Tips: Don't Be a Dumb Online Shopper

Online shopping is the trend these days. It’s not just easy and convenient but it also offers a wide variety of items one can get. There are online shops in Facebook, Multiply and also websites. There are actually so many online shops with items that every mom will love. I love online shopping. I receive packages many times in a week for different items I buy online and for the orders of my clients (I also have an online shop). Receiving a package is always an exciting moment. Opening it adds another dose of joy especially if there are freebies inside!  I admit it that I am an Online Shopaholic  But then, it’s all worth it especially that the stuffs I buy are for Bella. 

Moms who are fond of shopping online will surely agree with me that it is indeed an exciting activity. But despite this online shopping trend, there are still some people who are ignorant about it or are just pretending to be ignorant. So, I’d be sharing to you some tips for online shoppers. This is to give you a guide on what proper online buying is.  This also serves as a reminder to those who are already into online shopping. Let’s take a look at the 10 things I have listed below:

online shopping

1. Read the shop rules. It is very important to know the shop rules. So when you get into an online shop, check on their rules first. This way, you won’t look stupid by asking questions that are actually in the shop rules and you won’t look dumb by doing things due to ignorance. For instance, the shop only allows three days reservation for the items but then you won’t pay within that three day limit thinking that you can reserve longer. Well, most sellers would remind their buyers but still it would be a shame that you did not read the rules. The funny side is, some buyers get mad at sellers for not letting them reserve the items they want for a longer time. Well, make reading a habit.

2. Check your wallets. Before you decide to buy, check your wallets or your ATMs or your piggy banks if you can really afford such amount. There are many buyers who would comment “mine” or “get” on items even if they cannot pay. It’s actually simple, if you don’t have money, don’t buy. Don’t pretend that you can afford something even if you can’t.

3. Read captions and labels. Aside from reading the shop rules, you should also read the labels and captions of the items. Most sellers would place prices and details. If these are already seen on each item, then do not be asking anymore. Some are fond of asking “how much” and would get a “price posted” or “details posted” response. Save yourself from shame by reading before leaving a comment.

4. Be patient for responses. You are not the only client that every seller has. So, be patient. Some would immediately reply to queries through private message but there are times that sellers are also busy. So, if you are really interested to buy, wait for the response. Don’t get mad at once.

5. Look at the pictures well. What you see is what you get. If you want more details of the item, you can ask the seller. Why is it important to take a good look at the pictures? Because you might mutter abut a certain detail about the item you got. You might tell the seller that she sent the wrong item even it is actually the same. This is also important especially if you are buying preloved because sellers will always post photos to show flaws. So, be sure to check them all well.

6. Give correct personal information.  Honesty is a big thing when it comes to online shopping because you don’t get to see each other to talk about it. Imagine how you would feel if the seller of a shop you want to buy from will lie to you about her products and her identity. So, you have to be honest too for it is where trust will start to build up.

7. Do not haggle unless permitted by seller. Some buyers are fond of haggling. You can actually haggle if the seller allows you to. Check if she answers queries of other buyers asking for the last price. Some sellers also place a note if items are on its “fixed” price. Sellers will let you know if you can haggle. If they’ll not announce that, then you have to get items on a fixed price.

8. Understand shipping matters. Couriers are totally autonomous from online sellers. Sellers do not hire them to work for them. Couriers are doing a separate job which means that their actions cannot be controlled by the sellers. So, if there are delayed shipping, you should not blame the sellers since they aren't the ones who deliver your items. You can politely ask help from sellers to track your parcels but do not put the blame on them. Also, you should know that buyers always shoulder the shipping fee and that your fee depends on the number of items (or weight of the items) that you buy. Sellers won't overprice the shipping fee. Don't worry. They even pay for the excess pounds sometimes.

9. Be nice. It says that the “customer is always right”. That could be true but it doesn't give you the license to act like royalty or to bad mouth online sellers. So, just be nice and friendly and everything will turn out okay. Good buyers not only become friends with the sellers but also receive special gifts from them.

10. Remember your commitments. When you have bought something online and committed to pay on a certain date, you have to pay on time. Do not be giving too many alibis about not being able to do this and that. Also, do not have fake amnesia by pretending to forget about sending payments. And above all,  do not just vanish into thin air because you will waste the seller’s time and effort. 

Being a responsible buyer is important because you may not meet these sellers in person but it is always good to act rightly in everything you do. Shopping online is fast and easy but you also have to make sure that you know how the entire process goes to avoid getting screwed. And for sure, you don’t like to appear stupid in front of other people’s eyes because when you post something stupid online, the entire online world will get a dose of it. So, be careful. Also, just be honest with whatever concerns you have. Sellers are always willing to look into it.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you got good inputs from this post. I’ll be writing more about online shopping and I’ll be featuring some great finds online. Watch out for that mommies!


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  1. Thank you for sharing about this..=)I agree to what you state as of being nice, money isn't what's really important in online selling but also gaining confidence from others and also having new friends.That's more priceless. =)

  2. I agree with you :) Having new friends is one great thing about online shopping. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Yes, online shopping is great option for the people to save money.But, We should really care above points.This is true that we have to give correct address so that we can get our product without any hassle.