How to Keep Your Kids Safe Outdoors

Safety. It is one of your biggest concerns as parents. Even nannies. Kids can become so hyperactive when outdoors. Yes, we always worry, we are always concerned of how to shield them from a situation in the emergency room at the end of the day that we’d even think twice if we would allow them to go outdoors or not. But we still wouldn't want them hooked up with gadgets and just sit at a corner busy playing, surfing and all that. It is still healthy for them to go out, have some fresh air and get on with physical play.

Now the question is, can FUN and SAFETY go along? The answer is Yes. Here you go with some safety tips in keeping your kids in their high spirits outdoors.

1. Be familiar with the place. You must know very well the ins and outs, the dos and donts of the place. Should it be a park, you must know the rules, the entrances and the exits. Kids can be clever. They can go everywhere. It is better for us to know where we could find them if in case.

2. Check the equipment . We have to be sure that the equipment for play are working very well. There are parks who are strict in implementing the safety of their equipment  they make sure that they are not rusty, not loose but there are also those who would not mind so better safe than sorry. When going out for biking, make sure the bike itself is clean and safe aside from checking the bike lanes.

3. Have a first aid kit ready. Bruises, scratches... They are all common with kids playing outdoors. Accidents this minor can even be considered normal even a sudden rise in temperature. Kids as they are. So it is best for you to always have a handy first aid kit aside from a flannel that you always carry with you and a sunblock for swim time.

4. Always have a water bottle/snacks with you. Playing outdoors is tiring and energy draining in between especially after. There could be food chains or convenient stores nearby but it is better that you would have something for your kid to eat or drink if in case he gets hungry or thirsty. This would also keep you from a wailing kid from a painful tummy on your way to a shop or on your way home.

5. Get involved. Kids appreciate if their moms or nannies play with them, bike with them, go around with them  or swim with them. It’s safe too! This way, you can be a lot aware what your child is up to. It may seem too tiring but it’s also a cool way to bond with your kid.

There is nothing as much fulfilling than seeing your kids happy, right? But it is also a rewarding thought that you had them safe at the end of every day. Any more safety tips you want to add?

Image credit: Interexchange USA


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips Cool Nanny. Well, I guess, your really a cool nanny since you know how to take care of kids while playing outdoors. Til your next post in my blog! XOXO

  2. Thanks Mommy Kareen! Sure, more posts soon! Thanks a lot too for letting be a part of your blog... :-)