Dads Don't Just Wear Ties

Dads don't just wear ties. They are not just into work and business. They are not just males who love cars or baseball or basketball. Dads are not merely fathers. Dads are dads. They play a vital role in the family. They also make sure that they keep the family ties strong to time indefinite. Dads are loving and caring. Kids can attest to that. 

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A family would not be complete without a father. Hence, dads are as important as moms are. We have seen kids who grew up without their fathers and you will be able to spot the difference between a child who grew with a father's supervision and that of a child who didn't. Fathers play important roles in the family. They are the pillars of the family that keep the bond strong, maybe because of that inner strength in them which is much fiercer than that of a mother. Even if mothers play more roles in taking care of the kids, fathers are still the ones who bring more influence and prestige. Well, even us Moms would consult them and ask them for the final say on everything.

We have shared to you a post on why Earth Needs Moms. Today, why don't we look into the reasons why Earth needs dads, too. Let us pinpoint some positive things that results from dad's involvement in the family and in spending time with the kids. Let us know more about the role of fathers in child development: 

1. Provides a positive role model. This is important especially to daughters. Girls who grew up with a dad would have a positive look on males. It can even be their basis in choosing for the man they'll marry in the future. Same is true with boys. Boys will have a healthy sense of what it takes to be a male. This gives the kids a good perspective of a man. That is why you would often hear them say "I wanna be like daddy".

2. Leadership and teamwork. Dad's playtime is different. You might not be able to see this but the playtime hours with a child and his dad is different from that of a mom and a child. There is more physical activity involved when dad is there. Also, dad would act as a leader and encourages teamwork to little ones. This opens the opportunity for the kids to be challenged and to learn new skills. This also teaches the kids how to develop their leadership skills.

3. Respect rules. Dad disciplines differently. When he tells the kids something, the kids can feel the power and authority. This is because dad's discipline is based on rules and principles and they stick to it. They would yield but in the end, they will still instill their rule. Dad's rule is consistent even if they are easier to bargain sometimes. But Dads are just good in implementing his rules that even if he bargains and yields, kids still know he is the King and the Judge. With that kids learn how to follow rules.

4. Intellectual development. Kids who grew up with fathers tend to learn better. They would have higher IQs, better communication and verbal skills, better cognitive capacities involving problem solving and better social skills. It is also observed that kids with active father involvement get academic success leading to better jobs and careers in the future.

5. Money handling. Most of the time, fathers finance the family's needs. 
Families who have fathers are better off financially and could get more benefits like medical care, clothing and other family needs. Although these days, both parents already work hand in hand in order to earn. There is a difference between how a mother and a father handles money.  Unlike mom, fathers would tolerate the kids to buy their wants like toys and other items. Yet, they would instill to the kids the need to value money. And as a disciplinarian, they could also easily say no to them as easy as they can say yes in terms of spending money. This helps the kids understand the difference between needs and wants and would also hep them understand different financial situations in the family.

6. Higher self-esteem. The feeling of being loved by both parents brings a positive effect to the kids. If they feel loved by their dad, they will be happier. They will also be more confident that someone strong is there to support them and love them without boundaries.

7. Better school performance. Yes, moms are good teachers but dads are good supervisors when we speak of education. Mom would teach the kids a lot of things but it is dad who looks into how they perform. It is like he is the one who gives the kids their final exam and reward them with their accomplishments. Also, kids with daddy's supervision have better performance in school because they do not want to fail him and they want him to be proud of them.

8. Security. Having a dad makes them feel emotionally and physically secured. They know that someone is gonna back them up when they feel down or if someone hurt them. With the love they feel from their dads, kids know that there is a second person aside from mom who could give them emotional support when they need it. Also, as the father-child relationship grows, it increases the sense of security that they will not be abandoned.

9. Moral development. Teaching what is right and what is wrong involves both parents. With dad around, it would be easier to teach those things. There are some points that can be better explained by fathers than mothers. But you have to make sure that both of you are teaching the same things and that your teachings are not contradicting.

10. Social behavior. Kids who feels emotionally and physically secure would explore their surroundings and would have better social relationships. They won't find it hard to mingle with other people and to develop relationships with them. Fathers tend to push achievement to kids through the way they play and by encouraging them to reach their dreams. This way, kids would not be hesitant to do things in order to achieve their goals knowing that there is someone who will support them. Mothers support kids too but they focus more on nurturing.

Father's involvement in the family is a totally big thing. They also have impact on how a mother will raise a child because mothers who have better relationship with fathers are psychologically and emotionally healthier. This can benefit the kids and the entire family. Also, Daddy's presence in the family provides a life-long relationship that tightens the family's bond. A father's love is a secure foundation for a family that is why he is considered as the family's Pillar.

So, Earth really needs Dads as much as it needs Moms. With both parents existing in our world, everything is gonna be alright. But kids should also remember that they role in the family and that role begins with love and respect. And we now know that Dads don't just wear ties but they tighten family ties and do a lot of great things too!

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    Nicolette @ Powerful Mothering

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  6. I love this post and will be sharing with my husband :-)

  7. Kids (little AND big) really do need their dads. I'm so glad mine was, and still is, active in my life, and that my husband is such an amazing daddy to our little guys. :) This is a really great post - and I love the catchphrase! "Dads don't just wear ties, they strengthen family ties." Cute and catchy and TRUE.

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  10. Yes a family is not complete without a dad. I agree that he gives the example to the males in females lifes when they have grown up. However, I think that even girls without dads, still can see when a man is good or bad. We can't generalize all, but for sure, every one should have their parents close when growing up. It's the best.