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Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Craft: Mosaic Heart Box

I love making boxes! It actually became my hobby and I had a lot of boxes in different shapes. But since they were all gone after the typhoon hit our home, I have to make these boxes again. It is easy to make boxes especially the rectangular ones. Today, I will share to you how to make a heart box out of cardboard. You can use any kind of cardboard. I used milk box for this one.

What you Need:
Paper for patterns
Craft Glue
Wrappers/ Printed papers and plain ones too

What to Do:

1. Make patterns. You do not need rulers for this one. Just cut a heart from a piece of paper then cut another heart which is a bit bigger than the other. The bigger heart is for the cover while the smaller one is for the base. Then cut long strips for the lid and for the box. The other is thicker. You decide how deep you want your box to be.
2. Then using the patterns, cut your cardboards.
3. You have to trim the edges of the strips like how it is illustrated in Step 3 then make sure that it can go around the heart.
4. Glue the strips that you cut around the heart. Do this for both hearts.
5. For the mosaic part, I took a wrapper and cut them in any shape then using craft glue, I pasted them all over the box. Inside the box, I used red colored paper. Doing this mosaic thingy will make your box sturdier.
6. Shown is the finished mosaic for the inside of the box. And you are done!

You can use your heart box for giving gifts or for storing whatever items you want. You can decorate the top too. Just be creative. Making a heart box is easy isn't it? Why don't you try it?