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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teach Your Kids To Love Nature With Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

I love Dr. Seuss. Who doesn't? The stories he write are filled with lessons and fun that our kids will surely grasp! One of my favorite stories is The Lorax. I haven't read the book which made me curious of what a Lorax is. 

I watched the movie with Bella and as expected, she was pleased with the colorful 3D animation, the cute cuddly bears, and the music. But I think she understood the movie because she watched it from beginning to end without moving away from the laptop. She wasn't happy about the Once-Ler.

Lessons from The Lorax

The Lorax is a movie released in 2012 featuring the voices of Zac Efron as Ted, Taylor Swift as Audrey, Danny DeVito as the Lorax, Ed Helms as the Once-Ler and others. It is about a12-years old boy Ted who was searching for the trees to give as gift to the girl of his dreams, Audrey. Ted's grandma revealed to him that only the Once-Ler can tell him where and how to get trees. 

The story started to make sense with Ted's frequent visits to the Once-Ler who caused the disappearance of all trees in Thneedville because of his production of Thneeds. Despite the warnings of the Lorax, the protector of the trees, the Once-Ler still continued cutting all Truffula trees until they are all gone. From then on, the place lacked air leading to a town where everything is artificial, including air. And that is the town where Ted and Audrey lives.

Lessons from The Lorax

The Lorax

Generally, The Lorax is about saving the trees and our environment but we listed some valuable things that we all learned from the movie.

1. Take care of the environment because if everything is destroyed, we will be left with nothing. Imagine a world like Thneedville where air is sold and trees are artificial.

2. Conserve natural resources. Not just trees but all the natural resources. We need it in order to live.

3. Plant trees. People are cutting down trees but are not replacing them. When one is cut, three should be planted.

4. When trees die, we lost almost everything. Aside from fresh air and fruits, trees are the source of many valuable things like paper and even medicine.

5. When trees die, there will be no more shelter and food for the animals.

6. Do not be selfish. The Once-Ler was merely thinking of how rich he would be after the success of his Thneed but he did not think of the trees and even the animals. We should not be selfish and we should always think of the goodness of other people.

7. Heed warnings. The Lorax have explained everything to the Once-Ler clearly but he didn't listen. If he did, Thneedville will never be a sad and gloomy landscape which was a result of the Once-Ler's exploitation of the tress.

8. Avoid nagging. Well, the Lorax had a good point in telling the Once-Ler that he should not cut trees but I think he could have convinced the Once-Ler if he told him that in a good manner. He had been nagging the Once-Ler and he also call him names like "crazy" and all. Remember, nothing beats a good talk.

6. We should care. Care as in C-A-R-E.  We can do that by not merely saying you care but showing that you care. Act, don't talk.

How to Teach Kids to Be Like the Lorax

Since we already learned the lessons from the Lorax, let us tackle on how this can be applied by our little ones. Well, it is actually simple and easy. But if all of us will do our part, we can save our planet one step at a time. Kids can do their part too and you can teach that to them by letting them do certain activities.

1. If they are old enough, let them try gardening. You can just have a small garden for them. If they are too young for that, you can make an imaginary garden inside the home just to teach them the value of growing plants.

2. Bring them to beautiful places with trees or even to the park. This way, they will be able to appreciate the beauty of nature. Remind them of the gloomy place the Once-Ler lived when the trees were all gone. Of course, they won't like to live in a place like that.

3. Show them some things that are made from trees like pencils, papers and others. This will make them realize the value of nature even more.

planting trees

4. Cook some delicious food recipes from fruits like apples, pears, peaches, mangoes and others. Tell them that if all trees are gone, they will never be able to eat those fruits anymore. Also, inform them of the nutrients they can get from it and how its benefits them.

5. Do some nature related crafts too. You can even draw trees or let them make a collage. You can also use leaves in creating craft projects just like the crayon leaf art wrapper I did before.

6. Encourage them to keep their trash when in school or throw them on the trash bin and just anywhere. You can also do some recycling projects like making a bag out of straw or make some fun toys using trash like toys made from toilet paper roll.

There are so many activities that you can do to make your kids realize the value of nature. Let them know that even if they are young, they can do so many things to help save Mother Earth just like what Ted did in the movie. Remember this line from the Lorax:

Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Yes, UNLESS no one cares, nothing will ever happen. So, let us all show much we care for nature. And let us show that by doing something. Do that with the entire family.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

What I Learned (And You Should Know) After Typhoon Haiyan

Surprisingly, there are many things that I have learned after the typhoon. Some of them are positive, others are negative and still others are kind of humorous.  But if there is one great thing that I will never forget is this chance for a second life. We owe it all to God for protecting my family and relatives. What happened to us is really life changing. Apart from a temporary home and a new lifestyle, we have a stronger faith-much stronger than what we had before. 

1. There are many people who care about you and are happy that you are alive. (Even those you haven’t met personally.)

2. Other people will help you even if they don’t know who you are. Some would even send cash wherever they are in the world.

3. Foreigners care more about us than some Filipinos politicians.

4. Street talks can be a substitute to news and can either be reliable or not.

5. News are not that reliable too. Some are exaggerated while others are understated.

6. Rumors are exaggerated like the talks that only 40 people were left in Guiuan, Eastern Samar only to find out that there were only 100 casualties.

7. Number of casualties can be reduced to almost 50% just to make things look okay. 

8. Relief goods are usually comprised of rice, sardines and water. But whatever is inside it, we are always thankful.

9. Canned goods from foreign countries are changed to local sardines because Waraynons might not like the taste of imported goods. Or might have an upset stomach after munching on it. Should we be thankful that you care? Ohhh….

10. Packed relief goods from foreign countries needs repacking so that local officials can get their own share even if they were not typhoon victims. (And they won’t admit this even if it is obvious.)

11. Typhoon victims can only avail of the help 100% sure if the foreigners/kind-hearted Filipinos are the ones who personally give them.

12. Sardines can be cooked in many different ways.

13. People are happy to share even if they have little.

14. Our neighbors are not that weird or unfriendly after all.

15. Bathrooms are sturdier than any other parts of the house because most houses only have bathrooms left after the typhoon. *grin

16. Rich people have more loses than the less fortune ones.

17. Cars can fly. Houses can travel from Point A to Point B.

18.  Waraynons will fight for each other and will never let go. Belittling us and pissing us off is a bad idea. You'll end up an internet sensation with a negative impression and the whole world will know that. Right, Mar Roxas?

19. Waraynons remain strong, happy and courageous despite everything that happened. 

20. Higher officials don’t really care. They are just politicizing, loves picture taking while giving out reliefs and are hoping to get our votes for the next election. 

21. Our mayor cares and wouldn't mind if a camera is around as long as he can help. He even drives the vehicle to send relief goods. Well, other Waraynon politicians care too even if they belong to a different political party.

22. You can’t receive relief goods if you did not vote for the present Barangay Captain. If you receive one, you will hear foul words from them.

23. Deaths for calamities are investigated. Too bad they were not able to imprison Haiyan for she got away at once. 

24. Stealing is tolerated, not investigated and thieves are just free to steal more.

25. Looting is allowed only if food and clothing is taken but it can also mean stealing flat screen televisions, smart phones, shoes, books and a lot more. 

26. You need to pay for high priced goods even if you are buying looted goods and even if you are jobless and homeless like the ones selling them.

27. A four hour drive is equivalent to two days walking. A 30 minute drive is equivalent to 4 hours of walking.

28. Even the farthest distance can be reached by foot if: 1) you truly love your family/relatives and is genuinely worried about them that you need to personally check their condition, 2) you are in dire need of food and supplies, 3) you are going to join the looting club.

29. You are accepted by the society if you don’t wear make-up and even if your clothes aren’t fashionable (or ironed.)

30. Material possessions don’t matter. Life does.

What can you say?