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Monday, October 28, 2013

Comfort and Dryness from New Huggies Dry

I was surprised to get a package last Monday since I did not order anything online. But when I checked it, it was the free sample from Huggies! I was so happy to be given this opportunity to try the New Huggies Dry. 

Bella tried it for four nights. She only wears diaper during the night. It was indeed dry and comfortable allowing her to move and play with ease before sleeping time. Look at her smile! While sleeping, she feel comfy too and I need not worry about leaks. We both slept well and woke up with smiles. Thanks to the New Huggies Dry!

Why 7 out of 10 moms prefer the new Huggies Dry? It's because the Quick Dry Layer keeps baby dry by pulling the fluid away from baby's skin, spreading it throughout the pad, and locking it into an absorbent core. 

Do you want a free sample of Huggies too? Grab this chance to get one! Like me, you could also try the dryness of the New Huggies Dry.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of the item stated above.