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Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Craft: Crayon Leaf Art Gift Wrap

Autumn looks lovely for me because falling leaves are perfect for crafts. But we do not have autumn in our country, only dried leaves. I actually wonder how autumn would look like. I can only see them in movies and in pictures and I like how the colors of the leaves turn out to be. I am a leaf lover. I even have a leaf collection before. I don't know what happened to them since we kept on transferring from one house to another.

I'd love to share with you a leaf art that I had been doing since I was a kid. But this time, I used it as a gift wrapper. What makes this beautiful is the personal touch it has because you will make your own wrapper. It is easy to do. Just get a leaf you like or you can even get different kinds of leaves and place them under a paper. Then use crayons to color on the paper. You will see that the veins of the leaves will be traced on the paper. Use different colors so it will look lovely.

After making the crayon leaf art on paper, you can now use it to wrap your gift. Be creative with your design. I tied two rafia strings horizontally and vertically then I used a dry leaf and some potpourri instead of a ribbon.  This is a unique way to wrap your gift and would be perfect for fall themed gift. Well you can actually use this for any occasion you can think of.

While looking for leaves, I found a heart-shaped leaf. You know how I love hearts and so I used it to make another leaf art I also loved doing. I use pastels for this one. I trace the shape of the leaf and then using my fingers, I would scatter the pastel out of the shape to make it appear like glittering or something. You can use this to make your card or tag to pair with the fall themed gift wrapping we have above.

We hope you enjoyed what I shared with you today! 

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