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Saturday, January 2, 2016

5 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good for Your Child

Even before my daughter Bella started going to school, I had always considered home schooling as an option because there were things I was afraid of. First, I didn't want to leave her alone in school because I am afraid that something not good might happen while I am away. Second, I am alarmed by the many different violence that occur even in schools. Thirds, I wanted to see her learn so I can determine which aspects she needs improvement. But we did send her to school now because I honestly didn't know how homeschooling works in our country.

As I research more about homeschooling, it really does sound good to me especially because of my worries. Although I can see that my daughter is enjoying school, I can also feel that she will be more relaxed when learning in the house like what most kids who study in their homes experience.

advantages of homeschooling

There are many benefits as well as advantages of homeschooling which could be the reason why many parents prefer it than sending their kids to school. Here are some reasons why homeschooling can be good for your child:

1. Freedom.

This is the number one reason why some parents prefer to home school. There is a lot of freedom. The child can choose when and what to study. It can also be based on her interest, ability and maturity level. Even the parents can enjoy this freedom too without the need to wake up so early to get a child to school or to manage their time depending on the school calendar. The family can even take vacations anytime they want.

2. Closer family ties.

Of course, your kids will always be close to you because they are always home and you are always there to watch over them. You will not feel that your kids are starting to be cold because they always want to spend time outside with friends. You can also spend more time together as well.

3. Provides a safe environment.

You will also feel at ease that your kids will not be exposed to bullies, teasing, peer pressure, bad influence and even violence. You are there to guide them all the way.

4. Education is tailored based on kid's needs.

In school, they follow a certain curriculum and teach according to that no matter what is the level of the children because they are taught as a group. But in homeschooling, the kid's strength, weaknesses, learning styles and interests are being assessed and customized to maximize such. With this, the kids are motivated to learn. Homeschooling is more about getting knowledge and not merely about acquiring good grades. Also, what is covered in a classroom for a week can be covered for a few hours in homeschooling since it isn't "task learning."

5. Kids are well-rested.

There is no pressure. Your kids can rest and sleep when they want. Sometimes, the effect of waking up early to go to school is devastating to kids especially if they are not morning persons. After school, they would need to study and do some homework during the night. This will make them feel tired and exhausted. There will be no busy schedules too.

Kids who are homeschooled actually excel and can even perform better than those who go to school because they get one-on-one tutoring and they are taught with love. According to a research by the National Home Education Research Institute, kids who receive home education "typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests" and "score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income."

It also added that the "home-educated students typically score above average on the SAT and ACT tests that colleges consider for admissions and they are "increasingly being actively recruited by colleges."

This means that kids will never be "behind" by homeschooling. As a matter of fact, they are even "ahead" than those in schools since it isn't just their knowledge that is being developed but even their character as well.


I found out that there are many companies and even websites where we can get resources and guides to home school our kids just like This way, kids can just learn at home depending on when they want it. It would indeed be nice to do that to my daughter! This way, I can watch her learn and grow without worrying about any harm or bad influence.

So, if you are like me who is thinking of homeschooling your child, you can look into the benefits you and your child can get from doing it. Of course, consider the cons too before you finally decide to get into it!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why I Am Afraid to Send my Daughter to School

While looking at my three year old daughter, I can feel how time flies. She is tall and smart and all! She really is someone I dreamed to have as a daughter. This year, she will be going to school. Actually, she always wanted to go to school but I think she deserves to spend more time playing and watching videos and other fun stuffs in the house. Because when she is already studying, she would spend more time in school.

There are mornings when she wakes up saying,

"Mommy, it is Monday. I want to go to school." 

What should a good mommy say to her? No? Because she really isn't in school yet? Or yes, just to make her happy? I say both. Lol. If No doesn't work, then I'll try Yes. But actually, whatever is the answer, she would still insist to go to school the whole day.

As a matter of fact, she would put on her clothes, her shoes and wear her Minnie Mouse backpack. She'll be in a "going mode" for a few hours then she will forget it once she sees her favorite cartoon in TV or in YouTube. I really owe the TV screen and the computer monitor a lot.

Last year, we tried to send her to school but the school where we want her in cannot accept her yet because she was just two. They didn't have playschool too. I didn't insist because I also think she is too young. But at her young age, she already knows her phonetics and could read. She can count 1-20, know her shapes, body parts, colors and others. I know she is very prepared for school. She might even get bored because she already know the lessons just like what happened when I sent her to a Reading summer class last year.

why i am afraid to send my daughter to school

So this adorable daughter of mine is going to school this year. And to be honest, I am afraid.  I have fears of letting her stay in school while I am not around. What comes into my mind are the violence happening around us. The shooting incidents in schools, the bullying, the kidnapping and all. I know I am thinking too much negative stuff but we have to accept the fact that this are happening and have occurred in some schools. We know there are people who don't fear God and doesn't have a heart even for children. I am really afraid. Super duper mega afraid. But I am not saying that this is going to happen here, I am just scared because of what is happening all around the world. I know you know what I mean.

Are schools still safe? I don't know. What if another earthquake happens while she is in school? What if there would be another tsunami alert in our area? Would I be able to fly and get her to safety?

What if some won't like her in school? Well, she is a friendly type but we have to recognize the reality that some kids are brats (lol). I am worrying that she might get pushed in the playground or someone might get her pencil and just anything that might hurt her or annoy her or make her feel bad.

Many things happen in school. A lot really. I've been there. We've all been there. Yes, we learn not just academic stuff but even how to live and to be a better person. I just hope we could send her to a school that will mold her into a good person same way as we brought her up in the house. And I hope, she'll be smarter and not duller when in school. This worries me too because sometimes, teachers and classmates make kids duller (just an observation). That is why we have to decide on which school she could go.

But in truth, I don't want to let her to go to school. I am thinking of homeschooling because of all the worries I have.

But then again, she might feel like she was deprived of something "normal" to her age and something that is experienced by the majority. Since there isn't homeschooling in our area, I have no choice but send her to school.


Forgive a mom that worries too much.

I need milk or coffee or coffee with milk.

Did you worry about the day your kid's started going to school too?