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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

5 Free and Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

When it comes to keeping track of your finances, some of us struggle more than others. It only takes not entering one or two checks you’ve written and before you know it, your account is overdrawn and you have a mess to sort out. If you are like so many of us just trying to balance a budget and get by raising a family, you don’t have the funds to hire a personal accountant and you almost surely don’t have much set aside for that proverbial ‘rainy day fund.’

Whether you are a single parent raising kids, a senior retiree or a young person just getting started on life’s long and winding journey, these five free and easy ways to take control of your finances should help you stay on top of your budget

Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

1) Free Credit Reporting Resources

One of the things you will almost assuredly want to do is get a copy of your most current credit score. Not only is this important should you ever need credit of any kind, but it is also a good gauge on how well you have been able to manage your money. Unfortunately, most people who struggle financially don’t seem to be able to keep a decent credit score, so when you see it start rising, you know you are on the right track.

Check out sites like Credit Karma and others like it that will let you keep a weekly eye on your score and will email you when there are any changes, good or bad. Sometimes simply disputing a charge which shouldn’t be there will bring your score up noticeably. Keeping track of your credit score is also a good way to ensure you are staying on top of your financial situation. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken!

2) Free Online Financial Calculators

There are a number of financial calculators which you can use online. Most are websites like the one that hosts the 1040 estimator. While most people can benefit from estimating their income tax throughout the year, a 1040 estimator is great for those people who paid a high year end’s tax bill or those who work and receive earned income for dependents. If you find that you receive an inordinately large refund at the end of the year, but are not entitled to earn income credit, you might have allowances and deductions you could take throughout the year.

This would make your paycheck higher, but you wouldn’t get a large refund next April. Sometimes one small adjustment to your filing status can make all the difference in the world, so do take care of your IRS taxes if you need that extra money throughout the year. Even $40 or $50 can give you enough extra cash each pay period to help you make it through from paycheck to paycheck!

3) Free Credit Counseling Services

It is difficult to recommend which ‘free’ credit counseling service you should try, but the one thing you may want to know about this kind of nonprofit is that counseling should be free. A credit counseling agency should only charge if you are using other services of theirs. For example, if you contract them to get in touch with your creditors to make payment arrangements, that is a paid service. On the other hand, they should not charge you for meeting with you and giving you suggestions on how to keep your finances in check.

They might suggest a better budget, fewer expenditures or even setting a certain amount aside each pay period, but unless they actually provide a service, the counseling session should be free of charge. Many people have recovered from huge amounts of debt by taking the advice of free credit counseling.

financial tips

4) Free Online Budgeting Tools

Much like the 1040 tax estimator mentioned above, there are calculators and online budgeting tools that will help you make, and hopefully stick to, a budget. You will find that most, if not all, of these tools will have a category on savings. It is important that you try your hardest to include savings in your budget because you never know when the unexpected ‘catastrophe’ can strike, necessitating money you haven’t budgeted for.

In fact, use this saving as your rainy day fund. If some expense suddenly arises, one you would never in a million years have accounted for, you have money set aside to pay that bill. It could be a doctor bill not covered by insurance, it could be a pipe that burst under your sink, or a furnace that went out in the middle of winter. If you expect and save for the unexpected, it is much easier to keep your finances in check.

5) Advice on Preparing for Other Unexpected Expenses

And finally, when speaking of the unexpected, this is where so many people go wrong. Since they hadn’t saved for that rainy day event, they put that expense on a credit card which can be a huge mistake. Not only are they spending money they don’t have, they are going to pay interest on top of that money. This is a very big mistake, indeed.

If you do have credit debt, look for an initially free consolidation card or loan at a lower rate of interest. Put as much of that bad debt on your new low, or no interest, account, and you can reduce your monthly bills by that much money. These are often interest-free for a period of a few months up to a year, so pay them off while you can! While not being exactly ‘free’ in the literal sense of the word, you get free from high-interest rates, which you can then set aside for your rainy day fund.

From Advice to Tools – Keep It Free

With so many resources online, there is no need to pay high fees to keep your finances in order. Use calculators and budgeting tools wherever possible. Look for free counseling services and then take the time to read, read some more and read some more again!
There is a wealth of information online that can help you get out of debt if you choose to look for it. The one thing to keep in mind is simply this. Keep tools and advice free so that you can add to your soon-to-be-growing bank account. Millions of others have done it and you can too.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to Enjoy a Getaway Vacation Without Your Kids

You need time away from your kids.. You need the time away to remember that you are someone else other than “Mommy” or “Daddy”. You need it to remember you as a person, you as a wife or husband, you as a friend. There are other relationships in your life that need to be looked after and nurtured. The first and foremost of those relationships is with yourself. More than just date nights or girl nights away, you need a proper getaway vacation. Starting a yearly retreat early in your kids’ lives will make the distance seem normal and natural for them, and will give you a much-needed break, too.

getaway without kids

1. Remember that they will be okay without you

No matter how guilty you might feel, or how much your kids guilt-trip you, remember, they will be okay. Have your parents or someone that they are comfortable with take care of them for the few days you are away, someone you trust and they trust, and it will all be fine. The end of the world won’t happen because you decide to spend some time with adult-you for once.

2. Be honest with your kids

Don’t treat it like some secret, ugly thing. Be honest with your kids about leaving for a few days, where you will be going, what you will (generally) be doing. When they ask why they can’t come, explain to them that you need alone time to spend with your wife/husband, or with your friends, or by yourself. Relate it back to them. Don’t you need some alone time without me with your friends? Or by yourself?

3. Plan for things for your kids to do while you’re away

You can easily plan for small things that will keep your kid happy and having fun at home. Ask your parents to take them to a park, or to play a game with them one weekend afternoon. Give them money to take your kids out to the movies or to get a treat.

4. Do every adult thing you can’t do at home

Now that they’re all set up at home, it’s time for your vacation. A great option for getaway vacations are luxury resorts that allow you to not only be pampered, but to also experience the wilderness. Go to: to plan your next getaway, and enjoy the wild mountains, the beautiful scenery, and, of course, the luxuries of a spa. Drink, go for long walks your kids couldn’t ensure, party, enjoy time with your friends, or your partner, or whoever you like.

5. Spend time with them once you get back home

This one is important. Bring them something cute back from your trip, so they feel like they were a part of it (even though they weren’t) and, most crucially, spend some quality time with your kids once you get back.

Just because you take a vacation away from your kids doesn’t mean you don’t love them or that you’ll hurt them. You need a vacation from your full-time job as a parent, and you should not feel guilty for it. Family vacations are great, and they’re fun, but there are others in your life you need to spend some quality time with. Don’t forget them!

Five Awesome Reasons to Travel with Your Kids

If you are a parent who loves to travel, then there are many reasons to take your little ones with you. Traveling as a family can be a fun and exciting experience for both adults and children, along with being a hugely educational experience that everyone can learn from. Even though traveling with little ones can often be a stressful experience, it’s definitely worth doing – even if just for the amazing family memories that you will be able to create. We’ve put together some of the best reasons to take your children traveling as often as you can.

travel with kids

Reason #1. Family Bonding:

There’s nothing better than traveling together as a family and doing fun things together when it comes to strengthening your bond! When you’re away from the everyday activities of your home life and are able to go on plenty of adventures together, you’ll return home to find that you’ve all gotten closer together as a family after your much-needed break. Since you’ll be able to spend a lot of quality time together simply relaxing and having fun, you’ll all come back home feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Reason #2. Education:

Traveling with your children isn’t just a lot of good fun, it can also be a very educational experience. Depending on the destinations that you visit, there will be several awesome things that your family can see and do together, such as visiting world-famous attractions, eating and learning about various world cuisines, and even learning more about cultural traditions. As a result, your children will grow up more globally aware and appreciative of cultural differences.

travel tips

Reason #3. Making Memories:

Simply put, one of the best reasons to travel internationally with children is to make awesome memories together. Wherever you travel, you’ll be able to create wonderful memories for your little ones that are going to last them a lifetime. The first ten years of life are the most important for any child, and it’s often during these years where happy memories help to shape them into the adult they will one day become. And of course, don’t forget about the stunning pictures you’ll be able to take!

Reason #4. Ease:

Although going on vacation with children is often seen as stressful by many parents, it can actually be a very easy experience if you make the right choices. For example, if you’re staying in a luxurious villa or townhouse from, you’ll have a great time with all the amenities that you and your family need for a great home from home experience. In addition, all-inclusive options can be a wonderful idea for traveling with your little ones, since there’ll be no need to worry about preparing food for the duration of your stay.

family travel tips

Reason #5. Outdoor Fun:

Today, our daily lives are often taken up by technology, and many parents are worried about the amount of time that their children are spending on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Whilst using technology is an important part of learning today, it’s also great for kids to get outside and play. Traveling offers an amazing opportunity for your little ones to get some much-needed outdoor fun and games.

Why do you like to travel with your kids? Let us know in the comments.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Utang Culture: Top 5 Ways for Filipinos to Borrow Money

Who has never heard of the word “utang” in the Philippines? Of course, almost everyone who has lived in the country for at least a year is familiar with it.

Debt is deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture, so much so that nearly half of Pinoy adults (47.1%) have an outstanding loan and 33.8% had owed money in the past, according to the 2015 financial inclusion survey of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Only 19.1% or two in 10 adults have never borrowed money.

Why is lending or pautang so popular in the Philippines? Because Filipino families need quick cash. The BSP survey shows that people borrow money for food and other basic necessities, school-related expenses, and emergencies. Pinoys also have a lot of lending services to choose from to meet their short-term financial needs.

Here is an overview of the five common borrowing options in the Philippines, their benefits and drawbacks, and some tips to avoid getting buried in debt.

Pawning or Sangla

Pawning involves handing a valuable item such as jewelry to a pawnshop as collateral for a loan. When you pay off the loan and interest, you’ll get your collateral back. If you don’t, the pawnshop will keep it.

● Quick, easy access to cash – Unlike banks, pawnshops don’t conduct credit investigations and require documents from borrowers. Within a few minutes, you can easily pawn your valuable item for cash.
● Legitimate – Pawnshops in the Philippines are regulated by the BSP, which issues strict guidelines to protect Filipino consumers.

Typically, you have only 30 days to pay off your loan. However, you can choose to renew your loan term.

● Do your research on pawning services and make sure the one you’ll deal with has a business permit and is supervised by or registered with the BSP.
● Evaluate your ability to pay the loan on time before you pawn an item, especially if it has sentimental value such as a family heirloom or wedding ring.

Borrowing Money from Family and Friends

More than half or 61.9% of Pinoys who are in debt borrow money from their family, relatives and friends, according to the BSP survey. It isn’t surprising at all. Having close family ties is part of Filipino culture, so it’s hard to refuse a relative’s request to borrow money. What makes it even harder is when you owe that person an utang na loob—meaning you have a moral obligation to repay that favor. This practice is also common among friends and colleagues, especially during petsa de peligro.

This is the easiest, fastest way to borrow money without interest and collateral.

● Promoting too much dependence – This practice encourages people to depend on their more affluent relatives or friends for financial help instead of helping themselves get out of debt.
● Social and emotional cost – Unpaid debts often lead to conflicts, stress and strained relationships.

● If you often borrow money from your loved ones, take a long, hard look at your spending and saving habits and work on improving them.
● If family and friends often turn to you for financial help, learn to say “no.” You’re not actually helping them to become financially independent if you keep on lending money.

Credit Cards

Three million Filipinos own almost seven million credit cards, according to the Credit Card Association of the Philippines. It’s no wonder because these plastic cards are convenient for online shopping and in-person purchases.

● Useful in emergencies – Credit cards can cover unexpected expenses such as medical bills.
● Promos and deals – Many credit cards offer rewards programs, cash rebates, consumer protection features, and other perks.
● Good financial management tool – Credit card bills contain details of your every transaction, making it easy to monitor your expenses.

● Easy to rack up debts – It can be tempting to spend money that you don’t have. Impulsive spending and late payments can get you into credit card debt.
● Risk of fraud – If you’re not careful enough, hackers may steal your credit card information and use it for large purchases without your knowledge.

● Use your credit card only for things you can afford to pay for.
● Always pay the total outstanding balance or at least the minimum amount not later than the due date.
● Don’t go over your credit limit to avoid extra fees.

Bank Loans

Banks typically provide three loan products: personal loans, auto loans and housing loans. Depending on the type of loan, the bank may require a collateral or not, and interest rates are either fixed or variable.

● Ability to make large purchases – With a bank loan, you can finance your child’s education or your dream house or car. Banks offer minimum amounts of Php 10,000 million for personal loans, Php 100,000 for auto loans, and Php 400,000 for home loans.
● Flexible and longer repayment terms – You can choose from 12 to 36 months to pay off your loan.

Banks impose strict eligibility and numerous documentary requirements. Processing also takes several days because banks conduct credit checks to assess a borrower’s capability to pay off a loan.

● To ensure loan approval, make sure you have good credit standing and pay off your outstanding debt before you apply.
● Never miss a repayment to avoid penalties and hurting your credit score.

5-6 Loans or ATM Loans

Having been around for several decades now, “5-6” is infamous for charging a high interest rate of 20% and being peddled by Indian money lenders on motorbikes. Filipinos in dire financial needs, especially in the rural and urban poor areas, easily fall prey to this lending practice.

5-6 loans provide quick cash for the family’s urgent needs. Usually, no collateral is needed, except for ones that ask for an ATM card.

● Risk of getting ripped off – 5-6 lenders have no permit to operate and are not regulated by the government.
● Extremely high interest rate – Because 5-6 lenders collect the loan payments daily, it seems that you’re paying small amounts. But you’re actually paying much more because of the 20% interest.

● Avoid them as much as possible. 5-6 loans and other loan sharks that ask for ATM cards as collaterals are considered predatory lending practices. In fact, the government has been warning the public against them.
● Consider other lending services in the Philippines such as those from banks and other reputable financial institutions.

Have you ever owed money? Getting a loan is not inherently bad. It can even be a great way to grow your funds, such as for starting or expanding a business. However, many Filipinos experience money problems when they borrow beyond their limits. The key to avoiding huge debts is to choose a loan and lender wisely and being a responsible borrower.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moms Think They Fail At Parenting But What The Kids Say Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

When I was younger, I like going out with friends at any time of the day to just loiter anywhere or to do different activities related to organizations we are involved with. During those days, I never thought of having kids and I always had that fear of having one because I think it is tough to raise children.

When I got pregnant with my first born, I was enveloped with worries and I always questioned myself if I am capable or raising a child. Good thing my mother is there to help me take care of my daughter especially in the early weeks of her life. The same happened when I had my second child, I still worry about being a mom.

Challenges of Being a Mom

As we all know, being a mother isn't just about keeping the kids alive and healthy. It is more than that. We have to make sure that they are well-groomed, they get the proper education, they learn how to deal with other people and much more. But no matter of hard it is, we give our utmost effort to teach them everything that they need to know- most of these are also from our own mothers.

Like most moms, I also ask myself if I am a good mother. Am I doing everything the right way? Will my children grow up into responsible and respectful citizens? Did they learn something about the Bible and would they apply it in as they grow up? Am I giving them the right amount of food or are they getting enough nutrition? Am I too strict? Did I go beyond the line when I disciplined them?

A Moving Video

While browsing Facebook, I saw a touching video wherein moms of different situations and professions were interviewed. Most of them are not sure if they are able to give their kids everything that they need. Since most of them are working moms, they feel like they are not giving enough time for their children. They are guilty about it and are even afraid of what their kids think about them.

When the kids were interviewed, their answers are surprising. They understood why their mothers need to work and despite the lack of time, they still appreciate their mothers and all of the children expressed how much they love their moms. The video from Fern-C is indeed very tear jerking because of the responses of the children.

It shows us that if we give #KalidadNaAlaga to our children, we would definitely be successful in parenting. One way to do that is to make sure that they are healthy at all times whether they are inside the house or outside. Aside from giving them healthy and nourishing food, it is also recommended that they take Vitamin C which will protect them from different kinds of disease.

And one good source of Vitamin C is Fern-C Kids which is formulated with Zinc and contains Sodium Ascorbate. With Vitamin C and Zinc working together, our children can surely build a strong immune system. As for Sodium Ascorbate, it is a non-acidic form of Vitamin which is different from Ascorbic Acid. In short, Fern-C Kids is perfect for our kids and if we give them one, they will surely feel how much we love them and care for them.

A Relieving and Touching Assurance

After watching, I remembered how my daughter would give me notes almost every day to express her love and appreciation. Sometimes I think it is funny but at the same time, it is very heart warming. Ever since my 5-year-old learned to write, she would always write "I Love You Mommy" on small pieces of paper or on large sheets.

kid's letters

Sometimes she writes "You are the best mommy ever" and she would make drawings and different kinds of stuffs that she calls "crafts" and she would give it to me as a surprise. I always keep everything she gives me even if she would repeatedly write "I love you mommy." She would also apologize every time she makes a mistake by giving me a note that says "I'm sorry mommy. I will not do it again."

Aside from that, she always says "I love you" without any reason at all. She would just come to me, hug me and say her magic words. Although I am already used to all of this, I am always happy that she thinks I am the best mom. According to her, I am the only mom who is perfect for her. Isn't that touching? I wonder what my son thinks about me. I would need to wait until he can talk since he is just 6-months old now.

mother's day letters

For me, the words of my daughter is an assurance that even if I have doubts about myself as a mom and even if I have shortcomings, everything is enough for her. She even thinks I'm perfect even if I know that I'm not. It is amazing that other kids also look at their moms this way. This only shows that everything we do as a mother is valued by our children. Because of that, we should not be afraid to trust our instincts and just give the best that we can.

For sure, our mothers also felt this way but now that they are grandparents, they have earned the crown of wisdom and we are blessed that they can give us parenting advice based on their experience. With the help of our moms and our motherly instinct, we can surely give our children what is best for them. If you are unsure about it, do not hesitate to ask your kids for their opinion. Sometimes, kids know something that we mothers are not aware of.

Image credit: Featured image background designed by Freepik

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Art

When your children first start bringing artwork home it’s incredibly exciting. You are happy and proud to display it. Then, after a few years, the fridge is covered with their creations and you’re starting to run out of space. You feel guilty for considering throwing it away, but there’s nowhere to put it. Here are some creative solutions to your problem.

Create a Themed Gallery

A gallery of work can look cool, especially if there is a theme. If your child likes to draw animals or faces, frame all these pictures and display them as a gallery on one wall. You could make sure all the frames are the same style and shape or be a bit more random and quirky. Let your child help you decide. To make them feel extra special, ask them to draw specific things to fill some gaps and complete the gallery.

Hang a Feature Piece

Buy a large canvas and some paints and let your child create a large feature piece to display on the main wall. Let them have fun using different colors and tools.

Make a Collage

Display your child’s work while inspiring them to do more by making a collage on a wall featuring their artwork. Include their paintings as well as photographs and art prints. Explain to them who the artist is and what else they did. You could even visit a gallery together.

Upgrade the Fridge

Hanging pictures on the fridge is the traditional way to display our children’s art, but it can look messy and cluttered. If you’ve got a large fridge, consider buying magnetic frames to house the pictures to keep it neat, tidy, and stylish.


Frames make everything look more stylish and professional. Even childhood scribbles. There are many different options when it comes to frames. You could make your own, restore some antiques, use quirky modern options, or even paint frames on the wall around the painting.


If you want to display all the work but don’t have much space, miniature prints are a fantastic idea. Take photos of your child’s pictures and have them printed out in business card size. Then lay them out on a large card mount, stick them down and frame the whole piece.

Alternative Hanging Solutions

Frames and walls aren’t the only ways to hang pictures. You could hang them on a metal rod, a clothes line, on clipboards, or stacked on floating shelves.


Use extra special pieces to create unique and personal homeware. Pictures can be printed on tea towels, cushions mugs, and on other homewares. These also make fantastic gifts for family and friends.

Consider a folder for the pieces you don’t want to hang then let your children help you chose which ones to hang and where they want them. Hanging children’s art is a wonderful way to make them feel special and loved while encouraging their creativity, boosting their confidence and letting their imaginations grow. A small gesture to you can be incredibly meaningful to them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why Bottled Water is Destroying our Environment

These days, we refuse to drink water if it is not filtered or distilled because of the fear of having diarrhea and other water-borne diseases. We are even more particular about the brand of bottled water that we give to our kids. While our children are safe from any sickness, the bottled water that we consume every day has a diverse effect on the environment.

As regulated public water supplies and sewage systems begin to age and degrade, so does the public’s opinion regarding the safety of tap water. In recent history, reports accumulated, asserting that components found in public water supply may, in fact, be harmful, if ingested. This lead to the creation of the bottled water industry. Valued in the billions, the bottled water industry has high hopes of replacing tap water as the primary source of drinking water. But for those of us seeking clean & clear water that is environmentally responsible, we must question if bottled water is the answer.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find that bottled water is not environmentally responsible, nor is it a safer option for drinking. For more information on the safety of bottled water, click here.

Bottled Water Environment

A Landfill Nightmare

While awareness is increasing, leading to higher rates of recycling, less than half of all plastic water bottles used are recycled. Get the facts, by clicking here. This is overwhelming our landfill capacities and could be for quite some time as some plastics can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Not to mention, that while the bottles are recyclable, the caps are not.

A Waste of Water

From a “water footprint” standard, meaning the aggregate amount of water it takes to produce bottled water, an average of 3 liters of water are required to supply just one liter of bottled water. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in math to know the numbers just don’t add up.

Why Bottled Water is Destroying our Environment

Animal Threat

As increasing numbers of marine life and aviary species are found washed up along our shorelines, we are beginning to get a more complete picture of just how damaging these little plastic bottles and bottle caps really are. Upon dissection, many of these animals, from birds to whales are found to have staggering amounts of plastic in their digestive systems. One albatross alone had a record 119 bottle caps embedded within its digestive system.

Air and Water Toxins

Aside from the BPAs and contaminants found in the bottles of water, we must also consider the environmental impact the production of these plastics make. Environmental impacts report that PET plastics (plastics used for making bottled water) emits 100 times the amount of toxins used to make a glass capable of holding the same liquid volume. Get the facts here. In fact, the production of plastic accounts for 14% of toxic emissions into our air and water.

The good news is, the business sector is making great strides to find solutions for our bottled water crisis. From reusable travel mugs and canteens to the latest in water filter technology, anyone looking to do their part to protect the environment has a lot of cost effective resources to do so.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Key to Becoming a Good Home Tutor

Home tuition is gaining popularity all over the world and it could be the preferred choice for several parents and their children. Some parents might be highly qualified in their respective fields, and this gives them an upper hand to teach their kids at home. 

However, there are still parents who aren’t professional teachers and for them to understand the need of choosing the right study material for their child is essential. In such scenarios, getting home tutors helps. A lot of home tuition agencies based in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other education deprived countries are focusing on additional study hours for kids that focus beyond the school curriculum.

The idea of becoming a good tutor for children should be driven by the objective to reaching a goal. And the best way to get there is to develop a plan and stick to it. Like, lessening distractions when home tuitions are on, taking not of the kids’ learning pattern, what resources you might need and how much time will it take to help the kid learn a particular subject, lesson or topic.

The Key to Becoming a Good Home Tutor

Here are some other important tips that will help you to become a good home tutor:

1. Make sure you know the curriculum you are going to follow. Check, whether it is a good match for the kids and goes in accordance to the school system of that particular region or country.

2. Before educating a child, educate yourself first. Learn about the curriculum before you begin to teach the children.

3. After learning about the children’s learning style, you can prepare with the home tuition layout. Do take notice of the number of hours, the days, equipment and resources that you will need down the road. You can also include the measures to reduce the disruptions and distractions in this time.

 photo read-2007118_960_720_zpstdctelxs.jpg

4. One of the major benefits of applying home tuition for your child is that he/she can be more relaxed, will show higher participation skills and even allow a two-way communication. But, all this depends upon the positive ambience that you create at home. It is a fact that children love to express their thoughts and views, so you have to make sure it happens.

5. Achieving your goals can take time, so having a strong level of patience is essential otherwise chances of frustration setting in will be high. A child might love-hate one subject and love another, so you have to bear all the long queues of confusion and help him/her to understand that thing. Understanding the root cause of the problem will help your resolve it in a better way.

6. The frustration can get the kid as well. The lesson might bore them and take their focus away. In such scenario, it is better to be more relaxed and focused. Since you’re teaching at home and not at school, the parameter of discipline should be at different level. A playful learning environment will ensure that the kid will succeed even at the hardest subjects.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Protect Your Children From Harmful Germs With Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

When I was a kid, my brother and I were always told by our parents to wash our hands before and after eating. Although we feel lazy to do it, we still obey because we don't want to be reprimanded. For me, washing my hand was merely a routine.

Everytime we dine somewhere else like in restaurants or when we eat something while inside the car, we were told to use hand sanitizers or alcohol. Because of this, handwashing and sanitizing our hands became a habit until we grew up. I always have a hand sanitizer with me or an alcohol. It is one of my must-haves whenever I leave the house.

Now that I am a parent, I am also trying to teach my kids the importance of keeping their hands clean. Aside from hand washing, I teach them to use hand sanitizers whenever it is not possible to get a soap and water. But if we look into it, this is just a very small portion of the huge responsibility in taking care of the kids.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

On Parenting While Ensuring Kid's Health

Well, parenting is never easy. Aside from teaching our kids the right manners and attitude, we also have to make sure that they are always healthy. That is why we force them to take their vitamins every day. We would restrict them to eat certain kinds of food since it might make them sick. We would do anything and everything when it comes to our children's health.

One way to ensure that they will not get unwanted bacteria is by making sure that their hands are clean. We all know that the hand is the number one carrier of germs. Germs can spread to the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes. Many diseases and conditions can be easily transferred to other family members or friends through the hand.

Keeping the hands clean is a good start in staying healthy, then everything else will follow. It will not just bring good health but also a huge smile to your children's faces.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer

What Germs Can Be Found On Your Hands?

An effective way to teach kids about keeping the hands clean is to instill awareness about certain germs that can be acquired because of touching things. Merely opening the door can already transfer hundreds of germs to the hand. And when the hands reach the face, mouth and other parts of the body, the germs are spread.

So, what are the germs that can be found on the hands? There are actually a lot! And according to Bright Hub, over 150 different species of bacteria can also be found on the hands. And each one of them can cause a certain kind of disease. 

Here is an infographic I made about using hand sanitizers and the kinds of germs that can be found on our hands:

Hand Sanitizer Hand germs infographic

Once your child will know this, they will no doubt volunteer to bring with them their own hand sanitizers. Hence, as parents, we have to buy them one. But, it shouldn't just be any kind of hand sanitizers. It has to be trusted because the health of our kids seemingly depends on our choice of product.

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Is a Perfect Choice!

If you want to ease your worries, the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer is a great choice. Don't be tricked in buying those that come in fancy packaging because you do not know if it can protect your child. I recommend that you try the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer because it kills 99.9 % of germs and bacteria. And of course, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Aside from that, you wouldn't need to worry about its components since it is especially made for your child. It is carefully formulated without harmful chemicals. It also has glycerin that moisturizes the skin. Hence, it is gentle to your child's skin while killing harmful bacteria.

You will also love the scent which is suitable for the children and would leave the skin fresh. It comes in three different variants: Peach, Green Apple and Blueberry. In Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers, you will not find the usual strong scent of hand sanitizers in the market. All three variants has a mild and fresh smell.


Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Peach

My daughter's favorite is Peach. It smells really sweet that it reminds me of peach flavored candies! This is perfect for chic little ones just like my daughter.

Green Apple

Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Green Apple

This one has a gentle smell which reminds me of the cologne I used when I was still in elementary. Even if you put a lot of it on your hands, the smell won't hurt your nose.


Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer Blueberry

If you or your child have a sensitive sense of smell, then the Blueberry variant would be perfect. It is like your are smelling something good but you won't get enough of it!

Well, whatever variant you choose, you'll never go wrong with any of it because their components are the same and only the scent differs. It would have the same effect to your child's delicate skin.

For sure, the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers will give you a worry-free day since it is "crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.” Since it is gentle to the skin and it smells really fresh, the children would love to bring it along with them wherever they go!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Be Ready With A Disaster Kit For Emergency Situations

It has been three years since Super Typhoon Haiyan which is locally known as Super Typhoon Yolanda hit our area killing thousands. The memory of the disaster remains fresh in my mind. It is still heartbreaking to know that many lost their loved ones, many lost their homes and many couldn't even move on until now.

Even if Tacloban managed to remain firm and the Warayanons were able to get up on their feet despite all the pain and hardships that we face, it can never turn back the time and bring back the lives that were lost.

No one wants that to happen again. But no one can also stop that from happening again. Since I came to Leyte, I have experienced different storms but none of them were as strong as Haiyan. And we know that another super typhoon might hit our area once again in the future because of its location.

Disaster Kit

One thing that we need to do during times like this is to prepare. We have to get ready for every important thing that we need in order to get through the tough times. Supertyphoon or not, we still need to be ready especially that typhoons come in the Philippines year round.

That is why we have to prepare a disaster kit not just for typhoons but even for other emergency situations. Below is an infographic of what you need to prepare.

Disaster Kit

Apparently, aside from food and extra clothing, we would also need batteries. These will be a big help to provide power to our flashlights, radios, and even mini-fans. We have to get batteries that will last long like the one we can get from Groupon Goods.

Aside from being able to buy what we need, can also save a lot of money if we use Groupon Goods because of the items cost lower than what we can usually buy from the market. We can also see helpful ratings and reviews which will help us determine which one to buy.

Groupon Goods

I recommend buying in bulk because this way, we can save a lot and it is important that we have available batteries all the time of the year. So, if you did not get ready yet, you have to make sure that you prepare your disaster kit as early as today because we will never know when disasters and other emergencies will happen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Positive Parenting - Empowering Disabled Children to Be All That They Can Be

Empowering Disabled Children

Being a parent in today’s society can often be a trying experience no matter how much you love your children or how hard you work to give them all they need to succeed in life. Without going into all the cultural influences you need to overcome, in fact it would be impossible to do so as entire volumes have been written on the subject and are still not inclusive, there are some ways you can counteract what is going on around you to raise up children who are empowered to be the best that they can be as human beings and as professionals in the workplace. 

However, being parents of a disabled child brings with it a new set of challenges which must be faced, so here are a few tips to give you strength and help you along the way.

Empowering Disabled Children

Working with Kids with Disabilities

One of the things which educators learn early on when seeking their degrees, and are even more in tune with when studying for a higher education leadership degree, is that it is vitally important to follow a few simple rules when working with disabled children. One of the first things you learn is how to inspire them to do well without putting undue pressure on them. 

They can often do all of the things a non-disabled child can do - and sometimes even better. It just takes them longer to learn new tasks in many cases. Sometimes they are faced with physical disabilities and other times these are emotional or psychological. 

If your son or daughter is interested in going straight up to achieving an online doctor of education degree there is no reason to believe they can’t do it! Help them realize that anything can happen if you are willing to work for it. Perseverance is often a vital key to success.

Working with Kids with Disabilities</h3><br />

Finding Modes of Study that Suit Their Disability

All government and public buildings are required by federal law to have entryways accessible to physically disabled persons. Even so, some schools have disabled ramps that are not easy to navigate and although they pass legal guidelines minimally, they are not adequate for the needs of a disabled student. 

In cases like this, did you know your son or daughter can get their degree online? It is always best for a student to study in an environment where they are most at ease, which means you can explore your options if you feel your child will not do well in a traditional classroom.

That’s the beauty of technology. Parents now have many more ways to empower their disabled children to be the very best they can be in an environment that places little stress on the child. 

It’s all about facilitating an atmosphere where they can learn and grow and with the literal explosion of online degrees it is something that was never before possible. By exploring your options you are empowering your child to grow in the best way possible for him or her - and that’s what empowerment is all about after all. Empowering them to be their very best in the life they have been handed.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Music For Kids: The Power Of Early Childhood Music Education

There is little dispute amongst experts on the importance of music in early childhood. Music can play an important role in early childhood development. In fact, studies suggest that kids who study music from an early age reap educational benefits in both math and reading.

music for kids

Not only can early childhood music education help benefit a child's overall development, but it can also help build emotional and social skills, build cognitive abilities, increase overall language capabilities, improve memory capacity, develop impulse control, and set the foundation for a life-long love of music.

It Is Never Too Early To Learn

It is never too early to enroll a child in music classes or engage a child in musical activities. Children begin learning music as soon as they are born. Infants are able to listen, watch, and experiments with sounds. Eventually, babies sing, chant rhythmically, and experiment with vocal controls. Babies are born ready to explore the rich world of musical sound and the more exposure to music the better they will be at developing their own musical skills and abilities. In fact, the process of musical learning uniquely corresponds to the way in which children learn language.

Music For Kids

Music Classes For Kids

Music classes for kids can be a fun, engaging, and positive learning experiences for young children. Structured classes led by specialists can add a new depth to the benefits reaped by children engaging in music at an early age. Music classes actively engage three of the five senses and promote learning within young children in unparalleled ways. Kids participating in music classes may be watching, listening, or clapping, but their mind is far more active than we can readily understand.

Experts are still studying the many ways in which early engagement with music benefits children. However, they all agree that the benefits are very real. Those studying music's benefit on early childhood development agree that musical learning somehow engages all the other forms of learning. This type of learning becomes especially important when you consider that 90 percent of the brain's development happens before the age of five.

The earlier the better with musical education. Newborns, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are little sponges just waiting to soak up all knowledge, and music is a powerful tool in helping them do just that.

Finding The Right Program

Looking for the right music class for your child? Start by asking friends, family, neighbors, coworkers for their recommendations. Also, check out some local kids boutiques, toy stores, and play centers for information. Many of the programs will let you attend or try out one of the classes for free before signing up. Don't hesitate to ask questions and shop around until you find the right class for you and your child.

Music Activities For kids

Musical activities can benefit kids of all ages. Even if you choose not to enroll your kids in music classes you can still allow your kids to participate in musical activities. Make it a family activity. Music activities for kids can be fun for the whole family and can be a very family-centered, fun way to play. Break out the pots and pans, put on your favorite songs, and dance with your kids. Music is fun!

Find Musical Education That Fits Your Needs

Childhood Music Education

Music School For Kids

Kids who show a great deal of interest in music will benefit from the intensive classes offered in a music school for kids. Schools specifically designed for music education help create a lifelong music lover and help children reach their full musical potential. If you are interested in finding a music school in your area, look for a school with a proven track record of success, check out online reviews, and ask a local musical professional who it is that they recommend.

Private Lessons

Early childhood music education does not necessarily mean that your child must go to a music school for kids. Private lessons provide a reasonable option for many children. Consider what type of lessons you would like to give your child and what sort of instrument that you would like for your child to play. A number of factors should be considered in choosing which instrument to play.

Consider the following questions:

● Does your child have an instrument in mind?
● Does your child's temperament match the instrument that she/he wishes to play?
● Can instrument can you afford to buy and maintain?
● What instrument can you listen to for extended periods of practice time?
● Is there a musical style that excites your child?

Any instrument can be a great way to learn, but many experts suggest starting with piano lessons. If you, like many parents, have a child beginning with piano lessons then you will need to first begin by finding great piano teachers in your area. Optimally they should have experience teaching kids piano. Look for established area teachers and read reviews.

Childhood Music Education

Once you have a teacher in your sights, set up a meeting with you and your child. Don't do all the talking for you child during the meeting. You want to make sure that your child and the teacher will be able to work well with one another.

Thanks to the insight provided by Wendy’s Music, a music school in Melbourne, providing a range of music courses for kids of all ages.

About the Writer

This post is written by Sally is a working woman and a mother of 2 kids (currently 10 and 8), living in a suburb of Brisbane. As mom, she learn so much about providing healthier and happier lifestyle for her kids. You can find more of her articles being featured on

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monitor Kid’s Internet Activity: Should Parents Spy On?

More and more minors are increasingly using smartphones, tablets, and computers. The upside is that there is increased connectivity because of social networking sites for kids. The downside is that it exposes them to various problems associated with social networking and Internet use.

Dangers of Internet Activity

Many people, including adults and children do not understand that their information on social networking sites is not anonymous and may expose them to various problems. Here are some reasons why you should snoop on your kids.

Sexual Predators

The use of social networking sites increases the potential for children to be victimized or behave inappropriately. Most smartphones can be used to send normal texts as well as chat on social media. This means that a teenager can multitask by texting as well as chatting on social media. Many young people do not understand the dangers of posting their personal information or pictures on social networking sites. Sexual predators often use personal information of minors on the Internet to manipulate them.

kids internet activity

Illegal Activities

The fact that many people, including teenagers, think that the information they put on social media is anonymous, may encourage them to do things or behave in ways that they might not in person. This may include posting offensive comments, racial slurs, or even engage in cyber bullying. Although kids may not know it at the time, such actions may not only be destructive and cruel but also criminal. Although some social networking sites may block users who are behaving in ways that are criminal or offensive, parental monitoring is still necessary to ensure that your child does not use poor judgment.

Inappropriate Language and Content

Some social networking sites do not censor users’ posts or language. Kids using social networking sites without parental monitoring risk being exposed to inappropriate content and language including pornography, alcohol, and overt sexual content and images. Some children lack the maturity to sort out potentially inappropriate or manipulative content. Some may even share overtly sexual images and messages that in some cases may be illegal.

Sleep Deprivation

Excessive use of social media may promote sleep deprivation, anxiety and other emotional problems. Many teenagers sleep with their phones under their pillows or on their beds so that they can easily access their phones anytime of the night to chat and surf through social networking sites. 

Some teens chat with their friends and even strangers into the late hours of the night. Social networking has a high potential for addiction because it provides immediate gratification of chat responses. It is important for parents to monitor social media use and insist that their kids turn off their smartphones, tablets, or computers after certain hours.

Other Behavior Issues

If you have concerns about your child’s behavior, even those that are not related to social media use, it may be paramount to monitor their use of social networking sites. 

Children who hide their social media profiles, refuse to let their parents see their profiles, or are dishonest about their smartphone use may be engaging in potentially risky behavior. When your child starts making poor choices in life such as drinking, smoking or skipping school, then he/she is probably making poor choices in social media as well.

kids internet use

Photo Credit: Petras Gagilas

How to Track Your Child's Internet Activity

As a parent, it is necessary to keep your children out of harassing via information technology. Let’s take a look how to track what your child does online.

Random Walk-Ins

Walk into your child’s room once a while when he does not expect it. This will give your child little or no time to hide what he is doing. This will help keep your child off the websites that he is not allowed to visit. However, this method should be used in combination with other monitoring techniques.

Check Browser History

Check your child’s browser history after he has used his computer. You can do this by clicking history at the browser menu and then clicking “show all history”. Your will get results of all the websites including social networking sites that your child visited. Although this may not show you what your child looked at while on social networking sites, it is still valuable information because you will be able to see the social media pages that your child visited.

Familiarise With the Social Platforms

Send your child a friend request or follow him on social media. Once your become a friend with your child or follow him, you will have full access to his profile and even social media activities. This will give you invaluable information on who his friends are and how she talks on social networking sites. Look over past social media posts of your child. Once your child becomes your friend on social media, you can read all his past posts to make sure he is not using inappropriate language on social media. It will also help you understand if your child is being cyber-bullied.

Internet Activity Monitor

Consider purchasing and installing an internet activity monitor or child protection software on your child’s computer. This will give you authority to determine the websites that your child can access on the Internet.

Engage Your Child in an Open Dialogue

Have an open discussion with your child about social networking and whom he talks to on the Internet. In addition, keep your child’s computer in an open place and actively supervise his activities on social media. Know the social media pages that your child has joined as well as the games and applications that he uses. Find out if the pages, games, and applications are appropriate for your child.

Talk to your child and explain the importance of safety on social media. Guide her choices, listen to her needs, and adapt to them without compromising her online safety. Participate in your child’s social media activities and know whom she is communicating with online.

No Underage Social Media Use

Children below the age of 13 are not permitted to sign-up on social networking sites. However, it is very difficult for social networking sites to enforce this rule because some children lie about their year of birth. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child does not join social media until he is 13 and you are comfortable with him having a social media account.

Check Privacy Settings

Check the privacy settings for your child’s social media site and make sure they are set appropriately. This will not only protect your child’s social media activities, but it will also protect your computer from viruses and malware.

Many children engage with social networking sites at an early age and it is important for parents to guide and monitor the activities. As a parent, you can snoop on your child’s social media activities to ensure that his communications are safe and appropriate.

About The Author: Riya is a stay-at-home mom with 1 little girl. She is also a freelance writer and now writing for yourtown, the company where delivers services that tackle issues affecting the lives of children and young people. In her pastime, she always enjoys reading, cooking, pocketbooks and playing with her cat. Check out her Twitter.