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Monday, October 10, 2016

How to Order Stunning Flower Online on Time for any Occasion?

Planning to order flowers online? I know that is easy but here are tips that will surely help you get the perfect flowers from the right florist just on time for your special occasion.

How to Order Flower Online

Ordering flowers online can be a tricky business. When it started first there was a lot of confusion regarding the whole process and many a times when customers got the wrong bouquet delivered or received withered flowers, they deemed it better to walk over to the local store. But as online orders gained momentum it was becoming increasingly possible for timely and correctly delivery of the orders. With the booming of online florist business, these shops have mushroomed like crazy and it has become easier to order flowers online with each passing day.

But how do you choose the right online flower shop for ordering for your loved ones? Will it be possible for you to sit in your own home and order the perfect flowers for your sweetheart? Well, the answer is yes. Now, you can choose from a wide range of flowers online to deliver the perfect one to your sweetheart. There are a variety of services associated with flower deliveries but each comes at a price and choosing a pricier florist may guarantee you results that you otherwise won’t get. There are a few tips and tricks you can employ to buy flowers online. Check them out in this article to order the best flowers.

How to pick the right florist at end moment for an occasion?

• There are three main types of florists who sell their ware online and these are broadly classified as organizations which are actual florists; they have stores and websites through which flowers can be ordered online. These are generally third-party websites.

They have the best knowledge about flowers as they have their stores. They offer a huge array of flowers with their prices to choose from and also make sure that there is guaranteed customer satisfaction. They offer same day or next day delivery as their inventory is huge and have local stores through which flowers can be delivered.

How to Order Stunning Flower Online

• The next one is the flower shipper. They are the ones who ship flowers by air overnight. They send raw flowers and the recipient have to cut the stems and arrange the flowers for themselves. Of course, this is only suitable for some occasions and offices or other places like hospitals.

This is much cheaper than ordering from a local florist and in many cases these flowers will be fresher as they have their stems intact. But overnight deliveries will of course have quality problems associated with it. They are generally not available for delivery on the same day.

• Other sellers include people who forward your order to a florist and act as a communicator between you two. They are generally middle men who do not have knowledge about flowers and only make sure you get to the company they have agreed to work with, forwarding your case to the first kind of florists they have. It is best not to start with them. You can order from them later when you have got more experience.

Remember that too little or too much choice can both be harmful when you are trying to buy from an online florist. You should also keep in mind that a respected florist will keep many options but the website will be easy to navigate with a secure transaction domain.

How to Order Flower Online

There are also other pointers like collaborations with good florists which will help you choosing the florist. You can also check whether they have received a certificate of excellence from any group.

Taking advantage of online flower delivery services is a grand way to go about the matter. By this, it is easy to spot the various flower delivery services that will see to it that your flowers are delivered to any portion of the world timely.

Disclosure: This is a guest post. Images are provided by contributor.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Life of a Mother’s Day Bouquet of Roses: How Flowers Are Prepared

When you ring up the florist and order a delivery of roses for your mom for Mother’s Day, do you ever wonder where they came from? As we all know, the flower business is a billion dollar industry, so the steps from grower to your mom’s front door needs to be fast enough to keep the flowers fresh.

So let’s take a look at how a dozen roses winds its way from the rose farm all the way across the country to grace your mother’s table on Mother’s Day.

flower bouquet

What happens on rose farms?

Most of the roses sold in Australia are actually home grown, which is really good to know. It gives us a warm glow inside when we know that we are supporting local industries. Roses can grow throughout Australia, so long as they are protected from the wind, receive at least 4 hours of sunlight a day and have a rich, moist soil with lots of nutrients. 

flower farms

Most rose bushes are at least 2 years old, producing lots of beautiful rose buds for the cut flower industry and are grown in greenhouses to protect them from insect infestation.

Since Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May every year, wholesalers need to predict the number of roses they will need next year. This helps the growers to ensure that they have enough mature bushes ready for harvesting to supply the predicted market.

Once the growers know how many roses are needed for next year’s Mother’s Day, they can calculate when and how often the rose bushes need to be pruned during the year to ensure that the roses bud on time for Mother’s Day. 

The key to fresh roses is keeping them cold

When the roses are cut from the bushes on the farms they are immediately placed in special chilled boxes that keeps them at a constant temperature. This temperature is maintained throughout their journey to the wholesaler or retail florist store, as this is the only way that the freshness of the roses can be maintained.

mothers day flowers

Chilling the roses basically keeps them in suspended animation, giving them a much longer shelf life than if they were kept at room temperature. Some roses are flown across Australia and others are imported, but regardless of whether they are transported by air or road, the roses need to be kept chilled in their boxes at all times.

Arriving at the wholesalers or retail florists

Even when the flowers arrive at their destination, they need to be kept chilled in refrigerated storerooms or else they will begin to deteriorate. As you can see, the refrigerated supply chain for fresh roses is vital to ensuring that your mother’s bouquet looks absolutely fabulous on Mother’s Day - you can send flowers to anyone in Melbourne or anywhere across the country and they will still be as fresh as the day they were cut on the farm.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Home Decor Ideas for Busy Moms: How to Decorate with Flowers

Even busy moms could enhance the look of their homes through many different ways. It doesn't mean that just because you are busy, you can no longer make your home beautiful. Merely adding photos on the walls or putting new cushion covers could already add appeal to a home's interior. You can also try to display your collections which adds personality to your space.

decorating with flowers

But there is one nice and easy way to decorate your home. That is by adding flowers or plants. Doing that can add a refreshing aura to your space and there is more than just one way to decorate with fresh flowers. Of course, you can use paper flowers or other faux flowers but fresh ones have a different magical impact to your space. 

How to Decorate with Flowers

Let us see how you can add fresh flowers in different areas of the house.

Dining Room

Flowers are usually seen in the dining room as a centerpiece. You can order a flower arrangement or make one that will fit the look of your interior. Others add different vases that contains various flowers instead of adding just one.

 photo 1-flower_zps0tciohhu.jpg

Living Room

What I noticed here is the beautiful vase. Yes, the design of your vase has a huge impact to your flower decors too. Even white flowers can look lovely as you can see in this living room.

 photo 2-flower_zpsvwqdxsu9.jpg


You can also add flowers in the bedroom too. Like the photo, flowers were added on both sides of the bed. If you have a bedroom lounge, you can place flowers on the coffee table as a centerpiece too.

 photo 3-flower_zpsfpfebkpk.jpg


Who said you can't add flowers in the kitchen? Look at what they did here. Aside from the flowers on the vase, they hang dried flowers too. Sweet!

 photo 4-flower_zpsil5hx0ns.jpg


The bathroom will look refreshing if you add flowers in it. You can try plants as well. But do not overdo it.

 photo 5-flower_zpspps9wert.jpg


One good way to welcome guests to the home is to add flowers to the entryway. Be creative with the way you arrange flowers to make it look more attractive.

 photo 6-flower_zps6mukmbdj.jpg

You can always pick flowers from your own garden or buy from the market. If you don't have time to do that, why not try Flowers For Everyone online florist which can deliver a beautifully arranged flower right on your doorstep. Yes, there are services like this that is hassle-free and will save a lot of your time.

Therefore, you don't have an excuse of not being able to decorate your home because simply adding flowers is an easy way to do that. Aside from having perfectly arranged flowers in your home, you can also make other busy moms happy by sending them pretty flowers to add a fresh aura to their home, too.

Image Credit: 1.Michele Peterson-AMA Interiors, 2. Rikki Snyder, 3. Jeff Andrews Design, 4. Doug Towle, 5. Clemens Bruns Schaub/Architects & Associates P.A. ,6. Rikki Synder

Monday, December 15, 2014

For the Love of Flowers: 9 New Autumnal Collections of Bouquets

I know that most of of love flowers. They look beautiful when they are just grown but once they are creatively arranged with other flowers, they look even lovelier. We have here a guest post that tells us something about autumnal bouquets. 


 photo flowers_zpsa9b6e7d6.jpg

It’s autumn, which means that the leaves are crisping up and the flowers and flora are preparing themselves for a nice cool change to come. The delicate flowers, the ones that and the more sensitive blooms are going to be on hiatus for a few months to come, so while they’re doing their thing you can take advantage of some of the more awesome flowers like the bulbs and below-ground dwellers. These are the flowers that really shine in the colder weather, so while it’s cool you should take advantage of these once a year beauties! If you’re looking to buy them in season you’d do well to know which ones grow in the autumn too, so if you feel like growing them yourself you can.

The flowers that you’re going to be getting in the cooler months are as follows:

Salvias are the first on the list. These little babies are usually very easy to cultivate, growing quickly and flowering readily, so there’s not much waiting around for the performance to begin. Once you’ve got them in your garden you’ll be blessed with a whole range of awesome blooms that last for a while, so they’re really worth their while.

Echinacea is next up. Not only a herb that’s credited with being awesome for you, there’s also some excellent flowers to be had from the plan. In the garden you’ll find that the flowers are excellent attracting butterflies, bees and other beautiful flying insects to the garden. As well as this, the Echinacea flowers are also very good for cutting and using in the home.

Third on the list is the camellia plant. The beautiful camellia flower is synonymous with the very beginning of autumn. As well as signalling the start of autumn, the camellia grows very well in part shade, and so it well suited to a garden bed that is only getting morning or afternoon sun. You can grow this one as a colourful hedge, feature plant or pot plant.

Hibiscus is an awesome addition to the bouquet you can grow and use. If you can find a warm and sheltered spot you’ll find that these beautiful blooms make a lovely addition to any bouquet. Hibiscus is the flower that keeps on giving.

Tibouchina are a bloom that flowers very heavily at any time during spring and autumn, or basically when the weather is a little bit cooler. You should choose a spot in your garden that takes advantage of the heavy flowering, so that you can take the most advantage of the spots.

Gordonia will see you experiencing some excellent flowers throughout the months of autumn. The beautiful flowers of the Gordonia will stand out against the dark leaves of the plant, and will also give you double value when the flowers fall, because they lie in a circle around the plant and look extra pretty.

Chrysanthemum are also a delightful addition to your garden, with a range of colours giving you bold splashes of colour to inject some autumn life into your garden. These flowers are perfect for your garden in late summer, and also in autumn. 

No matter what you choose for your garden, or for your bouquet, remember that autumn flowers are just as satisfying and beautiful as any other kind of spring or summer flower, and you’re well placed to choose some beautiful blooms with the right guidance. This is just a handy snippet of the ways in which you can choose the best flowers from the beast florists such as Fresh Flowers for your autumn needs.  


I guess you learned a lot from this post today. Well, some information is new to me too. It is just amazing that these flowers can look even more gorgeous when artistically placed together. What can you say about autumnal bouquets?