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Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY Crepe Paper Wall Flower Decors

Do you have a boring wall that you want to add some life and interesting appeal? There are so many ways to enhance the look of a wall. You can cover it with wallpaper, add a framed picture or a gallery, add a wall sculpture and even re-paint it. When painting, you can either paint it creatively combining different colors or add some texture to it.

Crepe Paper Flower

But you can also DIY some wall decors too. Yes, you can easily frame a photo but you can also make a flower that you can attach to the wall. This is what I did to my bedroom. There is a hole on the upper part of my wall because it was intended for an exhaust. Since, we don't need to install one anymore, I covered it with paper flowers.

It is very easy to make. And I want to share it with you. You can make something bigger or smaller ones- depending on what you need. For my crepe paper flowers wall decor, I made large ones because I need it to cover a hole on my wall.

What You Need:
Crepe Paper or Tissue Paper of different colors
String or ribbon
Cardboard as backing

How to Make Crepe Paper Flower

How to Make It:

1. First, cut the edge of the crepe paper with a scissor forming a curve. You can also cut it with a pointed design to get a different look for the flowers. Do the same with another color which should be shorter in length than the other one.
2. Top the shorter paper on the longer one. Make sure their curves are aligned.
3. Start folding them together in pleats, as seen on the picture.
4. When you are done folding, tie the center part with a ribbon or a string.
5. Slowly spread the paper and meet both ends together to form a circle.
6. Then pull the edges upward so it will bloom.
7. Pull all the edges for both the larger petals and the smaller petals.
8. Then, attach it to the cardboard or you can just install it directly to your wall.

For my flowers, I made three with different sizes. I added a gold circle which I glued on top. You can also add some strips of paper on top too like what I did with mine. I glued all three flowers on the cardboard before I installed it on the wall. Pretty easy, right?

You can make one for your home too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Make a Hawaiian Grass Skirt

I have mentioned before that Bella was having a Ballet class for summer. I didn't know that they also have Hawaiian dance too. But that is a good thing. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. At least she'll learn two different dances this summer. So, when we talk about Hawaiian dance, we will never miss the grass skirt, the flower crowns and all the floral accessories. It actually sounds fun and exciting to make all of them.

We have to start with the grass skirt. A grass skirt could  be made from synthetic grass-like string like the plastic twine which we will use for Bella's grass skirt. Others use tulle, rafia, ribbons or even paper. But for me, the best material for a grass skirt is the plastic twine. It looks nice when the user sways here hips. Actually, if the skirt is really full, it would sway with minor movements.

So, today, we I will show you how to make a grass skirt through pictures. I'm telling you, this is so easy! You'd surely feel good after making one.

how to make a grass skirt

What You Need:
Plastic Twine (different colors if desired)
Garter ( I used 5/16" garter for mine)
...and plenty of patience and time! lol

What to Do:

1. First, you have to measure around the waist of your daughter or whoever is going to wear it. You have to measure just along or below the belly button. I had a pink garter and so I used it for this. Remember that a garter is stretchable. So, see to it that you stretch a little around the waist and then leave a few inches for allowance. Then, gather your plastic twine.

how to make a grass skirt

2. Measure the length of the skirt. The length of your twine is twice the length from the belly button to the ankle. It is done this way because you would fold it into two when tying it on the garter. Cut your twine with that length. Example: Length from waist to ankle is 18", you would cut a twine with that is 36". Take note that you will still knot it the top, so add a little allowance too. Like you can make it around 37" inches. For this skirt, I measured it a little above the ankle.

how to make a grass skirt

3. Now get your garter. Do not sew or knot the garter together yet. Start tying the twine. Fold your string in half creating a loop at the top. Then bring the twine into the loop. You call this the  Larkshead Knot. Watch here for a video of how to do the knot: Lark's Head Knot Video.

how to make a grass skirt

4.  Now add some more strings and place them side by side. Make sure that you tie them close to each other.
 photo IMGP1492_zpslqjpee7z.jpg

5. So, this is how the grass skirt looks like after tying plenty of twines. Your grass skirt is about to finish.
 photo IMGP1493_zps6vbkpfcs.jpg

6.  When done, try measuring the skirt again around the user then sew the garter or tie a knot.
how to make a Hawaiian grass skirt

7. Then here is the result. You already have a skirt. Piece of cake!
how to make a Hawaiian grass skirt

8. But it doesn't end there. You have shred the twine. There are two ways to do it. You can shred it manually by hand as shown.
how to make a Tahitian grass skirt

Or you can use a comb in shredding. What I don't like about using a comb is that, some twines are torn and are left in the comb. So, you have to do it carefully. But you will be able to finish shredding quickly using a comb.
grass skirt

For this skirt, I used both methods but I shredded by hand on most parts. You will can see in the above image the difference of the shredded part and the non-shredded twines. the shredded ones are at the top of the skirt.

When you are done shredding, this is how your grass skirt will look like.

how to make a grass skirt

You can be creative with the colors too. And don't forget to decorate it. Add tassels, flowers and whatever you can think of. This is just the basic how-to of a grass skirt. Decorating depends on you. Or I can also post a how to decorate a grass skirt and make other Hawaiian accessories.

Here is Bella trying her grass skirt on.

Hawaiian grass skirt

I'm not going to decorate Bella's grass skirt yet. I'll do that if her recital is already nearing. Lol. Because the tassels and other decors might not look pretty anymore by the day of her recital. You know how toddlers move. But I'll still think of it though. If I am on the mood, I'd decorate here grass skirt earlier. Lol!

Hope you found this tutorial useful! Don't forget to give me some Facebook love or Subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates of what is new on the blog!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 Amazing DIY Bunny Craft Videos To Try Right Now

easter bunny crafts

I can see so many bunny crafts everywhere. It just look so fun and cute to see them all! I guess both parents and kids are into making all these bunny crafts these days because of Easter. I don't celebrate that but it is just nice to see these cute bunny creations. There is really something about bunnies that are so sweet and charming. Do you agree?

So, I searched for some videos in YouTube that could teach you some fun bunny crafts. They may look hard in the final output but they are actually easy to make. Enjoy the videos below!

Here is a Puppet and a Decoration in one. It looks sparkly!

An pretty easy bunny mask for kids. You can ask them to help you in making this.

Want your bunny to be digging the rabbit hole? Try this one.

A Pompom bunny and chicks would look overly cute together. I'm sure you'll agree with me after seeing this video:

Oh I love origami! This one is definitely doable just follow the steps carefully.

These bunny bookmarks are so cute!

When I saw this, I suddenly missed making characters from eggs. I used to make different faces using eggs. I promise to share that to you next time. But I don't used hard boiled eggs. I use egg shells.

Now here is a bunny made from a golf ball!

You can make this bunny basket with your kids. It looks very lovely!

THIS! I always want to try this one and Bella had been asking for stuffed bunny or doll from me. Look at this one, it is so adorable!

So, did you enjoy watching these videos? Which of the above bunny crafts would you try? Me, I'm going to make the stuffed bunny from socks and the bookmarks too!

But before you go, here is a DIY bunny made from toilet paper roll that you can make for your little one. My daughter loves this!

easter bunny crafts

Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Craft: 10 Minutes Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

We have many toilet paper rolls that either end up in Bella's toy box or in the trash can. I can actually see these rolls anywhere because my little girl is fond of playing with it. I always wanted to make something from these but I am so busy that I can't do it. As a matter of fact, there are so many ideas in my mind but I just don't have the time to make it.

Until one day, I was able to make one. Before we left for dinner with Daddy, I made Bella a cute bunny from toilet paper roll all for the sake of her storytelling about the Turtle and the Hare. I know we all know that fable wherein the turtle and the hare had a race.

Well, she had a turtle that she made during one of her playdates. To complete her characters, I made her a hare. And she was very happy!

toilet paper roll crafts

It was just a quick craft. If you look at it, you can easily get how it was made. I actually just cut pieces from cartolinas in different colors. Just let your imagination play and you will be able to create your own bunny from toilet paper roll.

Since I didn't have paint and wouldn't have time to paint, I just wrapped a white paper around the roll and glued it inside. Then I cut two pink ears and added a white part to the ears too using paper. The face of the bunny was the next thing I worked on. Two circles for the eyes, six long rectangles for the whiskers, a heart for the nose and a triangle for the mouth with a rectangle tooth. You are actually just playing with shapes!

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

The last thing I added was the feet. I purposely made it big. And it looked cute when you let it hop! You can also skip the feet part if you want to. It already looked like a bunny anyway.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

After making this toilet paper roll bunny, I would be making other crafts using this material because like what I said, they are everywhere in the house! I hope I could make more!

I have actually made some spiders using toilet paper roll. You can headover to it too. It comes with an easy to follow step by step instruction too!

I wish I have taken a video of Bella while telling the Turtle and Hare story. The next time she is in the mood to tell the story, I'll make sure that I have a cellphone or camera on hand. And I will show it to you! Lol. Hope you loved this craft I shared to you today. Don't forget to share it with friends or Pin for later!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Craft: Paper Crown for Your Little Princess

DIY Paper crown

My princess. Bella will always be my princess even if she grows up. We all treat our kids like royalty because of how much we love them. We give them everything that will make them happy and that would make them better individuals in the future. 

And talking about giving them what makes them happy, this little girl of mine had been asking for a heart hat. Yup, anything that she can put on her head with hearts.

DIY paper crown

And so, I made her this very easy paper crown with hearts. I was actually thinking of a different kind of hat of I just thought that a paper crown would be better since she is my princess.

how to make a paper crown

Like I said, making this is very easy. All you need are strips of paper. Make three strips wherein the other one is thicker which would go around the head. First you have to make a ring using the thicker strip. Place it around your child's head to make sure it will fit. Then get the two other strips and cross them on top while taping the edges to the ring.

When you are done forming your crown, decorate!

princess crafts

I knew I didn't need to make a step by step instruction for this because merely looking at the crown will give you the idea on how it is made. And here is a closer look at the crown below.

how to make a crown for kids

You can decorate it using whatever you want. If you wonder where I got the gold paper, it is actually an excess of a paper which I sprayed with gold metallic paint before. Instead of throwing it, I just keep it because I know I could use it. And it went to the paper crown.

paper crown

paper crown

Look at how happy my little princess is with her paper crown! I will still make her another crown soon and of course, I will share it here with you too.

Crowns like this are not just easy to make but is extremely cheap too. You can use whatever paper is available in your home. And just be creative!

So, go ahead and make one! And when you do, don't forget to share it to me through the comment section or in our Facebook Page.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Craft: How to Make Flowers from Pleated Ribbons

Fabric flower

I had some box pleated ribbons in my craft kit and I always wanted to make some flowers using them. It is very easy to use actually. Since I was making a matching necklace for me and Bella, I thought of making a flower using those ribbons. And I will share to you how I made them. What you need are the following:

how to make Fabric flower

And here is the easy steps to make it:

how to make Fabric flower

1. Do a running stitch to the ribbon using your needle and thread.
2. Sew all the way to where you want to end. Make sure you can meet both ends of the ribbon.
3. Pull the thread to meet the ends of the ribbon and sew together to close it.
4. I did the same to the other ribbon too.
5. Then I sewed the ribbon flowers together.
6. Here is the result after sewing both flowers together.
7. Add a backing using a another ribbon or just anything round. A felt is better. (Sorry for the photo. Lol. I honestly just added a circle because I forget to take a picture of the back part. Too late it was already glued on the necklace. Lol. But I know you can get the picture!)
8. And then add the centerpiece. Even buttons will look lovely.

Now, what are these flower ribbons for? You can use them to make hair clips for your little one. Just add a clip at the back area and it is a clippy. You can also make a brooch out of them. In my case, I used it for a necklace. I'm going to share to you how I made the necklace too.

Easy, right? Now make your own or Pin for later!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

37 DIY Pendat Lights to Illuminate Your Homes

I am back. I had been away for a very long time because my daughter got sick and was brought to the hospital. Good thing she is okay now and I am trying to go back to blogging again after two weeks of being away. I have created a round-up of DIY pendant lights before but wasn't able to share it to you at once. So, I will be sharing it with you today. I know you will be surprised and impressed of this list!

Cup Lights

1. Cute teacups and saucers from Gregory Bonasera that will lighten up your space!

Gummy Bear Chandelier
2. The gummy bears aren't the yummy ones but these are acrylic bears that Kevin Champeny used. Looked real!

Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lights
3. Sugar and Cloth shows us that a cardboard can be as gorgeous as this!

DIY Quilt Light
4. Here is another pendant light made from cardboard. A brilliant idea from The Design Files!

Paper Orb Lights
5. Featured in Design Sponge, this one uses paper cups to create a lovely lighting!

Pom-Pom Pendant
6. Gather pompom yarns together and you will get a light like this one from A Subtle Revelry.

DIY Yarn Pendant Light
7. Yarns can also look as fab as this by wrapping it around a balloon. Made by Girl

Paper Starburst Pendant Light
8. Make one for yourself using paper! Gabrielle Guy was very creative indeed to come up with this lighting!

Drum Chandelier
9. Music lovers will be happy with what Ludwig metals have done to this drum set!

D.I.Y. Oversized Fabric Garland Chandelier
10. A Beautiful Mess always impressed me with her DIYs just like this one made from different fabrics!

DIY Recycled TetraBox Lamp
11. Eskayel teaches us to recycle and turn those food and beverage containers into a pendant light!

Lace lamp/Doiliy Lamp – DIY
12. Overlap doilies around a balloon and you will get a pendant light like what Dosfamily did.

DIY Rope Pendant Lamp
13. Love Maegan brought in a beach-y or nautical feel to her home with this lighting using ropes.

Plastic Bottle Chandelier
14. Another way to recycle is to use plastic bottles to make a fab lighting! Thanks to Michelle Brand for the idea!

Hanger Lights
15 Natalie Sampson showed us that putting together some hangers can turn it into a lighting!

Soda Can Tab Diagonal Pendant
16. Don't throw away the tabs from canned beverages because you can turn it into a beautiful piece like this from The 3rs Blog.

DIY Metal Sheet Light
17. Be Cleverly Inspired and give your home an industrial feel using metal sheets!

DIY Geometric Light
18. Weekday Carnival used bended metallic tube to create a geometric light for modern touch.

Plastic Cup Lamp
19. You will feel Bit of Green by combining plastic cups together for your pendant light!

Globe Pendant Lamp
20. Stacie gave us an idea on how to create lighting fit for a travel themed bedroom.

Mason Jar Lights
21. Anyone who loves mason jars will like this one from We Design Studios.

DIY Pendant Lamp Of Enameled Colander
22. If you have a colander that you no longer use, Shelterness teaches us how to make use of them.

Bright Beads Pendant Lights
23. Marzdesigns shows us a tutorial on how to make this beautiful bright beads pendant light.

Fresh Flower Pendant Light DIY
24. Give your home some fresh aura with this pendant light from Paper n Stitch Blog

Paper Scraps
25. Another lighting made from paper as featured in Design*Sponge.

Wooden Chandelier
26. Brit + Co. is one of my fave blogs especially for DIYs because they are just awesome like this wooden beads pendant light.

Utensil Holder Pendant
27. Bring your utensil holder to your ceiling by turning it into a pendant light. Thanks toTake the Side Street for the idea!
West Elm Inspired Globe Pendant
28. A West Elm Inspired Globe Pendant by Mad in Crafts using two salad bowls.
Cube Pendant Light
29. Pretty party lights using wood to form the shape designed by Vintage Revivals
Halo Light Pendant
30. Quirky halo lights that go around the bulbs! Another one from A Beautiful Mess.
Pendant Tassel Light
31. If you love tassels then you will like what A Subtle Revelry did to this one!
>Concrete Pendant Lamps
32. If you haven't tried making something from concrete, this one from Brit + Co. might urge you to try!
DIY Artichoke Pendant Light
33. Zipper Lighting has different lighting like this that are covered by paper scallops.
Dollar Pendant Light
34. Mark Montano used two bowls in making this one and added butterflies for more fun!
DIY Eames Inspired Bohemian Pendant Lamp
35. DIY Eames Inspired Bohemian Pendant Lamp from Love Maegan that is really a true charmer!
DIY Button Pendant Light
36. Sew buttons together and make a pendant light like this from Pretty Handy Girl.
Ombre Pendant Lamp
37. Inexpensive white paper lanterns can look this great! Know how Design Love Fest did it!

What a list! You can really make whatever you want to make with just anything you find in the house as long as you are creative! I am working on my bedroom and I was looking for DIY lighting to make. That is why I decided to make this round-up for you. Which is your favorite lighting? Which one would you give a try?