Cool Nursery Room Designs for Little Lovely Cuties

Planning to decorate your babies’ nursery? Well, parents really get too excited when they are expecting a baby. That is why most of them would start decorating a nursery and buying stuff for the baby. Well, this happens after learning the gender of the baby. Take a look at these nursery room designs. You would surely love to see these and you can also get ideas on what you can do with your baby’s nursery room. These are from another website which I also write for, Home Design Lover. Check out the pictures below:

Girl's Nursery Rooms

Flowers and ribbons for this pink and peach room for your little princess. So simple yet lovely!
A ballerina themed nursery room for a princess who might want to be a ballerina someday!
My personal favorite since the name Bella is written on the wall with all the damask prints around the room. Just lovely! 

The combination of colors and the use of patterns for this one made the package look strikingly beautiful!

Hmm..a bit classical looking due to the use of damask prints but with pink combined, it looked softer and prettier.
Boy's Nursery Rooms

A boat, car, airplane and train will be your boy's fave toys soon...So, why not get him this so he'll fancy them earlier.

These turtle are really cute! It looked even better with polka dots as a combination.

Who doesn't love teddies? Your little prince will like this.

Sporty sheets which might help to give a sporty mindset to your little boy.

Simple but beautiful. It used light blue color with other muted shades. 

I'm pretty sure you liked all the designs above. Just get creative in decorating your baby's nursery and do that with love. You can find more images from 15 Pink Nursery Room Design Ideas for Baby Girls and 20 Baby Boy Nursery Rooms Theme and Designs. For sure, after seeing the designs, you will feel even more excited to start decorating!

You can also get some guides from a Collection Of Baby Nursery Decorating And Infant Safety Ebooks. You'll see a bunch of eBooks available for download there. You can come up with a better nursery which is not just appealing but safe as well. 


  1. Howdy there! This was a great read and really helped me out. Do you have links to where these collections could be purchased? I tried clicking the image but I just got taken to a link to the picture. It might help for links to be posted to all of them. As well as companies. I'd love to know who designed the classic looking pink one with the mosquito net!

  2. Hi there! The images I posted above was from Home Design Lover. You can find them here and here You can get the links from the site. Thanks for checking my blog :)