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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine and Spring Mini Lalaloopsy 2014

We all loved last year's Lalaloopsy Target Exclusive, Crumbs Loves Chocolates. For this year, MGA Entertainment, gave us another adorable Lalaloopsy to add to our collection. The Valentine Mini Lalaloopsy for 2014 is named Velvet B. Mine.

Valentine Lalaloopsy 2014

Velvet B. Mine loves to bring friends together with cards and candy. Her favorite treat is chocolate milk especially when she can slurp it really loudly through a straw. Velvet has two bears for pets. One is mainly pink with a pastel yellow heart around its eye, the other is mainly pastel yellow with a pink heart around its eye. One of these bears is in place of a third accessory. While, last year's VDay Lala was in a heart shaped box, Velvet has a box that is shaped like a glass cover of a cake dome, as she is based on red velvet cake.

Aside from this lovely doll, another Target Exclusive is May Little Spring which is the Easter and Spring exclusive holiday mini for 2014.

Easter Spring Lalaloopsy 2014

May Little Spring loves to play Games, and her favorite thing to do is hide eggs. Sometimes she hides them so well, they can't be found. May's pet is a fuchsia butterfly with golden-yellow wings.

So, will you get these dolls for your little lala-lover?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Mini and Large Lalaloopsy Dolls

I have so much things to tell you about the new Lalaloopsy releases. Aside from the new large dolls that you have already seen here, there are new Mini-Lalaloopsy dolls that sure are cute. Some large dolls were large versions of previous minis while some mini lalas came from large versions. Let us start with the new Minis.

Kat Jungle Roar came in a sister's pack with her little sister Whiskers Lion's Roar. They were then separated in boxes and now a Mini version of Kat is available as seen below.

Kat Jungle Roar

I'm sure you can recognize the Mini Lalas below. These are Pickles B.L.T., April Sunsplash and Cloud E. Sky. Even their Mini versions look so cute!

Pickles B.L.T

April Sunsplash

Cloud E. Sky

Aside from the new Mini versions of the Lalaloopsy dolls above, here is an image of the new Target exclusive mini for Halloween 2013. She is Pumpkin Candle Light. She is known for her candy collection and she loves sweets and potatoes. All her things are in orange. She has a pet spider in pink and purple colors.

Pumpkin Candle Light

One of the cutest Mini Lala series is the Wizard of OZ themed dolls. They are actually part of a series called Golden Brick Road. This is comprised of Dotty Gale Winds, Baley Sticks N. Straws, Tinny Ticker, and Kitty B. Brave. You can even recreate your own story about these characters. 

Dotty Gale Winds

Dotty is a girl who often can be found daydreaming. She loves to dream of faraway places - even though she's often homesick. Her favorite things include red shoes, windy days, and long walks on yellow brick roads. But unlike Dorothy, Dotty wears pink shoes and not red.

Dotty Gale Winds

Baley Sticks N. Straws

She's an overthinker who always comes up with great ideas. She likes running through cornfields, and she can grow the biggest pumpkin in Lalaloopsy Land. Her pets are a re-color of Dot Starlight's pet.

Baley Sticks N. Straws

Tinny Ticker

Tinny is not afraid to express her feelings. She loves baking heart-shaped cookies and playing outdoors, but doesn’t like getting caught in the rain. Tinny Ticker's name is based off of her material, Tin, which is a form of metal, while Ticker is another word used to describe the heart.

Tinny Ticker

Kitty B. Brave

Kitty was sewn from a king's cape. She's not afraid of anything. She loves to sneak up behind you and say "Boo!" She comes from royalty, but that doesn't stop her from rolling in the tall grass. She is the third Lalaloopsy character to have a cape after Scarlet Riding Hood and Dyna Might.
Kitty B. Brave

When combined together, these Golden Brick Road mini Lalas look totally great! Like the picture below taken by Kathleen Smith which she shared on the Lalaloopsy Fan Page.

Wizard of Oz Lalaloopsy

After seeing the new Mini Lalas, I will show you other images of the new large dolls although I am sure you have seen them.

Little Bah Peep

Little Bah Peep is part of the Fairytales Mini series. She first came out as a mini Lalaloopsy but I guess she is a lot prettier as a large doll.

Little Bah Peep

Peggy Seven Seas

Peggy has tanned skin with bright rosy-pink cheeks and black button eyes with one covered by a red heart shaped eye patch on a thin black string. She has burnt orange hair worn in two curled pigtails held with a black bow on one, and her black pirate hat on the other. Her bangs are straight cut. She also has two small cowlicks. She is the only doll with an earring and the second doll with an eye patch after Patch Treasurechest. 

Peggy Seven Seas

Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn

Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn is originally a Target exclusive Halloween 2012 doll but she is now available as a large doll.

Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn

Winter Snowflake

Winter is a pale Lalaloopsy with black button eyes and very pale pink cheeks. Her hair is pure white flock with very curly, intricate bangs while her hair is pulled in three bunches that may be snowballs. She wears a pink pair of earmuffs and a small black tophat with pink bow on the corner of her head. Her hat is similar to Harmony's hat and her dress is like Tippy Thumbemina's tutu.

Winter Snowflake

So, here are the latest releases for large dolls which you can see on New Lalaloopsy Dolls (No Longer Blurry).

New Lalaloopsy Large Dolls

And aside from them, the Original 8 dolls will be re-released in boxes designed like a television because these characters already appeared on TV.

Original 8 Lalaloopsy

Be back for more Lalaloopsy Doll updates. I really think a lot of these dolls will be added to Bella's collection. I personally like Little Bah Beep and the new minis. All of them are actually cute lol!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yummy Recipes from Mini Lalaloopsy Sweet Shoppes

lalaloopsy recipe

Amazingly, Lalaloopsy has gone a long way to give much joy to our little loves. Apart from the dolls, you can also get some crafty ideas which can be seen in Nick. Jr's page. You will surely have a great time doing those crafts and other activities like coloring and puzzles with your kids. But apart from that, a new page was added in the Lalaloopsy website. You can now get some Sweet Recipes from the mini lalaloopsy shoppes comprised of Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze, Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble , Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy, Choco Whirl Swirl,  Scoops Waffle Conenew mini lalaloopsyCherry Crisp Crustnew mini lalaloopsy , Jelly Wiggle Jigglenew mini lalaloopsy and  Bun Bun Sticky Icingnew mini lalaloopsy.

Here are some yummy recipes you can get from Lalaloopsy Sweet Shoppe:

choco swirl whirl

dollop light n fluffy

jelly wiggle jiggle

cherry crisp crust

scoop waffle cones

These are easy recipes for mommies to make for their little loves. You can even let your little love help you while making them. It can be another great way to bond with each other. Check out other recipes at Lalaloopsy's Sweet Shoppe page

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Cake Mini Series and Other Sweet Mini Lalas

new mini lalaloopsy

After the sweet mini lalaloopsy series of Dessert Shoppe and Candy Cute mini series, comes a new set of yummy looking mini lalaloopsy for the Cake Mini Series. But before we go to that, let us take a look at the first foodie series that have grabbed our hearts not just because of their sweet names but because of their cuteness.

The Dessert Shoppe Mini Series

lalaloopsy dessert series

This mini series is based on yummy sweets that you can get from stalls and stores. That is why it’s called Dessert Shoppe. It is comprised of Scoops Waffle Conenew mini lalaloopsy, Cherry Crisp Crustnew mini lalaloopsy , Jelly Wiggle Jigglenew mini lalaloopsy and  Bun Bun Sticky Icingnew mini lalaloopsy shown in the photo above in that order. Scoops was then made into a large doll just last January.

The Candy Cute Mini Series

lalaloopsy candy series

This mini series is based on candies that our little loves want to eat. This series includes Twist E Twirls, Toasty Sweet Fluff, Bubble Smack 'N' Pop and Sugar Fruit Drops. They all look soft because of their candy and bubble gum looks. Its Toasty and Bubbles that got more attention because of Toasty’s white color making her appear fluffy and Bubbles’ bubble gum that she blew with her mouth.

The Cake Mini Series

lalaloopsy cake series

The Cake mini series is the newest mini lalaloopsy was revealed last January 9, 2013. Along with the sneak peeks of Cloud E Sky and April Sunsplash is the images of these four cake themed mini lalaloopsy. Well, the images of these minis actually came first before those of the two new large dolls. The Cake series is comprised of Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze, Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble , Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy and Choco Whirl Swirl.

Fancy Frost-N-Glazefancy frost lalaloopsy

fancy frost N glaze

Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze is a perfect lady who's sugary sweet and good at making friends. She loves decorating, playing dressup, and paying compliments. Fancy has light colored skin and bright pale pink cheeks. Her eyes are the normal black. Her hair is a neon, soft shade of pink with wrap styled bangs with her hair worn in pigtails. She has a minty-blue tiara shaped hair ornament. Fancy Frost wears a minty-blue dress with elbow length sleeves. Under the skirt is a pale yellow-ish layering while on top is white frosting-style bows decorating it. Around her waist is a white segment. Fancy also wears white pantyhose and neon, soft pink sandles .Fancy has a mouse with big pink heart shaped ears. It has a curly tail, black button eyes, and white nose and whiskers.

Cake Dunk-N-Crumblecake dunk n crumble

cake dunk n crumble

Cake is an easy going girl with a well-rounded personality. She's a morning person who likes to rise with the sun and thinks everything tastes better dunked in hot cocoa.Cake Dunk 'n' Crumble is a fair skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and normal black eye buttons. She has long magenta-pink hair with straight cut bangs with a few curling towards her forehead. Her hair is about chest length and worn in low braided pigtails held with pink bows. Cake wears a pale pink dress that resembles icing going over the sides with chocolate sprinkles all over it. Her bottoms are short and resemble a doughnut. Also she wears fuchsia pink ballet flats like Tippy Tumblina's but a different colour! Her pet is a brown bear, which looks like a teddy-bear.

Cake was first seen as an exclusive of Silly Funhouse RC Cruiser. She already got that pink look with some candy sprinkles around her. But this time, she finally made it to be part of a new mini series.

Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy

dollop lalaloopsy

Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy is a very friendly girl who loves to smile. She's a light and airy girl. But she's super sensitive, and when she thinks someone is being mean she crumbles! Dollop is a pale-fair skinned girl with equally pale pink cheeks and black button eyes. Her hair is a pale blonde color with curved bangs. Her hair is worn in dollop shaped pigtails/buns held with pink ribbons. Dollop wears a cute soft pink dress with puff skirt and ruffle-sleeves. At her neck and waist is a segment of chiffon-yellow, matching her yellow sandals with decorations at the toe. Dollop's pet is a cute very pale yellow dog resembling a sheep. It has plain black eyes and nose, along with soft blushing cheeks. It has a dollop of hair right in the middle of its head and wears pale pink bows on each ear, to match Dollop's.

Choco Whirl-N-Swirl

choco whirl n swirl

Choco Whirl Swirl is a fun-loving girl who loves to have fun with her friends. She has two sides, one sweet and one mischievous. Even though she is a bit moody, everyone loves to have her around. Choco Whirl Swirl is a fair skinned girl with soft pink cheeks and typical black eyes. She has velvet-red colored hair with curvy bangs and a few loose curls worn with pale pink bows. She has very tiny, noticeable cowlicks on the top of her head and multiple, un-even curls of hair. She wears a chocolate pudding shaped hat with dollop of cream on top.  Choco wears a brown dress with Magenta markings at the top of skirt and neck, along with a peach-pink waist decoration and small red circles decorating the hem line of her skirt. She also has pink pantyhose and red tennis shoes with white laces and short, very pale pink socks. Choco has a vanilla colored pet with big black button eyes and a very pale pink button nose. It has pink markings on most of its head and ears, resembling the markings usually found on a hamster.

So, these are the latest mini lalaloopsy that we will be looking foward to. I guess i'll get mine in April since it is not yet available in my place but they sure are available online. We still have more lalaloopsy stuff to share. Look forward for more and be updated by liking our Facebook page and you can also be a Follower of my blog. Till next time lala loves!

Credits: Lalaloopsy Land Wiki