Mommies: How to Still Achieve a Me-Time

Being a Mommy is a job to consider. From taking care of your babies to keeping the house clean and in good shape, still being a good partner if not best plus juggling with office work or still on the go for business! But even when you are a full time mom, it isn't easy! There are just a lot of stuff to worry about that you even forget to have a Me Time. Well, it isn't selfish to still have one despite the changes in your life. It would be a break for you, a day off perhaps! It will help keep you in perfect shape still! When mommies glow because of their babies, they also have that amusing glow when they give themselves some Me Time!

I have noticed that some of my girls at work isn't even as stressed out as some moms are. We have also met our guys' wives and there would be some who are finding it hard to work full time in the house with their kids while some just shrugs it off. I took my time to talk with them and was able to list down a few tips to share with you on how you may still achieve a Me-Time despite it all...

1. Have a written schedule of tasks. When you have things organized as to when you have to do them, there would be a chance that you would be able to find some time off. It doesn't matter if you're a hands on mom or not. It is still best to keep a written schedule may it be meetings, playdates with your kids, cooking classes, shopping and all that.

2. Get a baby-sitter. (I'm not saying, hire me! haha) It is indeed convenient to have one. Well, a trusted one atleast. It can give you time to do the things you have to do alone or with some friends. Although this doesn't suggest that you won't have time for your kids anymore. This is just to make things easier and lighter for you and if this is within the budget as well.

3. Parent-Kid Bonding. There are already salons where mommies and kids are taken care of the same time. This can be one of those parent-kid bonding where you may also consider your Me-Time. You get to do your own thing with a bonus! Also, when you need to shop, you may take your little one with you. You shop for yourself as you may also shop for them. 

4. Device a schedule for the kids. When the kids are used to a routine everyday, it becomes easier for mommy to still find time to read and check emails. Say for example their sleep time. You have to be firm as to what time they should head off to bed. After reading them some stories, you may already have your Me Time! Yey! 

5. Love yourself. When you already have a family or a kid of your own, you tend to forget about yourself. You get yourself buried into too much work to help sustain the needs of your family, you keep yourself busy with household chores. Yes, your whole life is your family now or your whole world revolves around your baby but where has the love for yourself gone? Still remember to take care of yourself. It is only then that you could be the mom that you wish you are if you still have that love for yourself.

Well, for years and years of being with my mom friends... just being with them made me realize that it can really be a tough one. As one cool nanny, I would love to see my boss getting some me time after that super tough day at work or that tiring day with kids. Notice that different glow in you if you just follow two or three of those tips I have shared with you. All these won't take you away from them. They'll instead give you more energy to let the next days still rock and roll!

Image Credit:She Knows

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