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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Summer Classes and Activities 2016 in Tacloban City

Summer could be the best time for kids to develop some skills and join in various fun activities. For some, they would enhance their learning in Science, Math, English and other subjects through tutorials and enhancement classes. But there are also some kids who prefer to try other activities to learn new things from swimming to dancing.

Summer Classes and Activities 2016 in Tacloban City

When Bella was two years old, we enrolled her for her first summer class which was reading in order to enhance her reading skills. Last year, she had a great time during her Ballet/Hawaiian Dance classes. This year, I am still thinking of what would be best for Bella this summer.

She actually wants Ballet again or swimming or Taekwondo or music classes. But of all her options, she wants swimming more. Since I can't decide what Bella would do this summer, I just tried to look into the different options and since I know that other parents are also looking for summer classes for their kids, I decided to share it to you in my blog.

St. Therese Educational Foundation of Tacloban Inc.

Tacloban Summer Class 2016

Stefti Summer Class

Tacloban Swimming Summer Lessons

Tacloban Swimming Classes

EVSU Samleyaw Ballet Class

EVSU Samleyaw Ballet Class

Genesis Summer Programs

Genesis Summer Programs

McDonalds Kiddie Crew

McDonalds Kiddie Crew Philippines

Milo Sports Clinic 2016 Tacloban

Milo Sports Clinic 2016 Tacloban

For more schedules on other areas in the Philippines, head over to the website of Milo Sports Clinic for summer of 2016.

For now, these are the summer classes and activities I got but I will be adding more soon. If you know a summer class to add to the list, let me know.

So many options, right? I think Bella would end up staying in the house. LOL! We can't decide yet but I guess I would let her try the Kiddie Crew for a new experience. At least that is just for 5 days.

How about you, what summer class is your child taking up?