5 Funny Chase Cartoon Shows You'll Love

I just thought of creating a short list of some chase cartoons since most of us are fond of Tom and Jerry and other similar cartoon shows. There are two characters in chase cartoons who kept on chasing each other. The thought of these characters chasing each other may sound kinda crazy but what makes it look funny is the things they do. The "chaser" would be making up schemes on how to get the other character. Meanwhile, the character who is being chased could either just go on with its normal activities disregarding the paranoid "chaser" or would also plan ways on how to get rid of it. Here are some cartoon shows that has this "chasing" theme. I also embedded some videos you can watch.Enjoy!

Sylvester and Tweety Bird

Tweety bird is a cute yellow bird that have captured the hearts of many little kids. Up to this date, there are still Tweety fanatics who doesn't only love to watch her but also collect Tweety bird items. Sylvester is a cat who always fails to get Tweety to eat her. Both of them belongs to Granny who thinks that Sylvester loves Tweety and would take care of the bird whenever she is away. She is unaware of Sylvester's strong desire to eat Tweety.

tom and jerry

Wile Coyote and Road Runner

This cartoon shows a coyote who make use of absurdly complex contraptions  and elaborate plans to get Road Runner. He would end up failing since Road Runner is not just a fast runner but is also smart an witty. Coyote also became known with the different signs he holds since this film doesn't have conversations like Tom and Jerry. These Looney Tunes characters are so cute and the episodes are also hooking.

coyote and road runner

Tom and Jerry

Well, here is the famous Tom and Jerry. Tom is a witty mouse who is constantly being chased by Jerry who is a cat. They live in the same house where Jerry creates plans to get Tom. But there are also some episodes that show Tom and Jerry as friends. Yet, in the end, they will still chase each other because they actually love doing it. Up to this date, Tom and Jerry can still be seen in TV and is still loved by many.

tom and jerry

Oggy and the Cockroaches

Oggy is a blue cat who would spend most of his time watching TV if not running after JoeyDee Dee and Marky, the three roaches who steal his food and would do anything to annoy him. The roaches seems like aiming to make Oggy's life miserable. Another cat in the show is Jack who is arrogant, violent and short-tempered. He is also a target of the roaches. Oggy and Jack lives in the same house.

oggy and the cockroaches

Sharko and Zig

This could be the latest chase cartoon which was aired last December 2010. The cartoon is about Zig who is a hyena who wants to get Marina the mermaid. Zig wants to eat Marina but couldn't do so because Sharko is there to protect her. The chase is about how Sharko gets Zig everytime he tries to get into Marina. Marina, on the other hand, is unaware of what is happening around her. This can be watched in Disney Channel.

sharko and zig

These cartoon shows are really funny. What is common for all of them are not just the cashing stuff but also they are all silent films. You will only hear background musics and sound effects. This allows you to look more into their actions where you'll get a dose of laughter. Hope yo enjoyed this list!

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