Bath Time is Play Time!

When bath time comes, Bella would always be excited! I never had a hard time to bathe her since she loves the water so much. Even when she was still younger (actually since her first bath time), she already enjoys taking a bath. I can tell because she never cries like other babies do. She is just quite while being taken into the water. She would even smile once in a while. But that doesn't mean that I bath her for a long time since she love the water. I still make sure that she gets clothed at once.

When Bella was 6 months (I think, not sure :p ), I decided to make bathing time more fun for her. So, instead of merely doing the usual routine of taking her clothes off and then bringing her to the bathroom, I added excitement to her bath time by letting her play. She would dip her hands in the water and splash it over and over again! She enjoys doing that. So, while I am busy bathing her, she is busy playing.

And then I started bringing toys to the bathroom. There are bathroom toys for babies that you can buy. But I did not buy so much bathroom toys. I only had rubber duckies for her because she loves ducks. I do not know where her fancy for ducks started but she just love ducks. She would grin at once upon seeing one. She used to call them “quack quack” but now she knows that these are actually called “ducks” and that “quack quack” is the sound they make. Let’s go back to the rubber ducky thingy. I brought rubber duckies to the bathroom and let it float on water. Well, that added to her fun bath time. She would even grab her soap holder cover and let it float on water too with the rubber duckie sitting on top of it. I also use a sponge to bathe her. The sponge has a different texture which can also be good for tickling her senses. That doesn't end there.

While playing with her ducky and splashing with water, I also sing songs while bathing her. She would sing along with me. I made it a habit to sing every morning. I have memorized this song from the videos that we have downloaded and found it appropriate for a great morning start. It says,

"Rise and shine the sun is up now
get my sleepy head outta bed
first I have to brush my teeth 
up and down quiet a few times
wash my face it's what friends will see
take a shower so my body's clean
brush my hair and get in a new dress in the mirror I see pretty (instead of ME, I replaced it with pretty)”

You can also check the video here:

She can memorize that song. We sing that every morning while taking a bath. The good part about this song is that she will know how a day should start. It tells her of the activities she needs to do which of course includes taking a bath. Other than that song, we also sing other nursery songs that I could remember. Sometimes, she requests songs or she even start to sing a certain song and I’ll just follow.

So, that is how Bella’s bath time is every day. For her, bath time is playtime! But the downside is, she would cry when bath time is over! I have a ducky towel for her. I’d let her see herself in the mirror with the ducks head covering her head. This makes her smile and her bath-time-is-over-issue is finally put into an end. Another batch of excitement follows when dressing up comes. I see to it that every activity that I do with Bella is fun and exciting. I also make sure that she learns something from it.

baby bath game

You can do the same with your little ones to make bath time fun. So, to sum it up, i'll give you some tips on how you can have a fun bath time and play time. Your first bath time moments with baby could be tricky but once you get wet, you'll certainly get wild with fun!

1. Bring in some bathroom toys. Aside from rubber duckies and plastic boats, you can also use plastic cups so you can teach your baby to fill and pour it with water. You can also use plastic letters and numbers to enhance baby's learning. 

2. Sing songs. Do not be ashamed to sing songs while in the bathroom. Bring out the song bird in you and sing baby's fave nursery songs. Your baby will love that and like Bella, he or she could sing along with you.

3. Play with bubbles. Make bubbles! You can use your baby's body wash to make bubbles. But you can also buy toys that make bubbles. It would surely be a fun bath time with your baby popping bubbles!

4. Look for textures. You can tickle your baby's senses by using bath scrubs, wash cloths, or even the bubbles. You can even try giving your baby a plastic mirror so he or she can look at it while taking a bath. Babies love to see themselves!

5. Create stories. You can also make bath time as story time. Make up stories that your baby will love. Use toys and stuff in the bathroom to do that. There are also bath books or bubble books especially made for baby's bath time.

Well, baby's bath time will surely not be boring after all if you try to apply the tips above. Aside from making it fun, you will also make bath time a good time to learn. It will be very fulfilling on your part that you made your baby happy while you are able to bath her. You can even develop a better relationship with your baby through this. Bath time can indeed be playtime and learning time!

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  1. Cutie Cutie Baby Bella! Miss you!

  2. Now that the baby is older, we bathe both girls together. They have so much fun playing with each other and their toys. Neither wants to get out!

  3. Fun! My daughter LOVES bath time too! She loves the foam letters and swimming on her tummy. She's also learning how to blow bubbles herself.

  4. WE're *just* getting to the point that my two little ones can bathe together - they're hilarious together, and they have so much fun!