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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY Craft: Carry Along Cardboard Box for Toys and Books

 photo TOYBOX_zpscdc08135.jpg

We have a two big boxes for Bella's toys. The box is even taller than Bella that whenever she gets her toys, she would seemingly disappear inside it. So, I thought of making her a box of her own. A smaller box that is which she can bring with her anywhere in the house. This way, she can play with her fave toys wherever she wants too without the hassle of digging into her huge boxes just to get them especially the Mini-Lalaloopsy dolls which are small.

Instead of buying a box from the store, I made one from a cardboard box that was no longer used. I'll share to you how I made it with a few pics that I took. You will need a box of course of whatever size. In my case, I looked for a box that would be easy for Bella to carry and could contain her favorite toys. Then gather some scrap wrapping papers. It will look nice with different patterns around it.

Once you have the box, tape the bottom part. Do not remove the flaps. Instead, tape it inside to make the box sturdier. I also added a cardboard on the bottom, again to make it sturdier. Tape around areas which needs "support". Lol.

 photo toybox5_zps49877930.jpg

Then cut a small rectangle on two sides that will serve as a handle. You can measure it so it will be of the same size. Don't worry, I was the one who did the cutting and all. Bella just took over when I was busy taking pictures.

 photo toybox6_zps88cbc317.jpg

Then take some patterned paper or gift wrappers. I have different prints available so I used a different pattern on every side.When I was done gluing the wrappers, I cut 1" red cartolina and glued it on all the edges of the box. Then I cut a rectangle with a rectangle hole for the handle. And the box is done!

 photo toybox3_zps6fc87104.jpg

I also made a box for her books too. This is a smaller box but it is actually heavier because of all the books she placed inside. And she wants me to read all these books for her bedtime stories. Imagine that?

 photo toybox8_zps4c978d66.jpg

Look at her huge smile. Really huge smile!Lol. With her boxes, she have learned to keep her stuffs in the proper boxes. That is why I used different colors for each box so that it is easy for her to identify which is which.

 photo toybox7_zps34a577a2.jpg

You can make your own box like this too. It is very easy to make with scrap papers that you have at home. I'm sure your kids will love it to have their own boxes for the things they love.