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Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: A Wonderful Day to Smile And To Dare!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Kids (and even adults) have wild imaginations. When I was a kid, I used to imagine monsters under my bed. I even think that someone is secretly staring at me while I sleep or someone is at my back while I am facing the mirror. But we both know that it is crazy. Well, I still think that way sometimes even if I am all grown-up (in age, but not in height).

I sometimes scare Bella at night so she could sleep (I know I’m kinda mean, but it is effective). I have no idea how she pictures these monsters but as expected, she really thinks they are scary and that they’ll gonna eat her if she will not sleep. Well then, I surely introduced to her the idea of monsters and sometimes, I wonder if it is good. There are cute monsters though like Mike Wasowski of Monsters Inc.

But one book changed the way she looks at monsters. A Wonderful Day to Smile And To Dare! by Bosmat Libovsky is a well-illustrated book with a wonderful fun story for children ages 3-8 (Bella is just 2.7 but she understands the story). You can see three monsters in the story and one girl which Bella refers to as “super” (it’s the cape). I read the story to her and she gets excited whenever the girl dares the monsters and eventually win.

The book is designed to help kids overcome their fears and difficulties which are actually their real life monsters. The Draw Me A Monster process is an effective way to empower kids and gives them the courage to face whatever they fear and whatever is stopping them from being happy. In this story, the girl has a positive attitude. Instead of being scared, she would laugh and smile to shoo the monsters away. But aside from that, she would do other “strategies” too so that the monster will be defeated. Other than the pictures, I like the tone of the book as they are written in rhymes which interests younger readers. I recommend that when you read it aloud, read it with the right expression so that the kids can easily relate.

Bella is still young and may not be aware of life difficulties and challenges just yet but she very well knows that there could be monsters that will scare her. I took a different approach in telling her the story.  Instead of that deeper meaning of what the book really is for, I encouraged her to shoo away her fear of monsters by smiling.

I told her that, “If you think there is a monster, do not be afraid. Smile and just laugh at them. Monsters doesn’t like kids who are not scared of them and they will just go away. If you defeat the monster, you will become SUPER!” Bella smiled and nodded. I think, after reading the story, Bella now knows how to shrug off the monsters that she oftentimes think of before bedtime (which is partly my fault and I fixed it already. So, don’t get mad at me.OK.)

Bella’s Reactions to the Book

If you’ll ask me if she  liked the  book, she actually loves it. Every time we open our desktop Kindle, she would ask for "The Girl".

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