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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Learning Starts in the Womb

I had always been intrigued about the idea that babies start learning while they are still in the womb. When I got pregnant, what was in my mind is for my baby to come out healthy and smart. But since it was my first pregnancy, I didn’t know how I could make her smart because if we speak of making her healthy, my doctor already gave me some vitamins and other tips for that. Making her smart is a different thing. Since I am always online, I do researches whenever questions pop in my mind. And so I researched about it.

The mother’s womb is actually a noisy place. The baby can hear the mother’s voice, heartbeat, burps, hiccups, growling stomach and others. She can also hear the sound of the bus you are riding on, your conversations with other people, the music playing while you are in the mall and many others. Babies who are exposed to different sounds and informative stuff are actually beginning to learn. When you speak to you baby, you are teaching her language development. It is also important to maintain a stress-free environment like yelling and uttering violent language for babies will hear that and might even imitate that when they grow up.

Make sure that you keep your baby away from noise. That is why I leave a noisy place at once when I was pregnant because I don’t want my baby to hear it. I play nursery songs for her and Mozart, too. Mozart’s music is very relaxing and the amazing part is I could feel her react to the songs I play.  She kicked and moved inside! It’s as if she was dancing with the tune. I was really happy that moment and I play those baby songs every now and then. Well, the only downside is, I feel sleepy by the time the song ends. My younger brother even laughed at me because he said it is I who feels sleepy. I always end up in bed after playing the songs. lol

But I also found out that even if you do not play music, the mere voice of the mother can greatly help to the babies’ learning and actually plays the most important role in teaching the baby. So, preggy moms out there, talk to your baby or read some stories to her. Through that, you are beginning to teach her. When she comes out, continue doing what you had been doing while she was inside. For sure, she will recognize those stories like the way she can recognize your voice.

As, I have said, l played nursery songs for my baby while she was still inside me. Today, she can memorize all her nursery songs at 17 months. Early teaching really starts while the baby is still in the womb and I cannot doubt that.

Here is a video about babies learning from the womb:

A research even says that babies in the womb already shows evidence of learning. Check this video:

What were your experiences mommies? 

Image Credit: Wytske