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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Charlotte Victoria Collection's Couture Tutus and Dresses

fashion tutu dress

Moms would love to give their little princesses every beautiful thing in this world. If we speak of fashion, tutus are always part of the list since they really look super cute for these little ladies. I have tried making a tutu gown for my friend's baby and it sure looked lovely on her. But I got the idea on how to make tutus from online shops where creative mommies make tutu gowns and skirts for little girls. The very first shop I came across that impressed me a lot is the Charlotte Victoria Collection. A look at their Facebook page and their website seems like a whimsical tour to a world of beautiful princesses. Aside from the impressive designs, what added to the appeal of the CVC presentation is their model.

Charlotte Victoria Sluitman is a 3 year old daughter of Ms. Marites Paguio, the talented designer of the CVC collection . Once you see her, you will surely agree with me that this pretty little girl could be the next top model in her generation. The way she carries the dresses and her graceful poses manifests her passion in what she do. You can clearly see that no one has actually forced her to do it. Although, her mommy could have encouraged her at first but with the looks of it, Charlotte really have the heart for fashion and modelling. It seems like she is born for the camera and for fashion.

I'll let you take a look at some of the creations from CVC with Charlotte as model. The combination of Charlotte's pretty face and the amazingly heart-grabbing designs of CVC creates a strong appeal. Every mommy would surely say "I want this for my daughter!" when you see their creations. Take a look at little Miss Sluitman wearing the fabulous designs of CVC:

Those are just some of her lovely pictures. Now, you know what I am talking about. I think what makes all the CVC items fabulous is because all of them were made from the heart and they make sure to give the best tutu skirts, tutu dresses, couture hairbows, petti skirts, petti dresses, ruffled tops, baby rompers and many more. Aside from their tutu stuff, they have an added collection of  couture dresses like the ones you see below:

So, pretty, right? I know you want your little girl to look as fabulous as Charlotte. The good news is, you can get these dresses from the Charlotte Victoria Collection website, CVC Blog or from their CVC Facebook Page. They ship internationally. So, wherever you are in the world, you can avail of these pretty tutus and dresses that can be customized depending on your color choices, size and style.

We have here a slideshow of some selected items from the Charlotte Victoria Collection. You'll surely be inspired with what you are about to see! I still have a lot more fabulous finds to share with you mommies. Just keep on checking my blog from time to time. And by the way, I am not paid to feature them or any of my future posts for Shopping Faves. I just feature online shops that I love. There are actually so many of them on my list. Watch out for more! XOXO

The Charlotte Victoria Collection