddy wants to buy everything!

Daddy laughs.

Bella: Hmm…what else?
Hubby is working and was away from home for a few days. Bella is wondering where her Dad is.

Bella: Mommy, I want to ride a rocket.
Me: Why? We don’t have a rocket.
Bella: I want to ride a rocket to find Daddy.


Hubby wanted to buy a pet for Bella but I disapprove because it isn’t Bella who will look after the pet but it is me. I have so many works to do and I can no longer attend to a pet. He asked Bella what she wants for a pet.

Daddy: Bella, do you want Daddy to buy you lovebirds?
Bella: No.
Daddy: Okay. How about a gold fish?
Bella: No.
Daddy: What do want?
Bella: I want an elephant.

Bella was suppose to go to school last November but then the Super Typhoon came and changed everything. One night, she remembered about going to school.

Bella: Bella wants to go to school Mommy.
Me: Okay but not now because your school is still broken. (she calls it that way)
Bella: Bella can’t go to school because the school is broken.
Me: Yes. You can go to school in June. (classes starts on June in our country)
Bella: Yey! I’m so excited! Papa wants to fix the school. Uncle wants to fix the school. Daddy wants to fix the school. Mommy wants to help.

Guess she wants the school to be fixed at once with all that man power!