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Monday, March 21, 2016

5 Things I Want to Buy to Be More Productive

I had been working online for years since the time I got pregnant and I love it since I handle my time, I have good earnings and above all, I can take care of my daughter even while working. 

It is indeed nice to be able to work at home and even when I am not home using my iPad mini. But there are some things that I would like to buy in order to be more productive because of course, when you have limited ways to do it, the output is also limited.

ShopCoupons Blogger contest

So, I looked into Lazada and checked how much are my "must-have" gadgets so that I can save for them. And I am going to share to you this list today as well as the reasons why I would like to buy them.

These are things that will be very useful for my work both when I am in the house and even when I am outside like drinking coffee or just waiting for my daughter to finish her class. Even if I'm on vacation, I will still be able to work while spending time with family and friends.

iPad Air

First on the list is an iPad Air. Yes, I have an iPad mini but since I think I would be able to work better on a bigger screen with the use of a keyboard. And since I am so blessed, I actually just won some Belkin gadget accessories for a previous blogging contest that I can use with my iPad including a keyboard! Well, at least I already have my keyboard and I will just have to buy my iPad Air. Lol!

With an iPad Air, I will be able to work anywhere I want! For sure, that means 2x more productivity!

iPhone 6s Gold

Second on the list is an iPhone 6s Gold. I always wanted to own this. I know that the primary function of this is to communicate by texting and calling. But that's not all. There are so many apps that I can download and use to create photos even while riding a car. I can also promote my posts and articles on social media especially on Instagram using the iPhone.

For sure, it will be very easy to communicate and connect with this high end phone! And yes, I always wanted to buy the gold one because I love gold!

Nikon DSLR D3200 camera

Third is a Nikon DSLR D3200 camera. Hubby and I always wanted to buy this one because hubs is into photography even before we met. And we are indeed eyeing to get one. Aside from taking photos of our daughter, this would be very useful for my blogging especially for the fashion blog. And of course, this would be nice to capture every moment!

If I'll be able to buy this one, I would surely be able to have better quality photos for my blog.

 Apple Macbook

Fourth item that I want to buy is an Apple Macbook. Not only is it slim and has amazing functions but it looks classy. Lol! I do have a laptop already that is why this is a less priority. But if I could, I would get one.

This would help me edit photos, write, and even do my engineering tasks. Like what hubby said, it would be nice to work in the coffee shop with a Macbook! Lol!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Fifth is his Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera. I always want that vintage feeling when you are able to get your photo out right after taking a picture without a clue of how it would look like. I also like this because it is so cute and very handy.

The photos from this camera would be awesome for scrapbooking and yes, even for blogging as well. Would it be nice to share a picture of some photos that came right from this camera?

So, this are the items that would like to buy. The iPad Air will surely be coming soon especially that it is the first on my list. And yes, I would get the rest of the items too. But there is actually another thing that I would like to buy if only Lazada has it- a car! Lol! If they are selling a car, it would get the number 2 spot.

We'll see if I get all these and my dream car. Once I get them, I will share it to you guys!

I really had fun making this post since it is my first try to work on GIFs that I made. And now that I finally learned to do it, you will soon be seeing more GIFs on the blog. I always wanted to do this. I actually thought that there is an app to do it. But I couldn't find one. Last night, I just discovered that I can make it in Photoshop. And so, this is the result. Hope you like it!

This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons X Lazada PH Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Philippines.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My #BelkinWishlist: Life Made Easy With 5 Belkin Gadgets

These days, it is hard to spend a day without the gadgets that we need from our cellphones to our iPad. It seems that our day isn't complete without them especially if we already got used to bring them with us wherever we go.


Having gadgets isn't just about the trend. But it is how your life is made easy because of them. Like how you can easily surf through the web using your iPad or organize your schedule using it too and how you can communicate with friends through your phone. Aside from these, we also need other items to go with them like a power bank and others.

With that, I went through the Lazada to check some items that I might need for my everyday activities and I was so happy to get to the page of Belkin products which are all very useful for me!

And so, I created a #BelkinWishlist where I can see the items from Belkin that I would like to own. At least, once I decide to get them, I can easily checkout since they are already on my list. No need to look for them on Lazada again.


Actually, all the items from Belkin are very useful but if I were to choose only five items, then these will be the ones I will get:

 photo belkin-wishlist_zpsrkgs3rig.jpg

These 5 items will help me make my everyday activities easier and these will be a good partner for my work even when I am on mobile. I also included some videos so you can check how each one works.

1. Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones (Black)

Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones (Black)

While in the car, it is sometimes hard to hold the phone while driving. At least when it has a holder like this one, I could easily spot where it is and I can easily check on messages, play music and do other things without the need of holding it.

2. Belkin F5L155qeWHT QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Belkin F5L155qeWHT QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air

This is something I had been looking for! I write online and I work on them on my iPad when I am on mobile. If I have this, it will surely make it easier for me to write articles and do my editing job. This means, I can go anywhere to work without the need to bring with me my laptop since I can do it on my iPad! Very convenient indeed!

3. Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

Of course, we need to make sure that we can charge our iPad and phones wherever we go, even if we are in the car. Hence, this item is a must have!

4. Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port USB Charger

Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port USB Charger

Did you experience that you need to charge more than one gadget at the same time? Or maybe other members of the family need to charge too? Well, this will make it easy to charge all at the same time with one USB charger. I don't need to fight with a sibling for a USB cable anymore. LOL!

5. Belkin MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain (Grey)

 photo usb_zpsppuclxxs.jpg

If you are like me who doesn't like to bring long cables on the bag, then this is the perfect solution! With this, I can charge wherever I go and I can even share files too using this item. And with this, there is no reason that I can leave my charger cable at home because it can always be on my bag.

I know you also find these gadgets interesting. Why don't you check-out the Belkin products in Lazada? Who knows, you might find what you need there too! And like me, you might also make your life easy with Belkin gadgets!