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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Craft: How to Make Flowers from Pleated Ribbons

I had some box pleated ribbons in my craft kit and I always wanted to make some flowers using them. It is very easy to use actually. Since I was making a matching necklace for me and Bella, I thought of making a flower using those ribbons. And I will share to you how I made them. What you need are the following:

Fabric flower

And here is the easy steps to make it:

how to make Fabric flower

1. Do a running stitch to the ribbon using your needle and thread.
2. Sew all the way to where you want to end. Make sure you can meet both ends of the ribbon.
3. Pull the thread to meet the ends of the ribbon and sew together to close it.
4. I did the same to the other ribbon too.
5. Then I sewed the ribbon flowers together.
6. Here is the result after sewing both flowers together.
7. Add a backing using a another ribbon or just anything round. A felt is better. (Sorry for the photo. Lol. I honestly just added a circle because I forget to take a picture of the back part. Too late it was already glued on the necklace. Lol. But I know you can get the picture!)
8. And then add the centerpiece. Even buttons will look lovely.

Now, what are these flower ribbons for? You can use them to make hair clips for your little one. Just add a clip to the back area and it is a clippy. You can also make a brooch out of them. In my case, I used it for a necklace. I'm going to share with you how I made the necklace too.

Easy, right? Now make your own or Pin for later!

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