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Friday, April 8, 2016

Independent Travelling Tips With Kids

Tired of all the year-round stress and work? Want to take a break and see the world in a different perspective? The best way to do that is through independent travelling. This will surely give you an experience that you will never forget.

Independent Travelling Tips

When we say independent travelling, it means that you plan everything by yourself from the dates to the hotels and as well as to the activities you will do in the areas. You don't pay for a travel agency. You look for places to visit and you follow your own schedule. 

I haven't tried travelling with a travel agency because I prefer independent travelling. I don't want to be dragged on schedules and I am choosy on places to visit. Also, it is more satisfying on my part to plan my own trip.

But if it is your first time to do this, make sure that you will look into this three important tips that we will share below so that your first independent travel will be successful and full of fun.

1. Choose a destination. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a place to visit. If there is a certain destination that you want to see, check this out and try to list down which tourist spots you want to go when you arrive there. But don't just stick to one destination. Try to consider other places too so you can choose the best place to visit. 

2. Plan your trip based on your budget. You don't have to spend all your savings for a trip. So, allocate a certain budget for that. Then look for best rates for flights, and other transportation that you need. Book a flight earlier so that you can get a cheaper rate. Look for hotels that are not so expensive. Check their amenities if suits to your needs and reserve ahead of time. Also, allocate a budget for food. Try to look for restaurants that you want to try and check their menu prices.  

3. Know what to pack. Since you have planned everything already, make sure that you will plan beforehand on the things that you need to pack especially if you will be travelling with the kids. Don't forget to travel light. Why? Because this will save you for the check-in luggage and it would be easier to go transfer from the airport to the hotel with a light luggage. Also, you will surely hate it to wait on the baggage area for a long time!

It isn't that hard, right? Well, to make things a lot easier, you can just do it step by step and do it months earlier so that you won't be in a rush. Nothing beats a well-planned trip. But what about if you are travelling with the kids? Well, here is an infographic which gives parents some travelling advice from the kids. 

For sure, the kids know what they want. So, if you will try to follow their advice, you will realize that it can actually make a trip fun!

Travel Advice from Your Kids infographic

Have a safe and fun travel!