Proper Breastfeeding Techniques for Latching and Positioning

While I was still pregnant, I wondered how I could get milk. I was kinda worried I might not be able to give milk to baby. I have read a lot about the benefits breastfeeding can do to babies and I want my baby to get all those benefits. My worries ended when I gave birth because I had lots of milk! I even donated some of my milk to the nursery so that other babies can have them while their mothers are unable to give them milk. Well, Bella is one blessed baby indeed since I could give her all the milk she wants. The good thing about Bella is that she sucks milk really well. She was admitted in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for 1 week because of the UTI infection I had during pregnancy. So, it was important that she'd be able to suck milk really well so that she can recover fast. She was also underweight which is another reason why I have to make sure she gets enough milk from me.

Now, the first challenging thing about breastfeeding is how to get the proper latching technique. With the right latching, you will be able to make sure that your baby can suck milk well. The nurses taught me how to do it. I'm gonna share to you some techniques to get the proper breastfeed latching.

1. Place your hands under your breast. So, you'll be like cupping it. Then hold the nipples using your fore finger and your thumb. Point it towards your face. There might be milk coming out but that would be normal. Don't be bothered with the milk.

2. Now, position your baby's mouth just below the your nipple. Make sure that the baby is facing you and his/her body is straight. Just gently rob your finger near your baby's mouth. Or you can also use your nipple to tickle or stroke gently baby's cheeks. Your baby will respond by opening his or her mouth. Then, by the time your baby's mouth is open, drop your nipple inside the mouth. It would land deep into your baby's mouth.

It is important that your baby could suck well. The areola or the dark part of the breasts that surround the nipple should be inside the baby's mouth. The tongue should be under the nipple.The lips should be turned out. The chin is pressed against the mother's breast. The nose would also touch the mother's breast. The mouth should be positioned like the one in the image below:

Aside from proper latching, you also need to properly position your baby during breastfeeding. The mother needs to be comfortable while breastfeeding. The baby should be well supported, too. Poor sucking is not good for your baby because he/she won't be able to get proper feeding. You don't want your baby to go hungry for sure! Also, it could lead to some breastfeeding problems like sore nipples or inflamed breasts. That is why, proper latching is very important. Breastfeeding a baby does not hurt you. If you feel pain, then you are not doing it rightly. Start all over again.

We have mentioned about proper positioning when breastfeeding. Here is a picture that can teach you the right positions:

It is said that breastfeeding is a skill. But I do believe that every mother can do it especially if we will think of the good things it can give to our babies. I am a proud mother who breastfeeds my baby until this day. Bella is already 19 months old and she is still breastfed. Well, I am also one of those blessed moms who were able to produce a lot of milk to sustain our baby's needs. 

I hope this story have helped moms who are currently having trouble breastfeeding. I also hope expecting moms will also find this helpful. Look forward for our article on the benefits of breastfeeding. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. The most important benefits of breastfeeding are it is the main food that the baby requires after birth for its growth and good health development.