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Friday, December 5, 2014

Couples Have Trouble Conceiving

trouble conceiving

Yes, not all people could easily conceive and have a baby. Others undergo a hard experience in order to have a child.  According to, 10% of couples have trouble conceiving. Some would take medicines and others will even go beyond medicines and try doing some rituals too. I have heard of couples who would dance to a certain saint so they will be given a child. Others would offer something or would sacrifice something to get what they have wanted for a long time.

I know some people who are having problems like this. They have consulted the help of doctors and even quack doctors. But until now, they do not have a child yet. But still, they never lose hope. God knows the perfect time for a couple to have a child. Maybe it isn't the right time for them yet. I know that with prayers, they will be able to have a child.

I have written something about Maternity fashion and about 10% of couples that have trouble conceiving on the other blog Dash de Petites. Go ahead and check it out!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

My "Preggy Look" Story

Two years ago, I was pregnant. I had this big bulging tummy with a moving baby inside me. I had always wondered how I will look like when I get pregnant because I am petite. I actually thought I'd be like a puff fish or a turtle who's shell house was inverted to the front. So, when I got pregnant, aside from worrying about the condition of baby girl inside me, I was conscious of how I looked.

Elders said that once you have a baby boy, you'll be an ugly preggy and if you have a baby girl, you'll be a pretty preggy. So, guess where I ended up to be? Of course  I was a pretty preggy!hahaha. And that lessened up my worries about looking ugly BUT there were still some ugly thingy that happened to me.

My OB-GYNE told me that I would have some dark skin on my neck and armpit. I didn't mind it because I thought it wasn't true. But hell yah it was! My neck and armpits were getting darker and no matter how I rub it, it never go away! I was like waaahhhhh! Give me chlorine or stain remover!haha. I was crazy. I told my mom about it and she said it was normal. Amps. Hubby kept on teasing me about those "black parts". I always tell him that it is his fault for impregnating me.hahaha. Well, sometimes, preggy girls say crazy things.

Aside from those black nightmares, my feet were big! I am only a size 5 but magically I had a size 7 feet. Imagine? I needed to buy new footwear that time. My brothers laughed at how big my feet are. Big tummy, big feet but small me. Can you picture that? Please don't.

Now you'll say, "We thought you were pretty when you were pregnant?" Yah. I was. Well, at least my FACE was pretty but I still had those black thingy, large feet and I was also fat. I also worried about how I could go back to my figure. Luckily, I got my figure back without working out. lol

My baby bump was big too. Some people even asked me, "Can you still see your feet?" I want to slap them on the face because they know I can't. We thought my baby was big. We were even worried that I might have a hard time giving birth or I might get a CS because it is big. Only to find out that they baby was small and the ambiotic fluid filled up my tummy. There were plenty of water around my small baby.

These were the only pictures I can find when I was pregnant.
Guess I wasn't able to justify my "pretty preggy"

I always wanted to look good despite being pregnant. My mother allowed me to use her smaller clothes. Well, don't get me wrong. She doesn't wear oldies clothing. I don't look old on it. lol. I borrowed some of Mom's clothes but I did bought a few. I knew I won't be able to use them after I give birth..and I was right.

Whatever I looked like when I was pregnant, what is important to me is that Bella came up pretty, smart and healthy.  I may looked ugly being fat with large feet and some "black parts" lol but I still looked pretty even if you won't agree with me.haha.

How about you? How did you look like when you were pregnant? Were you a pretty mommy or the opposite?