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Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Craft: 20 Rainbow Loom Band Bracelet Tutorials + 15 Creative Ideas

 photo loom-feature_zpsa03a9760.jpg

The trend these days for teens, kids and even for adults is the Rainbow Loom Bands. At first, I actually didn't mind these bands because I look at it as ordinary things. I have tried making bracelets using looms but with a yarn. I got curious when I realized that these colorful bands can actually be turned into stunning bracelets. I have collated some tutorials for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy this!

loom band bracelet ideas

1. Minnie Mouse Bracelet | 2. The Arrow Stitch | 3. Name Bracelet | 4. The Kaleidoscope | 5. Granny Square | 6. Bouquet Bracelet | 7. Beaded Flower | 8. Heart Char Bracelet | 9. Double-Starburst-Rainbow-Loom-Bracelet| 10. Owl Charm Bracelet| 11. Double Sided Bracelet | 12. Stretch Bracelet | 13.  Double Bead Ladder Bracelet 14. Ladder Bracelet 15. Diamond with Rings | 16. Ziagonal | 17. Classy Chain Bracelet  | 18. Rubber Band Bracelet | 19. Illusion Bracelet | 20. Carnation

Aside from bracelets, you can also make many other stuffs from these loom bands. I didn't know that even charms can be made using rubber bands! Amazing!

Loom Band Ideas

Enjoy making your loom bands!

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