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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Train Your Little Picasso With Crayons

Seeing burst of colors that appears right under their hands is indeed an exciting sight. Colors make toddlers feel happy and they will surely feel a lot more joy if they are the ones creating colorful scribbles on paper. Letting a toddler use crayons is a good way to help them develop fine motor skills, fondness for art and creativity. So, why not buy a box of crayons for your little one?

But you cannot just pick any crayon. There are crayons designed for toddlers. These could either be jumbo crayons or those that are triangular in shape for easier grip. You also have to make sure that you get the ones that are non-toxic because a curious tot would sometimes put the crayons inside their mouths. What's more yummy looking than a bunch of colors anyway? You can also teach your child to keep the crayons once they are done using it. If they won't listen the first time, that's okay. Just keep on repeating it and they'll eventually get it. For the first early coloring sessions of your child, always be there to guide him.

I have mentioned that tots would tend to place crayons inside their mouths. If this happens, you can take away the crayons from them and explain to them that it is for art and coloring. Then show them how it is done. If they still place it in their mouths again, then you have to take the crayons out of sight. You can do coloring some other time or you can resort to other art materials like stickers.

I bought Bella crayons at an early age. I taught her how to grip on it using her right hand and to scribble it on paper. I have large sheets from blu prints of house plans that I designed. These were blu prints that had some mistakes on it. Instead of throwing them away, I let Bella use it for coloring. I would place the paper on the floor and she could sit on the paper while scribbling. But she would always ask me to draw something on the paper. I'll hold her hand to form shapes and draw whatever she can think of.

"Mommy, draw cat. Mommy, draw circle. Mommy draw flower. Mommy, draw caterpillar." The list is endless! lol But I still do it. Sometimes, the drawings look funny but as long she can identify it, that is fine. Seeing Bella occupied with her scribbling makes me happy but when she gets tired of drawing on paper. She'll draw on something else and when I say something else, I mean wherever and on whatever she can think of!

She'll draw on the wall, on chairs, tables, toys, even on my computer screen and her favorite Lalaloopsy Littles, Bundles. Our room looks like Elmo's room. It has crayon writings everywhere!

This is normal for toddlers but it shouldn't be tolerated. You have to explain to them that drawing has to be done on paper and not on the walls or on anything. They might not listen to you at once but you can tell that to them repeatedly. Show them that art and drawing is a positive thing. It's drawing on anything that is negative. Teach that to your kids repeatedly. In time, they'll be able to get what you mean. You can stop them from writing on walls by:

1. Show them how to draw on paper.
2. Repeatedly tell them drawing on walls is not good.
3. Show them that you are cleaning the walls so they will know that it isn't really good. Or if your toddler is older, let them clean their own mess. This way, they won't do it again to avoid the chore.
4. Create a gallery of their drawings. They'll be encouraged to draw more on paper once they see their drawings framed or placed on the wall.
5. Purchase other art materials like easels and encourage your kid to draw.
6. Allocate a space in your home for their art activities.

When you do this, they will be able to practice and appreciate art even more. Start doing that while your kid is still a toddler. I want Bella to develop her love for art in an early age. That is why I got her crayons even when she was still a baby. Remember that drawing is not just about fun. It can also help your kid's physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

So, if you are hesitant to give them crayons at an early age, don't be.

Toddler on Crayons

I actually want to treasure Bella's scribbles because she won't be coming back to to this stage anymore. When the time comes that she'll be able to draw well, I'd show her the first drawings she did as a toddler. I took photos of some of her scribbles. They may appear senseless but the truth is, these scribbles mean a lot. It shows how she developed as a child, her love for colors and art, and this could pave way to a better school performance and career in the future.

I guess I'll add some more. lol. I want to go back to this post when she is a bit older. I'm sure she'll laugh at these scribbles and would scold me for posting this for everyone to see. haha. But she won't be a toddler again. So, I'd better keep these photos. 

How about you mommies, how was your toddler-crayon experience?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kids Can Learn Graphic Designing, Too!

Since I am still currently busy writing for my online jobs, I'd like to share an article I wrote around two years ago for Naldz Graphics. Children are creative and at an early age, you would be able to determine if they have that passion for arts. But you can also try to train them in order to develop love for arts. So, if you want to develop the artistic side of your kid, you can check this article:

At an early age, children can show interest in art. Encourage your kids to pursue their interest in art and you can effectively do this by teaching them some graphic design projects. It could be simple but it has a good impact to your kids. Here are some ways wherein you can teach graphic design to your kids.

1. Purchase art materials for your kids.First, you would have to purchase art materials like crayons, pencils, sketch pad, erasers and others. You may also want to buy a drawing desk for your kids. Having all these stuff will make your children feel excited to start working on a project.

2. Buy or download graphics software for kids. Most kids these days are already knowledgeable on how to operate a computer. So, instead of merely playing games, look for a way to enhance their creativity. You may buy or download some graphics software that would suit their age.

3. Begin with sketching and coloring. Start with the basics. Even professional graphic artists still do some sketching before working on their designs in the computer. Let your kids do some sketching and let them color it. Or you can buy coloring books to practice their strokes and proper choice of colors.

4. Let your kids do some tracing exercises. Tracing is another way to train your kids. Grab some tracing paper and some books or magazines and let them trace some items. After that, let them add some stuff into it to make the design their own.

5. Let your kids design a logo or a cartoon character. You can ask your children to draw their own cartoon characters or maybe let them design a logo of their own for a juice drink or chocolate brand or whatever they love. But you have to make them understand first the value of a logo.

6. Let your kids design a cover for a book or CD. You can enhance your children’s creativity by letting them design a book cover, a CD cover or a video game cover. Show them some examples and let them work on it on their own.

7. Let your kids make a newsletter or magazine. Since your children knows how to use the computer, let them make a newsletter of their own. Discuss first what a newsletter is and what is the purpose of such. You may let them use Letter Pop where they can try making a newsletter simply by dragging, dropping and editing. Also, you can do this by cutting pictures and pasting them on a separate sheet. That way, they can make their own magazine.

8. Let your kids do some T-shirt designing activity. You can get some old t-shirt and let your children paint or draw on the T-shirt. Let them do whatever they want or you can also give them some instructions on what to do.

9. Let your kids improve some designs. Show some designs to your kids like a cartoon or whatever that will interest them. Then instruct them to improve the design. This will help them think new ways on how to do things. You can tell them that being a good artist means that they should be able to make a unique design.

10. Let your kids play a graphics design game. Aside from the exercises mentioned above, you can let your children play some graphic design game. This will not only entertain them but will also develop and enhance their creativity. Check out some graphic design games for your kids to enjoy.

Doing some artistic activities with your children is very vital for their development. Since you are a graphic designer, why don’t you show your kids what you are working on and how you earn a living? This will not only interest them but will also allow you to spend some quality time with them. So, what are you waiting for? Try teaching your kid some graphic design exercises and for sure both of you will enjoy.

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