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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Adorable Disney Palace Pets Your Little Princess Will Love!

Disney Palace Pets

This is the new found love of Bella. Lol! Well, she just discovered how cute and adorable the Palace Pets are. We already love the Disney Princesses but these adorbs pets are something that would soon end up in Bella's toy box because she had been eyeing some Palace Pet toys in the mall.

But I love the cartoon version of the Palace Pets because they look really cute. I could stare at them for a long time!

Disney Palace Pets

I love the idea that each princess had their own pets. I guess some have two or pets. Here, I am going to show you some pets owned by each princess.

Cinderella and Bibbidy

This is Cinderella's Bibbidy wearing a carriage crown. I like her color in pink and blue but Bibbidy's favorite color is white.

Snow_White and Berry

This pretty bunny named Berry is Snow White's pet with stunning golden accents.

Rapunzel and Blondie

Rapunzel has her own pony too named Blondie. Yes, the color of this pony matches Rapunzel's long hair!

 Belle and Teacup

Teacup is a beautiful dog with pink bows and roses owned by Belle.

 Bloom and Aurora

Aurora won't be sleeping all day anymore. She can also spend the day riding on her gorgeous purple pony Bloom with swirly curls!

 Jasmine and Sultan

Who wouldn't know Sultan? The every loyal friend and pet of Princess Jasmin.

 Ariel and Matey

When Ariel got her feet, she could also take care of pets too like Treasure and his cute purple puppy Matey she found near the harbor.

Mulan and Lychee.jpg

Lychee is a brave pony owned by a brave princess, Mulan.

Pocahontas and Windflower

I find Windflower really beautiful with its feathery crown. This is a pet owned by Pocanhontas.

Lovely, right? As of now, there are 26 Disney Palace Pets. I don't know if they will still add more. Maybe. Remember I was talking about toys? Here are some Palace Pet toys that I would get for my little one who are so into these cutie pets!

Disney Princess Palace Mini Pets Doll (Set 1)

Disney Princess Palace Mini Pets Doll (Set 1)

Disney Princess Palace Mini Pets (Set 2)

Disney Princess Palace Mini Pets (Set 2)

Disney Princess Palace Pets Deluxe Figure Play Set - New
Disney Princess Palace Pets Deluxe Figure Play Set - New

Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper Spa Playset
Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper Spa Playset

After seeing all this, you will surely understand why my Bella likes the Disney Palace Pets so much. Yup, they are so so so adorable! Are your kids into these too?

Images from: Disney Palace Pets Wikia

Disclosure: Affiliate links included in the above post.