MGA New Huggable Mooshka Dolls

How are you mommies? I just woke up and I decided to share something to you today. Last night before I slept, I saw some great news from MGA Entertainment. They are releasing a new line of dolls called Mooshka! And I do think these dolls look so adorable and cute.  These are soft dolls which could be our little love's huggable companions. They have this tagline, "Sweet, Huggable and Oh So Lovely!"

Take a look at the dolls below. They are similar to Lalaloopsy soft dolls. This is a screenshot I did from the video they have in their website.

Mooshka Dolls

See? Aren't they cuties? These dolls are said to be from paper dolls. MGA did it again. They used their wild imaginations to create lovely dolls for our little loves again and their gonna leave our pockets empty "Mooshka were once paper doll friends. One day, they joined hands and through the power of friendship, they sprung into loveable, huggable girls." See that story line? This totally reminds me of Lalaloopsy who were once rug dolls and when the last stitch was sewn, they became dolls. 

Paper Dolls
I can notice that the eyes are kinda similar only that theses are not button eyes. The clothes are so colorful which shows a fun and lively character for these dolls. Even their hair styles are gorgeous. I can sense that the stuffs in their pockets would tell the kind of personality they have. Like the second one with yellow hair, I think she is an artist ans is a counterpart of Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash while the last girl in green is obviously a music lover. Well, I personally love their outfits and the socks too!

Based on the order above, these girls are named Myra, Ina, Sonia, Dasha, Katia, and Nessa. All their names ended in "a". Hmmm...It sounds different. Its like Asian names. You can also take a look at a 30 seconds video from their website. These girls are like playful little loves! I also like the design of their website and the colors in it.

Mooshka Website

I'm looking forward to that Free eBook in their website :) So, what do you think about these dolls? Are you gonna get one for your little love? Get one here.

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