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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Celebrate! Going to the Doctor & Dentist Book Review: Teach Kids How To Avoid Anxiety During Checkups

Parents will agree that kids are anxious when it is time to visit the doctor and the dentist. They feel like they will be in pain or they will be forced to do something that they do not like. That is why it is important to prepare them for a visit to a doctor or a dentist.

We have to let them know that they will not get hurt and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Before, Bella would cry if I tell her that we will see her doctor. I talked to her about the reason why she needs to see a doctor. This way, she understood that she will benefit from her visit and that it is for her own good.

Aside from that, we also bring her to McDonalds or anywhere she wants to go after a doctor's visit as long as she isn't that sick. Because sometimes, we really end up in the hospital because we need to confine her. But if it is a mere checkup, we bring her somewhere else as a prize for being a good girl.

But another good way to encourage the kids to see the doctor and the dentist is through the Real MVP Kids book titled Celebrate! Going to the Doctor and Celebrate! Going to the Dentist. Yes, there is a reason to celebrate this and let us find out below.

Celebrate! Going to the Doctor

The book shows us how visiting the doctor can be fun. The kids should know that doctors are their friends and will help them with their illness. The doctor will also make sure that they remain healthy and strong.

One good way to make the kids love going to the doctor is to let them pretend to be a doctor. Buy them a doctor's toy kit and let them pretend to check their toys, just like what Doc McStuffins do. This way, they will be excited to see their doctor so they will know what a real doctor does. They will surely imitate their doctor during playtime. And like Bella, your kids might even want to be a doctor too.

Aside from that, you can also tell your kids that the doctor is happy and excited to see them. Then after the checkup, go somewhere fun like in the mall, a playhouse and other places that your child loves. And of course, read the Celebrate! Going to the Doctor book to them so they will know that seeing their doctor is actually an exciting day and a good reason to celebrate.

Celebrate! Going to the Dentist

The doctor isn't the only person who takes care of our health. But the dentist is also here too to make sure that our teeth and oral health is good. Many parents take oral health for granted but this is actually very important.

Parents should teach the children about the importance of their teeth. Tell them everything about the teeth. Some parents exchange their child's tooth that fell out with a coin or a gift which could also be a good idea. Although tooth fairies are not real, at least this excites kids whenever a tooth is already wobbly because they know they will get something in exchange of the tooth.

You can also read the Celebrate! Going to the Dentist book to your kids so they will know what happens during a checkup. This will prepare them for the visit and you can also convince them that visiting a dentist isn't scary at all.

We know that sitting on a big chair under a bright light is scary for the kids (and even for adults too!) but you can talk to your children about this.The book also contains tips on what you can do once you are already in the clinic. You can find this at the Helpful Teaching Tips portion of the book.

Both books will surely change the way your kids look at going to the doctor and the dentist. They will realize that it isn't that bad after all. This way, you can help lessen your kid's anxiety during the day of the check-up by making it exciting for them.

Aside from the Celebrate! Going to the Doctor and Celebrate! Going to the Dentist, there are other helpful books from the Real MVP Kids like Celebrate! MealTime and Celebrate! BedTime where they can learn to enjoy daily routines and even the Celebrate! Our Differences that will teach them to love and value others.

If you want these books, you can check the Real MVP Kids website and their Facebook Page for updates.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Celebrate! Bed Time And Meal Time Book Review: How Kids Can Learn From Daily Routines

Our children are aware that there are certain routines that they need to do within a day from waking up in the morning to sleeping in the evening. Of course, let us not forget the meals in between or even playtime. 

The things that our kids do vary depending on their age. It would be a lot different if they already go to school. As parents, we make sure that their daily routine won't be a mere routine after all. We want them to learn new things every day even during bedtime and mealtime.

We can do this by reading them a book before bedtime and sharing to them some stories while having a meal. This way, we are teaching them that even sleeping and eating can be a good time to celebrate.

One tool that parents can use in teaching the children is the Celebrate! Bed Time and the Celebrate! Meal Time books from Real MVP Kids. These books are specially designed for our little ones. They have stunning colors and cartoon designs that our kids will surely love. But that's not all. What is more important is the lessons that our kids can get from them.

Celebrate! Bed Time: Learning New Languages

 Bedtime isn't merely a way to end the day and get some sleep. Parents can take this opportunity to create memories and establish more bond with the children. In my case, I always read stories to my daughter Bella before she goes to sleep. But before I read her stories, I ask her how her day was and what happened in school.

Although we talk about this when she gets home, she feels more relaxed in sharing while lying down on the bed. After we talk, it's time for bedtime stories. She gets to choose which story she wants. When we are done reading, we talk about the things she learned from the story.

The Celebrate! Bed Time book is a good way to teach new languages because it shows how people around the globe says "Good Night." While Bella was entertained knowing that she can actually say Good Night in different ways, I was also learning. Lol. 

The book also teaches the children how to get ready for bed. This includes keeping their toys and cleaning their mess. And of course, one also needs to brush teeth, clean up and put on pajamas. This is also a routine that the kids should know.

So when it is time for bed, give your kids enough time to prepare. You have let them know that in 15 minutes, they will be going to bed already. This way, they are aware what to do next. There are also useful tips from the "Helpful Teaching Tips" portion of the book which is intended for the parents.

Celebrate! Meal Time: Learn The Value Of Helping And Family Bonding

Apart from eating healthy food, we should also teach our kids about the different ways they can help in preparing meals. Though they do not need to hold the knife and light up the oven, we can teach them to arrange the placemats on the table as well as the utensils. We also need to remind them to be careful all the time.

Bella is happy whenever I allow her to set the table. She also wants to help in cooking. Hence, I let her do the easier tasks like mixing or pouring water and others. This way, I'm not just making her happy but she is also learning something new. Once the children are involved in some chores, they will feel that they have contributed something and they will also be able to appreciate your efforts in doing these chores especially if they find it hard.

The Celebrate! Meal Time book teaches children the value of a healthy meal and how kids can help their parents in preparing for it. It also reminds kids to observe good manners and proper mealtime etiquette. 

One very important thing that I teach Bella is to always pray before eating to thank God for the food that we have on the table. And she does it all the time before eating. If you teach this to your kids at an early age, they will be able to bring that with that with them even when they are already adults and have kids of their own.

Eating meals together as a family is very important. This is one moment wherein you can talk about what happened in school or at work. Kids who eat meals with the family builds a better family bond with the parents and the siblings. Parents will also be able to monitor if their kids are eating well or not.

So if you are not eating meals together as a family, you can still do that. Remember that once you show your kids the importance of a family, they will feel more loved and will grow up to be a better person. And you can show this to them during meal time ande even during bedtime too!

For sure you would love to have your own copy of the Celebrate! Bed Time and Celebrate! Meal Time books. You can pre-order through their Kickstarter page or you can also support their book through that.

There are eight Celebrate! books from Real MVP Kids. Look forward to my review of Celebrate! Going to the Doctor and Celebrate! Going to the Dentist!

Also read my review of the Celebrate! Our Differences book which you can use in teaching your kids about how to love and care for others even if they are different.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Celebrate! Our Differences Book Review: Learning To Accept And Love Others

In my daughter's school, she is exposed to different kinds of people. Apart from the varying personalities of the kids in their classrooms, there are also pupils in the school campus who are not Filipinos and some have special needs. Because of this, seeing people of various conditions and race isn't new to her. As a matter of fact, she is amazed at the idea of "difference" and she learned to embrace it.

I taught her to be good and kind to everyone no matter what their color is and even if he or she has a disability. My 5-year-old daughter Bella is very compassionate, so instead of laughing at other kids, she would say hello and start a conversation. It is nice that she was able to build up this kind of perspective while still young.

No wonder she was beaming with joy when she saw the Celebrate! Our Differences book. Looking at the cover, she observed that each child is different but they are happy being together. She was so excited to read it. I am also proud that at an early age, she could already read lengthy books and comprehend the lessons from it. Because of that, I am sure that she will learn tons of good things from the Celebrate! series of Real MVP Kids.

The Celebrate! Our Differences book teaches our kids how to treat other children whom they think are different. It shows us that we should love each other no matter what. This is indeed an important lesson especially these days when issues of racism and discrimination are being raised even on social media. It is necessary that they are aware of this issue and they know how to address it.

But it doesn't just talk about differences. It also shows that even if another kid speaks a different language, he can still be a playmate and a friend. It teaches kids that they can play music and make artistic drawings with those who have special needs. It clearly showcases the value of accepting and loving others no matter who they are, where they came from and what they look like.

This book was Bella's bedtime story last night even if she is already done reading it. After reading the story, I asked her how she should treat kids of different races, those who are in wheelchairs or those who are deaf. She said that we should not point and laugh at them. We should say "Hi, how are you? What's your name?" She even added that she would ask,"Can we be friends?"

Another good thing about the Celebrate! Our Differences book is the Helpful Teaching Tips part wherein parents are given a guide on how to use the book in inculcating positive things to the children. I like the part wherein the difference of judgment and observation was pointed it. It is indeed something I never thought of. But it is really nice to say someone is different than say that someone is ugly, right?

You can teach all these to your kids using the Celebrate! Our Differences book. For sure, you will like this book for your children. Apart from the lessons the kids can learn from it, it comes with colorful illustrations and it is nicely written too! Your kids will also get a good grasp of each page because this is a board book, which appeals to kids.

With that, I am sure that my 3-month old son, Quiel will still be able to read this book. And yes, this could also be a perfect bedtime storybook for him when he grows a little older. 

So, if you also want your children to get a copy of this book, go ahead and support Real MVP Kids in their Kickstarter campaign. This is a perfect book to teach your kids about diversity.

Aside from this book, there are still seven other lovely books from Real MVP Kids which I will also review. Come back for my review of the second book, Celebrate! Bed Time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kid Hero Stories Review: Personalized Books for Your Little Loves!

Bella has developed her love for books since I introduced it to her at  an early age. She was four months when I bought her first book. Since then, she would be in all smiles upon seeing a book whenever I get home from the mall.

Bella has different kinds of books from cloth books to hard books. She actually love all types, even the ones on her iPad. With that, she get to appreciate eBooks and storybook apps.

Kid Hero Stories

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Yin who sent me creative personalized books wherein your own child could be in the story. When I checked her site, I was sure its gonna be amazing and I wasn't wrong!

Books from Kid Hero Stories are fun and exciting. A headshot of your child will be used to make it appear like they are the ones in the scene. The names are personalized too.

Kid Hero Stories sent us three eBooks, the Wonderful Adventures of Bella collectible series. The were three stories, The Art Class, Movie World and Rainy Days. Bella actually felt like she was really the one experiencing all those adventures from painting a swan, meeting Bugs Bunny and doing fun thing at home during a rainy day.

Its like Bella jumped into the book and directly got involved with the activities in the story.

I like the graphics too which is a subtle twist of reality since they are enhanced photos that were especially designed for the book. And yes,Bella’s head was beautifully scaled into a girl’s body. 

Here are some screenshots of the book from Bella's iPad. The one below is from the story Rainy Day where Bella did some fun things while in the house like making her own tepee!

Bella's Adventure

This one is from the book Movie World. Bella had fun with rides and met her fave characters! I had some trouble with this one because Bella kept on crying 'coz she wants to Movie World. Lol! You know how kids are!

Movie World story

And this is from the book Art Class where Bella painted a pavilion and even a swan who loved her painting that it took it away from her!

Art Class

You can let your child experience all the fun too by getting your own book. But it isn’t just fun, it will also teach your child new things and even encourage them to try new activities.If your child is hesitant to join in some activities , it would motivate them since they could see how fun it actually is.

Above all, if you can spend quality time with the kids even by using their gadgets. You can also help them develop their love for books. Who knows, this could be their stepping stone towards grabbing more eBooks or hard copy of books the love!

Train your kids to read books at an early stage because by reading, they can learn more! Get your own customized eBook for your kids from Kids Hero Stories. For sure, your kids will love it!

You an choose a book series depending on your child's age. The price is very affordable with a new book every week! For as low as $7.90 per mth, you can get four books. Or you can get 26 books for $38 and 52 books for $48! That would be a bunch of fun!

Go ahead and check the Kid Hero Stories website so you can avail of their amazing eBooks!

Disclosure: I received three ebooks from Kid Hero Stories for review. The review is my honest opinion about the products received. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Momma Don't You Worry" Book Review

Our kids are starting to grow and as they do, they feel more and more independent. They even think that they can do more than what they can actually do in real life. Well, that is how kids are. My three old is like that too. When we are in the mall, she would want to roam around alone. But of course, we won't let her. She wants to break free from our hands and would walk alone. As if she can actually manage being alone in the mall!

This is exactly the scenario in the book "Momma Don't You Worry". The difference is, the kid involved here is already six years old.  The book has a fun rhyming tone and has illustrations that fit the story well. This is a good read for children so that they will get the lesson that they shouldn't go alone especially in public areas.

 photo momma_zps21hvn6fp.jpg

Kids will also realize that they may think they can already do something despite their young age but actually still need their parents. It can also give them a lesson to always listen their parents too. I always tell this to Bella. Listening to Mom and Dad will do you no harm. It is always for their own good.

This can be read independently by kids or can be read to them by their parents. The story will also be able to encourage interaction between the parents and children. When it is time to go out in public, the story will be a good reminder to them.

The book is written by Louie Lawent from LadyBee Publishing. You can get the book from Amazon as well. This could be a nice addition to your kid's ebook collection!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Review: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know

Marriage isn't just about happiness and good times. There are hard times that will make us stronger as a couple and as a family too. But what is more important is that we could learn how to overcome problems and each member of the family is able to play our roles well. If we don't do our part, there might be a chance that there will be problems in the marriage and in the family as well.

But hey, I am not yet married but I my daughter's daddy is my long time partner. And yes, we are looking forward to getting married if circumstances allow us to. This is one great dream we have and if this day comes, we will be the happiest people in the world. It makes me cry thinking of this because this relationship has been a struggle for us. After all the trials and challenges, we are still together for 5 years now and we will not let any trial break us especially that we already have a daughter.

Married or not, I have to play my role as a wife well. But I admit it, it isn't really that easy. Sometimes, my patience drain out and I would say things that isn't helping to fix some problems. Another factor that makes it hard is that we do not live together yet. Of course, we are planning to. Before that happens, I want to prepare myself as a wife. I consider this book, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know as a blessing. This is what I need and what every wife to be needs.

The 7 key virtues in the book called T-R-I-U-M-P-H will really help us to be a Godly wife. When we are Godly, all things will fall into its proper places. When we are Godly, we speak with words that are seasoned with salt. When we are Godly, we are able to cultivate the fruits of the spirit and therefore our actions are based on God's standards and what the Bible tells us to do.

T-R-I-U-M-P-H stands for Triumphant Perspective, Respect and Submission, Independence, Unconditional Love, Marital Intimacy, Prudence and Humility.These are the 7 things we wives need to take note of and apply each and every day. This is a great reminder to us all. You will even feel good about being a wife after reading the book.

 photo 7things_zpscjlmk5ri.jpg

I like that part when she mentioned that when we have heated arguments with our husbands, it is not our husband that we are actually quarreling with but it is Satan. And we should never ever listen to any doubts and bad whispers from Satan. Let us remember that God wants us to stay with our husbands for a lifetime and God wants us to be happy. So, we have to pray hard for God's guidance. I need this because I have frequent arguments with hubby these days and sometimes, I just stop and not entertain it at all especially that what he is saying isn't true. I just pray hard every time he is on it again.

If you are a wife or a wife to be or you want to give this lovely book of Viviene Bigornia as a gift to a friend, you can send the author an email at so you can get your own copy. This month, she is offering a 15% discount. So instead of  P395 it will only be P335 and that is free shipping! You can avail of this promo because this is only for the month of February.

Not from the Philippines? You can get this book from Amazon and it sure is worth the read. This will also be a perfect gift for yourself too!

After reading this book, I am sure I will be reading this over and over again as a reminder of myself that we have to be a Godly wife in order to have a successful marriage and a happy family with God in the center. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Book Review: Adventures of Ai

 photo book_intro-image_zpsf8a2967a.jpg

I always love reading because I feel like I am brought to a new world which I am unable to explore personally but is easy to reach with my imagination. I can recall that I would bring so many books from the library even if I cannot finish them all in one day because I was worried that others might borrow it too and I would wait for long before I can read them. From books and lovely stories I have learned so many things. As a matter of fact, I had my own adventures through the character's experiences. And I had the same experience again when I read the book, Adventures of Ai. I even felt like a tween again!

This eBook is perfect for kids aged 9-12 and for teens too. It starts with a modern setting which then progressed into the different adventures of the main character Ai. The story is interest provoking which will let surely make kids read it from page one to the end without letting it go. The tone of the book varies from the kids, to their father to Ai's point of view. Once you get to the part of Ai's adventures, you will surely finish it until the end to find out what happened to her.


 photo ai_cover_page_full_zps22a0dc8b.jpg

Ai means love in Japanese and this is something that we will feel and see all throughout the story. The story begins with a father telling his kids a story. He shared to the kids about an adventurous young Japanese girl named Ai who was on a mission to reunite with her father. During her mission, she encountered many challenges. In her adventures, she went with her faithful horse, a bluebird and a deer.  Ai showed us how to be independent, strong and how to value family and friendship. It also encourages us to never give up and that knowledge can bring us a long way.

About the Book

The book is written by Craig T. Bouchard, a New York Best-selling Author who created a unique transmedia entertainment event for kids. This book is an app for a video game named Ai's Adventures. This is actually my first time to see a book and game in one which is an interesting thing especially for today's generation. This book will be released on July 16 in six languages and distributed through one of the greatest 3D video games of 2014.

The Video Game

It is a 3D video game where kids will follow the adventures of Ai and solve problems and challenges from art, history, poetry, music, and mathematics.

For sure many kids will be able to play with it because it is compatible with  iOS, Android and Kindle. Before the game starts, kids can choose to play for their country. Scores you get from the game will be in the form of cash contributions that will be given to different charities. 

Proceeds from a global competition of kids playing the video game benefit children’s charities around the world, including Lurie Children’s Hospital, Misericordia Hearts of Mercy, The National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, K is for Kids, The Equestrian Challenge, Ashinaga Uganda Rainbow House, Operation Smile in China, Taipei Orphan Foundation and Maria Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan, The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Recovery in Japan, Cry and Magic Bus in India, Children’s Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation, and the Sony Foundation of Australia, and the Child Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. And this sure is a great thing too! You play and help at the same time.

You can get a copy of the books from Amazon, iTunes/iBooks Store, Google Play and Google Books.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: A Wonderful Day to Smile And To Dare!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Kids (and even adults) have wild imaginations. When I was a kid, I used to imagine monsters under my bed. I even think that someone is secretly staring at me while I sleep or someone is at my back while I am facing the mirror. But we both know that it is crazy. Well, I still think that way sometimes even if I am all grown-up (in age, but not in height).

I sometimes scare Bella at night so she could sleep (I know I’m kinda mean, but it is effective). I have no idea how she pictures these monsters but as expected, she really thinks they are scary and that they’ll gonna eat her if she will not sleep. Well then, I surely introduced to her the idea of monsters and sometimes, I wonder if it is good. There are cute monsters though like Mike Wasowski of Monsters Inc.

But one book changed the way she looks at monsters. A Wonderful Day to Smile And To Dare! by Bosmat Libovsky is a well-illustrated book with a wonderful fun story for children ages 3-8 (Bella is just 2.7 but she understands the story). You can see three monsters in the story and one girl which Bella refers to as “super” (it’s the cape). I read the story to her and she gets excited whenever the girl dares the monsters and eventually win.

The book is designed to help kids overcome their fears and difficulties which are actually their real life monsters. The Draw Me A Monster process is an effective way to empower kids and gives them the courage to face whatever they fear and whatever is stopping them from being happy. In this story, the girl has a positive attitude. Instead of being scared, she would laugh and smile to shoo the monsters away. But aside from that, she would do other “strategies” too so that the monster will be defeated. Other than the pictures, I like the tone of the book as they are written in rhymes which interests younger readers. I recommend that when you read it aloud, read it with the right expression so that the kids can easily relate.

Bella is still young and may not be aware of life difficulties and challenges just yet but she very well knows that there could be monsters that will scare her. I took a different approach in telling her the story.  Instead of that deeper meaning of what the book really is for, I encouraged her to shoo away her fear of monsters by smiling.

I told her that, “If you think there is a monster, do not be afraid. Smile and just laugh at them. Monsters doesn’t like kids who are not scared of them and they will just go away. If you defeat the monster, you will become SUPER!” Bella smiled and nodded. I think, after reading the story, Bella now knows how to shrug off the monsters that she oftentimes think of before bedtime (which is partly my fault and I fixed it already. So, don’t get mad at me.OK.)

Bella’s Reactions to the Book

If you’ll ask me if she  liked the  book, she actually loves it. Every time we open our desktop Kindle, she would ask for "The Girl".

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review: The Velveteen Rabbit Life Lessons That Make It Worth Keeping

I always loved reading even when I was younger. My mother would buy me books and she would choose those that have good stories and would give me some life lessons to ponder on. I was a Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley fan. I have read so many books about them. I would sneak to read Goosebumps and Animorphs because my Mom thinks these books aren't good for me. But there was one book that I really loved. The first time I read it, I fell in love with it that it is still with me up to this day.

It was a fine Saturday morning. I woke up late since we didn't have classes. We were entitled to extra hours sleep on weekends. I was 9 years old by then. My mom gave me some books which she just bought. It was still wrapped in a paper from the store. I was so happy that I almost skipped breakfast just to start reading them! Inside were two books, a Nancy Drew and another was a book with a picture of a little boy holding a rabbit in a Christmas setting. It was entitled, "The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams.

I was curious what this book is. We do not celebrate Christmas, why did Mom got me this book? Who is this Margery Williams? I only know Caroline Keene and all the other authors of the books that I usually read. With my curiosity, I read the book first before the other Nancy Drew novel. And guess what, I was happy I did.

The book is about the quest of a velveteen rabbit who wanted to be real. His wish came true through the love of the little boy. But the story isn't just that. There is more to it. I have learned a lot of important lessons that made this book very valuable. I quoted some lines from the book where we can find great lessons that are totally life changing.

Lessons from the Velveteen Rabbit

1. Love genuinely. "What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit. "When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real," said the Skin Horse.

As human beings, we were created from God's love and we have to live with love and by loving others because if not, we cease to being real. Becoming real entails genuine love. This isn't just about romantic love but this includes how your family and friend love you. If you feel unloved, look back to how your mother nurtured you, how you father spent time with you and how your friends helped you when they needed them the most.

2. You'll get hurt in loving. 'Does it hurt?' asked the Rabbit. 'Sometimes,' said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. 'When you are Real you don't mind being hurt.'

Getting hurt while loving someone is all part of it. It helps us see realism and will move us to better life decisions. Sometimes, we would sacrifice and take risks just for the people we love. In the end, when love is present, it can be totally worth it. Like what the Skin Horse said, pain is nothing when you real and when you are loved.

3. You are beautiful to those who truly love you. 'Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,' he asked, 'or bit by bit?' 'It doesn't happen all at once,' said the Skin Horse. 'You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

Beauty is nothing for those who truly loves you. For them, you will always be beautiful even if you commit mistakes. They can see your inner beauty and would even look for that tiny beautiful spark in you even if other people can only see darkness. When you love, you do not see other's weakness and defects. You will only see their beauty.

4. Once and for always. The Skin Horse says, "Once you become real you cannot become unreal again."

Love cannot be taken back once given. Once you love, your love will remain in that person. Once you found your real self, why would you have that desire to get lost again? Once you are you, you will always be you no matter what others say and no matter what they do. Once you are real to yourself, you can look even more real to others.

There are still other lessons that we can get from the book. Like how a person can be transformed because of love similar to the rabbits transformation from a stuffed toy to a real rabbit. If you will read the book and understand each word, each phrase, each line, you will surely be able to create a long list of life lessons that will remind you of the beauty of life and of living.

A Perfect Gift

This book is perfect for people of all ages especially those who feel unloved, for people who haven't seen their own value, for people who only see negativity in life and for people who find it hard to be real.

So, if you are looking for a perfect gift, this one is the best pick. Wrapping The Velveteen Rabbit as a present is like wrapping a gift of love, giving the readers a lifetime realization that could forever change the way they view life.

As for me, this is a book that I will never get tired of reading over and over again. I will wait for the day that my daughter could read so that I can pass this book to her and so she could get the lessons I learned from it. And I know, she will love this book same way as I did. This will be one of the perfect gifts I can give her even if it isn't new because it has more value than a toy or a new book. It can even mold her into a better person who is ready to love, get hurt and become real.

I definitely recommend one for kids and adults too. Do not be bothered seeing unhappy faces knowing that you have just given them a thin book about a rabbit because once they read it, they will thank you for it and they will feel how much you love them. Like me, they will realize why you gave the book to them. My mother really knows what is best for me. And as a mother, I know that this is also the best book for my daughter.