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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mother and Daughter Went to the Park, But What Happened Next Will Break Your Heart (VIDEO)

It is nice to bring kids to the park or in other public areas so they can play and have fun. And we would all agree that it really feels different when we do activities outdoors.

But no matter how good our intention is, we cannot do away with the fact that when outdoors, our children could be exposed to more danger. Aside from bruises that they might get when they fall on the ground while running, there could be an even deeper bruise that they can get from strangers.

missing child video

Whenever we are outside like in the mall or at the park, we always remind our daughter to hold our hand and play nearby. But kids are kids. They would always want to go farther to run and play. It may appear safe but parents should be extra careful when out in the public.

Unlike adults, kids are not that aware of their surroundings. That is why, someone has to look around the area for them to make sure that they are safe.

If you are a parent and you are the type who just leave the kids to play outdoors without supervision, this video will change your mind.

It sure is very eye-opening and it is also alarming.

So, if you have a child with you, be 101% attentive because when you lose a child, you lose a life that can never be replaced by anyone or anything.

The mere thought of losing my daughter is unbearable. For sure, all parents out there will say that they won't let this happen to their precious little ones.

But aside from just saying it, let us do it.

one missing

We can be the heroes of our own children.

And yes, our society will indeed be safer if we start doing it within the family.

Educate your children about how to be safe outdoors and work on it together.

Because for sure, you will NEVER bear losing a child.

There is no greater pain than to live without your child.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Teach Your Kids to Pray Anytime, Anywhere

At an early age, it is important that kids get to know about God. This way, they will grow up knowing that there is a Supreme being who made them and they will be more mindful of their actions because they know that God is watching them. Aside from that, they will also be aware that God will take care of them and that he listens to their prayers.

Yes, the only way to talk to God is through prayers. It is best that our kids will learn the value of prayer while they are still young. In our family, we are trained to pray since childhood. We pray together before meals and before going to sleep.

But sometimes, we have to do it alone especially when eating in public areas or when we need to ask God for something personal. When we pray, we recognize the fact that we depend on God to help us with our lives. Also, we are cultivating our relationship with God by talking to Him through prayers. It is similar to constantly communicating with friends in order to establish a good relationship.

Teach Your Kids to Pray Anytime, Anywhere

There are different kinds of prayers- prayer of thanksgiving, supplication, petition, and prayer of praise. Prayer of thanksgiving refers to how we express our gratitude for the food we eat, for the protection and guidance as well as the blessings we receive. One would pray with supplication when he is asking for something from God like to provide food and others. When one prays for petition, he is requesting something important like passing an exam or help a family member heal from a certain sickness. The prayer of praise will allow us to express our faith to God.

Whatever kind of prayer you do, what is important is that you say it from the heart. You do not have to utter the same prayers over and over again. Say what you want to say because God listens.

pray quotes

Bella prays on her own and I am touched by how she really express herself through prayers. If she is in pain, she will pray, "Please make my feet okay" or if she want something, she would ask for it on her prayers, even if it is a toy.

One time, I reprimanded her and she was crying. When she asked for forgiveness, I hugged her and said it was okay. On her prayer, she said, "Thank you that Mommy and I are already friends." That tugged heart strings!

She even prays for her Daddy who is having some problems saying, "Please let Daddy be okay." But there are also funny things she would say like "Thank you for letting me play my game" or "I hope I can watch YouTube on my iPad tomorrow" and even "I hope we will download Minecraft, Red Ball and fun apps." LOL! Well, we can't blame my four-year old because that is what she is thinking of.

The good thing is, she knows she can express herself through prayers.

Yes, we can say ANYTHING we want to say to God. Anyway, He can see what we are doing and He can look into our hearts. He knows what our hearts desires are but we need to pray for that.

Also, we can pray ANYTIME we want and ANYWHERE we are. God will listen to our prayers whatever is the situation. If we are asking for something and we can't get it now, do not feel bad because God knows the right time and when you pray, always remember that it is God's will that is important because it will always be for our goodness sake.

How about you? Do you teach your kids to pray? At what age did you start teaching them to pray?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Video: Teaching Kids Through Experience

"Teach your children to fish so they can feed themselves." Yes, it is indeed true that experience is the best teacher. Let experience teach your kids to grow and learn and improve by themselves. This way, they will be able to succeed even with little aid from you. Of course, support from the parents is important. But you would feel successful as a parent if your child could stand on his or her own feet. This means that they weren't spoon-fed all the time and that the more important things in life were crystal clear in their own eyes and they were able to understand it.

teach kids video

Once kids learn by observing and through experience, they are not just "learning" or getting additional "knowledge." They are developing themselves. They are creating their own names and molding their own personalities and characters that they need in order to be successful in the near future. It would also be easier for them to overcome problems, troubles and face various issues in life. They will be stronger individuals and will never be labeled as "cry babies" or someone who couldn't do things without the parents.

I came across this video that will open our eyes about how to effectively teach the kids. Life isn't about ABCs and 123s. It is about reality and experience.

Teach your children to fish so that they can feed themselves. :)
Posted by OMG Social on Monday, April 13, 2015

So, what realizations did you make after watching this video? Share it on the comment section below.