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Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Foodie: Heart Shaped Pancakes

Bella love pancakes so much. She feels so happy every time I make pancakes for her but I also see to it that she enjoy every pancake moment. I tried exploring different ways to do it like adding colors, trying different toppings like the colorful pancakes I shared with you before.

But, of all the pancakes, the heart shaped ones are her favorite. Well, I have a thing for hearts that is why I have a heart ring molder that I use for cooking eggs and pancakes too. It is nice to see a heart foodie on the plate!

Pink Pancake Hearts

Simply adding colors to your pancake could be so much fun. Why don't you try pink hearts? Even blue hearts will look yummy! I did this using heart rings too and Bella loved eating them. She didn't want to eat the round ones, only the heart shaped pancakes. 


Hahaha! So, you believed me now that she loved the pink heart pancakes? Trivia: It wasn't easy to get the picture of the pancakes above because Bella kept on getting Crumbs from the plate and she kept on eating the I needed to hide just to take the photo.

Pancake Hearts Chocolate Overload

In making this, all you have to do is follow the usual pancake recipe and add some cocoa powder into it. For the white filling, I used a little flour, milk and sugar mixed together on s boiling water until they are a bit sticky. Then, finish the love with some chocolate syrup on it. Now, that is chocolate overload!

Eating pancakes will no longer be boring if you experiment with them. Why don't you try it too?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little Luxuries: Heart Themed Beddings

I always wanted to share with you great stuffs that I find around the web. I came up with the idea of having this series Little Luxuries which I will share every Sunday. This will include themed items or just anything that I can think Today, for the first appearance of this series, I will feature Heart themed beddings and comforter sets because I love hearts a lot! These are all my favorites but every week, I'll pick one item that I love the most. Today, here is the set that we loved most because of the colors in it that looks not really girly but totally chic!

Heart  Beddings

Now, it is your turn to choose! Check on the Heart Themed Beddings and Comforter Sets below.

Heart  Comforter Sets

1. Hearts & Dots Total Bed Set & More
2. Love Heart And Striped Full And Queen Bedding Sets
3. Hearts Bedding Quilt Cover Set Single
4. Pink Hearts Reversible Comforter Set
5. Everything For Kids Hearts 4 pc Toddler Bedding Set

Heart Themed Beddings

6. Red Heart Geometric Kids Bedding Set
7. Teen Vogue Scribble Hearts Comforter Set
8. DIAIDI Sweetheart Polka Dots Stripe Duvet Cover Sets,4Pc,Queen Sheet Floral Bedding Sets
9. Cartoon Duvet Cover Bedding Set,Lovely Heart Print Bed Sheet Set,Girls Bedding,Queen Size,4Pcs
10. Sassy Shaylee Complete Bedding Set

Which is your favorite set? Let me know which you like best and tell me why. See you all next Sunday for another list of Little Luxuries because everything we get for ourselves, for our homes and for our kids have luxurious values!

I was also thinking of turning this into a blog hop where you can share anything that you consider as your Little Luxuries. Let me know if anyone of you here is interested to co-host and to link up too :) Hugs :)

Disclaimer: Some items above are affliate links. The author of this blog will be compensated once you purchase from the link.