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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Add a Lemon Kiss to Your Girl's Daily Fashion Dose

As a mom, I always make sure that my daughter looks lovely in everything she wears from the hairbow to the shoes. I don't want her to look just ordinary. I want her to standout all the time. That is why, I see to it that she looks pretty in her clothes. Many people even call her kikay and fashionista little girl but I guess all moms want that for our little princess. It feels great that they are being regarded as beautiful and that anyone who sets eyes on them would give a smile or a sweet compliment.

Lemon Kiss

I buy Bella's clothes online because I can't see anything fab in local stores. And also, I don't want to see someone else wearing the same outfit as hers hahaha. When I buy online, she comes out unique. People here aren't really into online shopping for their little ones. Or maybe, I am wrong. lol

One line of clothes that caught my attention are those from Lemon Kiss. The dresses are very lovely in style and color. Once your kid puts them on, they will surely stand out from the rest! I especially love the blue ones because Bella doesn't have much of blue colored dresses. But of course, pink and purple would always be a favorite!

Wonder how their dresses look like? Here are some of the designs I got from the Lemon Kiss Facebook Page.

Lemon Kiss

Lemon Kiss

Lemon Kiss

Lovely, right? Well, I'm sure you'll be heading to their page too so you can see what else they have that could look good on your kids. I am certain my three year old daughter would look great on these dresses! Too bad there isn't any SM store here in our area because their dresses are available in all SM stores nationwide. So, if you found the dresses stunning, head over to their page and check out their dresses!

Lemon Kiss

If you have an SM store near you, better check their new designs too and I am pretty sure you will love them!