Just Sharing: PHS Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Since I cannot access my Facebook account today because of some reasons I cannot understand, I have thought of sharing to you my new Facebook Page timeline cover photo. I made this last Tuesday at around 3am. I should have went to sleep that time but then I felt like the cover photo I used for my page needs to be replaced already. Well, the previous photo was just temporary because I wasn't in the mood to design a cover photo yet.

That is how designing works for me. I have to wait for the right moment when I am fueled with much ideas and I when I get so excited to do something. Since I haven't shared to you any crafty stuff yet, let me just show you a scrapbook inspired cover photo for my PHS FB page. Here is the photo:

I wanted to get this kind of cover photo for my page. I want it to look crafty and creative and girly. I also showed the navigation menus for my blog at the top. Notice Jewel and Crumbs peeping at the back of the Lala-loves label. Aren't they cute?

I made this from scratch on a white 851px x 315px document in Adobe Photoshop. That is really the size of the FB cover photo. The paper texture was from Naldz Graphics, a website where I write about freelancing, design and other tips. You can check out some more paper textures like that from our New Collection of Must-Have Paper Textures. The scarp booking items that you see were actually from the web. I just saved the items that I like and then edited them in Photoshop. Below are the sheets that I used. I actually just copied some items that looked interesting for me and then edited it. I removed the background of each item and then placed it on top of the paper texture that you see above.

I was supposed to make a timeline cover photo for my personal Facebook account but when the result turned out well, I did not regret I have made one for my Pink Heart String Facebook Page. Hope you liked the design mommies and please do like my page. :) 

Before I go to sleep, help me pray to get my FB account back. It is very very very important to me since I also have my online shop page there as well as the PHS page. *sad. Hugs mommies.


  1. Wow, I appreciated by given facebook cover photos. Paper texture and pink color used impressively in making Facebook timeline coverphotos. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about cover photos.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Michel:)