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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moms Think They Fail At Parenting But What The Kids Say Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

When I was younger, I like going out with friends at any time of the day to just loiter anywhere or to do different activities related to organizations we are involved with. During those days, I never thought of having kids and I always had that fear of having one because I think it is tough to raise children.

When I got pregnant with my first born, I was enveloped with worries and I always questioned myself if I am capable or raising a child. Good thing my mother is there to help me take care of my daughter especially in the early weeks of her life. The same happened when I had my second child, I still worry about being a mom.

Challenges of Being a Mom

As we all know, being a mother isn't just about keeping the kids alive and healthy. It is more than that. We have to make sure that they are well-groomed, they get the proper education, they learn how to deal with other people and much more. But no matter of hard it is, we give our utmost effort to teach them everything that they need to know- most of these are also from our own mothers.

Like most moms, I also ask myself if I am a good mother. Am I doing everything the right way? Will my children grow up into responsible and respectful citizens? Did they learn something about the Bible and would they apply it in as they grow up? Am I giving them the right amount of food or are they getting enough nutrition? Am I too strict? Did I go beyond the line when I disciplined them?

A Moving Video

While browsing Facebook, I saw a touching video wherein moms of different situations and professions were interviewed. Most of them are not sure if they are able to give their kids everything that they need. Since most of them are working moms, they feel like they are not giving enough time for their children. They are guilty about it and are even afraid of what their kids think about them.

When the kids were interviewed, their answers are surprising. They understood why their mothers need to work and despite the lack of time, they still appreciate their mothers and all of the children expressed how much they love their moms. The video from Fern-C is indeed very tear jerking because of the responses of the children.

It shows us that if we give #KalidadNaAlaga to our children, we would definitely be successful in parenting. One way to do that is to make sure that they are healthy at all times whether they are inside the house or outside. Aside from giving them healthy and nourishing food, it is also recommended that they take Vitamin C which will protect them from different kinds of disease.

And one good source of Vitamin C is Fern-C Kids which is formulated with Zinc and contains Sodium Ascorbate. With Vitamin C and Zinc working together, our children can surely build a strong immune system. As for Sodium Ascorbate, it is a non-acidic form of Vitamin which is different from Ascorbic Acid. In short, Fern-C Kids is perfect for our kids and if we give them one, they will surely feel how much we love them and care for them.

A Relieving and Touching Assurance

After watching, I remembered how my daughter would give me notes almost every day to express her love and appreciation. Sometimes I think it is funny but at the same time, it is very heart warming. Ever since my 5-year-old learned to write, she would always write "I Love You Mommy" on small pieces of paper or on large sheets.

kid's letters

Sometimes she writes "You are the best mommy ever" and she would make drawings and different kinds of stuffs that she calls "crafts" and she would give it to me as a surprise. I always keep everything she gives me even if she would repeatedly write "I love you mommy." She would also apologize every time she makes a mistake by giving me a note that says "I'm sorry mommy. I will not do it again."

Aside from that, she always says "I love you" without any reason at all. She would just come to me, hug me and say her magic words. Although I am already used to all of this, I am always happy that she thinks I am the best mom. According to her, I am the only mom who is perfect for her. Isn't that touching? I wonder what my son thinks about me. I would need to wait until he can talk since he is just 6-months old now.

mother's day letters

For me, the words of my daughter is an assurance that even if I have doubts about myself as a mom and even if I have shortcomings, everything is enough for her. She even thinks I'm perfect even if I know that I'm not. It is amazing that other kids also look at their moms this way. This only shows that everything we do as a mother is valued by our children. Because of that, we should not be afraid to trust our instincts and just give the best that we can.

For sure, our mothers also felt this way but now that they are grandparents, they have earned the crown of wisdom and we are blessed that they can give us parenting advice based on their experience. With the help of our moms and our motherly instinct, we can surely give our children what is best for them. If you are unsure about it, do not hesitate to ask your kids for their opinion. Sometimes, kids know something that we mothers are not aware of.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Monday, April 27, 2015

If You Were on My Shoes

It is never easy to be a mother. Whoever said that it is easy to be one isn't and wasn't a mother. We wear many hats from a chef to a manager. Being a mother means you have to be able to multi-task and you can never do this without love. As a matter of fact, everything is the fruit of love.

If You Were on My Shoes

I could recall when I was younger that I seldom see my mother at home. When I wake up, they aren't there anymore. When I sleep, they are not yet at home. My mother and father were busy for work. But nevertheless, I never felt like there was something lacking in my life because my mother would ready our snacks and everything we need before she leave. During weekends and holidays, she would take us out for a family bonding with our father.

I knew deep inside me that what she is doing is not as easy as one, two and three. No, it isn't about counting tasks and responsibilities. It is about why you need to do a certain task. I knew deep inside me that every single thing she is doing is for us. I can even appreciate the simple snacks she prepare for us or the days when she would drop by our school to hand in our snacks. I knew she had to skip some work just to be there. I knew she was running out of time but chose to be there.

All this time, I knew that all her sacrifices weren't for her own good but for the entire family's sake.

Zalora Shoes

Now that I became a mother, I knew it wouldn't be easy but because I have pondered on the sacrifices a mom has to do, I have prepared myself for it. But then again, the only easy thing to do for being a mom is to love. The rest would require sweat, energy, sleepless nights, and  a whole bunch of self-sacrifice.

I am a mother now and I have learned to wear different shoes.

I could be on high heels and walk with pride because not everyone can be a Mommy while everyone can be a mother. I could walk like a beauty queen because I know I have nurtured a beautiful individual inside of me who is gorgeously walking beside me now. I could still project with confidence while wearing heels because I know that I am empowered....because every mother is an empowered woman.

I could wear ballet flats when I needed to do more challenging tasks, so I can freely walk and set my feet on the ground while my head is still high. I could still be proud and happy even when my heels aren't raised up because I know I chose to wear flats so I can twirl and pirouette along with my music.

I could wear tennis shoes so I can run miles and reach my dreams. But running that road to my dreams isn't a race that I ran alone. I have a child on one hand, a man on the other and the entire family is joining me on the race of my life. I needed to wear the right athletic shoes so that I won' t get bruises and scars in the end. So that by the time I reach the goal, I am still whole.

I could wear classical shoes so I could learn to look back to my past. This way, I will be guided better for the future. This way, I would know how it felt to be wearing those Oxford shoes. This way, I can teach my daughter that the things that happened to the past are valuable to what we become today and who we will be in the future.

I could wear gum boots when it is stormy so that I could resist being too damp and messy. Doing this will help me to become stronger and I'll be able to show my daughter how to deal with life challenges without changing who I am. Because problems and challenges are meant to mold us into better persons and not into ugly ones.

Mother's Day

Yes, I am a mommy and I wear different shoes. Wearing a variety of shoes isn't just a manifestation of the diverse functions and tasks I can do. It isn't just a manifestation of being beautiful and fashionable. But it shows how well I can walk and run my life.

I may have a collection of stylish shoes for women but it doesn't merely mean that I love to look great and beautiful. It means I am open to variation and that I can freely embrace changes just like the  different types of shoes, designs and colors.

As mothers, we have to learn to choose which is the right shoes to wear. And if ever somebody will judge us, open your wardrobe and let them choose a shoes to wear. Let us see if they can walk with pride like what we can always do no matter how high the heels are or no matter what kind of shoes it is.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Earth Needs Moms: The Different Roles Mothers Can Do

Of course it does. No one will disagree with me that Moms are really valuable and that each of us needs them. Well, the title was inspired of the movie Mars Needs Moms where the aliens took mommies in order to help them take care of their babies and to instill discipline to them. 

But this isn't about the movie. This is about the value of mothers. Even though, their importance are obvious, I just thought of writing something about moms today since it is Mother's Day. This might also remind ungrateful people (yes, they exist) about the value of their mommies. 

Moms can do a lot of things which other people might not be able to do. Today is Mother's Day but the truth is, everyday is Mother's Day! Always show your love to your mommies everyday. I know you won't wonder why moms are important. 

But here are a few things I have for you which makes mothers so important. Of course, there are more than just 10 things that moms can do. You can add some in the comment section, too. Earth needs moms because of these 10 things they can do for us:

1. A doctor. Moms kisses boo-boos away. When you are in pain or you are sick, moms become an instant nurse or doctor. She can heal you even with mere hugs and kisses. Boo-boos will go away with Mom's magic touch. She heals both physical and emotional wounds that we have.

2. A teacher. Moms teach us so many things from basic shapes to alphabets, from good manners to proper etiquette. There are tons of things we learn from moms. The learning we get from her prepares us to the real world when we start to go to school and meet other people. She makes and molds us into better individuals.

3. A trainer.  Moms train us in whatever field we are good at. Yes, even talents and skills are taught by mommies. They help us develop those skills even when we were still babies. We owe it to her whatever we will become when we grow up.

4. A chef. Moms are good at cooking (well, mostly are). They can prepare luscious meals for the family that is full of nutrition. She makes sure that we only eat food that is healthy.

5. An engineer. Moms already are great foundations for the family but they can do more than that. They can help you create your own foundation for the future. She will always be there to support you. She will cheer for you on recitals and support every step you want to take. With that, she is an engineer. Aside from that, she can also help you fix your toys when they have their own boo-boos. 

6. An accountant. Moms make sure that every single penny is spent well. She accounts everything that is spent for the family. The good thing is, she will never forget to allocate some for your weekend game tokens and family outings. She knows how to balance the family's finances and activities as well. She makes sure that liabilities becomes assets.

7. A fashion designer. Moms are so good at making you look like a Hollywood star and she can do that even on a tight budget. She can make your own clothes and other accessories (well, some moms can). She can make you look great in every occasion you will attend and in every single day of your life. She wants to make every moment to be fashionably memorable.

8. An architect and interior designer. Moms have good design skills. She can give you a home that looks nice and comfortable. Moms also keep everything at home clean and organized. Even your cluttered toys and books are well kept. She also knows where to find something especially if Daddy loses it. A home will not look like a home without the magical touch of a mom.

9. A leader. Moms are good in disciplining the kids and in imposing family rules. She can even give commands with one stare and one note from her voice. She is even better that a battalion commander or a nation's president because her rules are followed and the results are great. Her boundaries will make you a better person even if you don't like it at first. But then, you will realize that she is just keeping you out of trouble. She can be a good leader while still respecting the lead of Daddy. Yes, a good leader is a good follower. Mom is an example of that. In making decisions, she consults Dad even if she can decide things on her own. You call that respect.

10. A superwoman. Who could do everything we have stated above? Moms can. Aside from that, moms love unconditionally. Nothing compares to the love of a mother. She will love her kids without anything in exchange. She also bears babies and carries them in her womb for 9 months. From that time, she starts taking care of her baby. She makes sure that while the baby is inside her, she is safe because she wants to give birth to a healthy baby.

Moms taught us to become functional adults. The love that they give us from the start of conception up to this day is immeasurable. They even make sure that we are always happy and that we are away from any kind of troubles and boo-boos. She can even be a child again so that she can play with us whenever we want to. 

We are indeed blessed that moms live on Earth. We are so blessed that we were given mommies to take care of us all the time. Without them, we would merely be like the aliens from Mars. 

So, always show your appreciation to all their sacrifices because we owe our life to them. Just love them and take care of them - that is more than enough. 

Giving some love to all moms out there especially to my Mama and grandmothers too! 
I'd like to share with you this lovely image by Longdt of Deviant Art. The love of a mother and a child is truly amazing.

Credit for featured image: Melaniumom